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A college student sits in his dorm and dreams about the next wave of internet communications. It started with Microsoft and then climaxed with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram among others. The impact of these new technologies has been enormous for agency CEOs. No longer would the traditional tried and true print and broadcast media rule the kingdom. And these changes are having a profound impact on PR agency CEOs whose clients are making demands on them to reach out to vast target audiences across the world using all the new tools now available to them to deliver their company’s brand messages.

As a result, PR Agency CEOs are scrambling to acquire emergent new media marketing agencies to add to their staff rosters the talented people with the skills and experience needed to use these new tools to help fulfill their clients’ strategic communications interests. In this first in a series of webcasts sponsored by The Stevens Group, Bob Feldman, Co-Founder & Partner, PulsePoint Group, will examine the client challenges PR agencies are facing and the ever increasing role Mergers & Acquisitions is playing in helping these CEOs build the NEXT GENERATION agency.

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