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Tim Melvin

Tim Melvin is a value investor, money manager and writer. He has spent the last 27 years in the financial services and investment industry as a broker, adviser, and portfolio manager. Tim has also written and lectured extensively on the markets with his work appearing on,, DailySpecualtion.Com, as well as several print publication including Active Trader and the Wall Street Digest. Tim currently runs two member’s only value investing newsletters, “The Deep Value Letter” and “Banking on Profits,” on the platform.
One of the most dangerous endeavors that individual investors and “wannabe” traders can engage in is options trading. Stock and index options bring with them a degree of leverage and
There is an old poker proverb that has been quoted by everyone from Warren Buffett and Marty to Whitman to Amarillo Slim and Whispering Saul that applies to trading around earnings season. If you
Is it possible to invest in a Womackian Fashion over the course of your investing lifetime? As you may recall, Mr. Womack was the pig farmer introduced by John Train back in a Fortune Magazine