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Chicago, IL

We have arranged another "can't-miss" educational event—this time in the center of the global derivatives marketplace, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange! This is your chance to acquire expertise on the markets you trade, such as stock indexes, agricultural commodities, energy, metals, or others. Catch a rare opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with some of the country’s top traders LIVE for an unbeatable combination of in-depth futures trading education and networking occasion.


The top pro traders’ time-tested strategies that can be used immediately to spot opportunities and trade them profitably. Take home practical knowledge on what strategies work best in specific market conditions.


Many of the exciting opportunities offered by the futures markets, including correlations to equities, trading around the clock, outstanding liquidity, transparency, and capital efficiencies.


From the wisdom and experience of your renowned faculty and leave better equipped to develop, test, and implement an educated futures trading approach.

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