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Hannah Luu

Dr. Hannah Luu is the CEO and co-founder of OncoGambit. As CEO, Hannah manages the company’s operations and remains the core visionary for the Company. Having practiced oncology in an academic environment for many years, Hannah realized that her passion for helping patients reduce their fear and anxiety around cancer treatment was her mission. As a result, Hannah collaborated with other healthcare providers and developed OncoGambit which gives patients immediate access to personalized treatment information recommended by the more than 1100 experts in their respected fields. Hannah is proud that OncoGambit can reduce the burden on the patient’s emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being so that they can focus on treatment and recovery. Prior to launching OncoGambit, Hannah worked as an Associate Professor at City of Hope Medical Center, CA (2003-2014). She attended medical school at the University of Massachusetts, MA, and completed her fellowship at Tufts University Medical Center, MA.
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