Equities Women’s Council


Equities Women’s Council is an ambassador council for entrepreneurial women in the emerging growth, start-up, venture capital, corporate, and business community seeking to exchange ideas with other successful leaders focused on innovation and disruption. The Council was developed as a networking, educational, and visibility platform for today’s women across an array of fast-paced professions. Equities Women’s Council members will be a part of the community and contribute to raising awareness of the mission behind focused on discovering industry disruptors and leaders across all sectors.


Today’s generation of female leaders are multi-faceted, assertive and in control of their own futures. The goal is to develop a community that attracts women that are regularly pushing the envelope, identifying new and creative ways of doing business and are simply looking to meet and learn from other phenomenal leaders.


Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, industry contributor, or C-Suite executive, Equities Women’s Council is all about creating a network in NY, LA, & Silicon Valley and other leading cities that connects dynamic women who have embraced innovation and are in touch with their distinct “brand equity.” Council members include professionals at all levels in their career and also include male leaders that are focused on breaking barriers to include diverse, dynamic workplaces.


Equities Women’s Council seeks to present a diverse group of women from various disciplines, sectors, and at dierent stages of their careers, professional and personal lives a unique platform that consists of speaking slots, networking opportunities, video or content visibility.

Equities Women’s Council is regularly looking for content contributors for and for panelists to participate in roundtable opportunities or for reside chats.

If you are interested in hosting an Equities Women’s Council roundtable, event, becoming a member or participating

on one of’s panels, please contact