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Sophic Capital

Sophic Capital is a capital markets advisory firm focused on creating market value and liquidity for public, technology companies. Our combined capital markets and technology experience ensures that institutional and retail investors receive correct and clear messaging about our clients. We also look ahead to determine what technologies will provide big returns a few years out instead of today – the markets sometimes move our stories quicker than that – some of the themes we have been researching over the last few years include: virtual/augmented/mixed realities, underwater drones, IIoT SaaS, security nanotechnology, battery technology and energy conservation systems. Our success not only comes from leveraging our network of tech industry and capital markets professionals; Sean Peasgood was a technology equity research analyst for 8 years before founding Sophic Capital in 2014. Marcel Valentin was a hardware engineer for 9 years before moving into tech equity research for 5 years.
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