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Lawrence Meyers

Lawrence is CEO of PDL Capital which brokers financing, strategic investments, and distressed asset purchases between private equity firms and businesses of all stripes. He was the first U.S. journalist to cover the consumer finance sector for The Motley Fool. He is a frequent contributor to,,, and Lawrence has more than 23 years of practical investing experience, and written over 2,300 articles about stocks across virtually every sector of the market. He is one of the nation’s experts on consumer credit, and frequently consults for hedge funds and private equity via his Council Member status at Gerson Lehman Group, and as a member of Coleman Research Group’s Executive Forum. About The Liberty PortfolioThe Liberty Portfolio is a investment advisory newsletter that seeks to build and maintain a long-term diversified portfolio whose returns are intended to beat the true cost of inflation (8-10%), with less risk than a weighted average of benchmarks. The newsletter offers investment suggestions, along with trading and options suggestions, in order to reach its intended goal. Subscribe now and receive a discounted subscription. Visit
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