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Paul Merriman

Paul Merriman is a nationally recognized authority on mutual funds, index investing, asset allocation and both buy-and-hold and active management strategies. Now retired from Merriman, the Seattle-based investment advisory firm he founded in 1983, he is dedicated to educating investors, young and old, through weekly articles at, and via free eBooks, podcasts, articles, recommendations for mutual funds, ETFs, 401(k) plans and more, at his website. In 2013 he created The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, dedicated to providing comprehensive financial education to investors, with information and tools to make informed decisions in their own best interest and successfully implement their retirement savings program. Paul’s weekly podcast, “Sound Investing,” was named by Money magazine as the best money podcast. Paul has been widely quoted in national publications and has spoken to many local chapters of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII). Twice he has been a featured guest speaker at Harvard University’s investor psychology conference.
Exactly how you implement this strategy will depend on your age and how much additional risk you are willing to take in order to improve your returns.
These three products mean that even the most ignorant, the most uninterested, the most naïve investor can get fair and fairly priced professional treatment from Wall Street.
For many people, a 401(k) retirement plan is the biggest source of retirement savings. Unfortunately, most people don’t use their retirement funds to the best advantage.