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Dara Albright

Dara Albright is a recognized authority, thought provoker and speaker on all topics related to crowdfinance. She has a distinguished 22-year career in IPO execution, investment banking, corporate communications, financial marketing as well as institutional and retail sales. Albright was one of the earliest voices covering the JOBS Act and advocating for greater democracy in the equity and credit markets. In 2011, she started the NowStreet blog and helped set the direction of the crowdfinance industry through ground-breaking and thought provoking articles. She produced the first major crowdfunding conference; co-founded LendIt, the largest and most recognized global p2p & online lending conference organization, and helped establish trade & leadership organizations for the industry. She has been featured in Forbes, ABA Banking Journal,, Private Wealth Magazine and more. She is also a board member of SparkMarket, the nation’s first portal allowing unaccredited investors to legally crowdfund via intrastate exemption.
Much of the attention surrounding the JOBS Act has been focused on the new so-called IPO onramp, the removal of the ban on general solicitation by private companies, and the potential for equity
There has been very little attention drawn to Title IV of the JOBS Act which, as proposed, would raise the Reg A threshold to $50 million and exempt these offerings from state blue sky laws. With