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Investor Relations for the Digital Age

Equities.com is the first financial technology company to create a platform for public companies to target and engage with new investors and shareholders through a centralized and distributed Digital Investor Relations Network.

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Manage Your Company’s Profile

Build, manage and measure the effectiveness of your company’s profile. Take control and present your story beside the latest financial data and stock information. Post videos, management bios, and presentations. You have full control.

Issuer Contributor Posts

Publish your Company's Content

Post articles and press releases on behalf of your company. And don’t be concerned about typos or formatting. Equities.com’s expert editorial team reviews every piece before it goes live.

Boost that Post to Reach Investors

Target Investors on 50000 Top Websites

Use our integrated targeting tools to surgically promote your articles and content on over 50,000 premium financial media & news sites. EQ Dashboard includes a minimum of 500+ guaranteed reads per post per month. That’s over 6,000+ users engaging with your content per year. Guaranteed!


Track Your Results

Access live traffic and historical traffic reports to measure the success of your outreach campaigns, articles, and company profile. Track user demographics, interests, and locations to fine tune your company’s engagement.

Manage Your Digital IR Presence

Monitor Your Stock & Peers

Access comprehensive market data, news feeds, analyst reports, and filings for your company. Track your industry and peers with our easy to use features and tools.


Maintain Full Compliance

Equities.com is dedicated to full compliance and provides all necessary disclosures for your articles and content. We archive all articles, traffic data, and results.


We’ve Cracked the Code on Getting Liquidity in the Market

Unlike traditional online investor relations websites and newswire services, Equities.com provides a real focus to solve the problems of today’s public and private companies seeking investors and liquidity in their stock.

Equities.com still believes that you need to have a solid IR and PR strategy, and we’re focused on the delivery and targeting of that content and communicating that strategy through our micro-targeting technology.

We’ve spent over 2 years perfecting this strategy, working with over 100 public companies and utilizing our experience managing and building investor relations products that served over 15,000 corporate Issuers since 2001.