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Michael Hull

Michael G. Hull has been with The Soho Loft since 2004 as the Operations Manager and Global Senior Strategic Adviser. Michael received his Master of Science in Community Psychology in 2001 and has worked in the field for 20+ years. His experience brings a unique perspective to The Soho Loft and the democracy of capital formation across industries and across borders. His experience as a Consultant, Community Relations expert and his current position of Operations Manager for The Soho Loft gives Michael a diverse yet an acute psychological understanding of the financial landscape of capital formation. The financial community ecosystems and innovation that The Soho Loft – The Voice of Capital Formation – covers parallel with the vision of Michael's work. Michael co-produced Carnegie Hall concerts for Best Buddies charity in NYC and has raised money for inner city youth focused charitable organizations for 20 years.
Small real estate firms as well other companies can now crowdfund from unaccredited investors to support their projects. This was amply provided for in the provisions of the recently approved JOBS