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Benjamin Cox

Managing Director of Oreninc Prior to founding Oreninc, Mr. Cox served as a senior analyst at the D.E. Shaw Group and as a consultant with the GLG Group, where he worked directly with 15 Wall Street teams in the mining deal space. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Roche Bay plc, an iron ore mining company with leases in Nunavut, Canada. Mr. Cox is also the Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Aston Bay Holdings Ltd. (TSX-V:BAY), a copper and zinc company with properties in Nunavut, Canada. Mr. Cox has researched and developed business, financial, and shipping models for every major global iron ore project. He is also an expert on mining industry market dynamics and metals, with a focus on raw materials including base metals, iron ore, platinum group metals, and industrial materials such as potash and lithium. Mr. Cox holds a B.S. from Brandeis University and an M.B.A. in Finance from Portland State University.
The Flow-through Share Market Analytics Mining Q3 2014 Report, courtesy of PearTree Securities, takes a fresh look at the state of the flow-through market, aggregating data from 2012 to 2014.
Benjamin discusses Molybdenum supply and it’s link to copper demand. Benjamin contends that due to moly demand being dictated by factors such as fracking and high tensile steel and moly
Benjamin starts off the video by speaking to how the industry seems to be very negative at the moment, but that there is a silver-lining to every recession, even this one. In the current industry
Benjamin speaks on the state of valuations in the metals and mining space. Currently, junior companies seem to be irrational about their project valuations, whereas majors and larger companies are
Benjamin speaks on the different stages of project review. He mentions that Oreninc currently has an intern working on project review and how this has allowed the intern to do real work. Benjamin
Benjamin discusses the future of public junior mining companies. Opining that this has been an awful summer for juniors (the third summer in a row that has been horrible), he poses the question of
Benjamin begins by speaking to the recent news that copper has been disappearing in China. He notes that people have been talking about copper stockpiles in China for years, and how he went to
Benjamin highlights Oreninc’s subscriber loss due to the implementation of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law. He contends that a large part of this loss was due to the fact that jobs seem to be