2018: Opportunities In the Late-Cycle Bull

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We said in our last conference call that the bull market was not dead. As 2018 gets underway, the U.S. stock market continues to rally -- but what lies ahead in the coming year?

  • Can investors expect further bullish performance from stocks? We think optimism is still warranted, as long as you’re carefully watching the right signals.
  • Will U.S. GDP growth and corporate profits continue their uptrend? We’ll examine the critical indicators, especially the all-important U.S. dollar.
  • Are there risks ahead from rising inflation and interest rates? We’ll let you know the most important indicators and the most vulnerable sectors and asset classes.
  • Most important, where can you find the best investment opportunities of the year?

Please join us on February 22 at 8:00 AM PST for our conference call/webinar “2018: Opportunities In the Late-Cycle Bull.”

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