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S&P Capital IQ Focus Stock of the Week: ITC Holdings Corp.

  +Follow January 14, 2014 2:04PM
Tickers Mentioned:

S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst Christopher Muir has a 5-STARS  "Strong Buy" recommendation for ITC Holdings Corp. ($ITC). For more information, please visit: www.marketscope.com.  


Results for ITC
Lars Anders
20 Apr 14 22:46:32
Regretting your investment in $ITC $OMC $CA $BWP #Stock http://t.co/6vuR8iutur
Boaz Boulstridge
20 Apr 14 22:07:51
Buy or sell? $ITC $CYT $MAN $AMZN #Research http://t.co/09f4Ffn0Zf
Hui Veal
20 Apr 14 21:43:11
Small-cap stocks breaking 52-wk high prices $COO $LO $ITC $BLOX Give it a try http://t.co/4n9gvpE1p6
20 Apr 14 18:33:06
Itc Holdings (ITC) 37.30 $ITC ITC Schedules First Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Webcast PR Newswire - Thu http://t.co/ETTnTKaWo4
Financial Alerts
20 Apr 14 15:18:10
$SLXP Seeking the next stock like $ADSK $ITC $S #equity http://t.co/P1R4qYKurm
Candance Stull
20 Apr 14 15:11:11
$ITC Best research on #stocks such s $INTU $ACC $CADX #StockMarket http://t.co/KjjJo8FEmj
Finance Wire
20 Apr 14 12:37:26
Seeking the next hot #pennystock $GEF $ITC $WTR $CHTP #economy http://t.co/wwwZBNIZSW
Adria Mosley
20 Apr 14 12:31:05
$FRC Looking for the next $OAS $ITC $CBM Try this http://t.co/3P8ENMkcBQ
Ward Dissan
20 Apr 14 11:11:14
Looking for the next $ITC $HMA $MCK $GAIN Must see http://t.co/Cl6kL1lbt4
Stock Watch
20 Apr 14 10:58:42
$HOLX #Stock Market Reports on stocks like $BEAV $ITC $S Click http://t.co/h12SwQnGwn
Jaycob Keating
20 Apr 14 10:06:18
Free research on $TDS $ITC $MFA $BLOX Visit http://t.co/RZj1TNNYEJ
Arnulfo Adamson
20 Apr 14 08:53:50
$ITC Are you Investing in $MS $PANW $CAG #singedinvestor http://t.co/fx1QHlLISO
Ansel Gonzalez
20 Apr 14 07:33:49
$ITC Small-cap stocks making 52-wk highs $PCYC $MWV $DO #moneymanagement http://t.co/aJGxnmisRc
Colin Kuberski
20 Apr 14 05:50:04
$ITC ITC Holdings to spend $4.5 billion in 5-year capital investment plan http://t.co/RMsxU29HAD
20 Apr 14 05:02:55
Awesome #Stock #Research $BRO $ITC $ED $USD #equity http://t.co/WbaAGVQZIl
Calloway Domville
20 Apr 14 04:59:25
$NE Free research on $GEF $ITC $DF #liquidity http://t.co/5u9zlBTs5s
Dmitri Magnuson
19 Apr 14 19:20:27
$ITC #Stocks you might want to buy $XRAY $RES $CHTP #liquidity http://t.co/6Zz5NHT2Ck
19 Apr 14 18:19:13
$ITC Are you hanging on to $SWN $SPG $ISRG #financial http://t.co/KTG6x8AF4Q
Crew Gretzky
19 Apr 14 17:47:49
$ITC Whats going on with $HMA $EMN $AIG #Stock http://t.co/imykJQD1yv
Donte Aldaine
19 Apr 14 16:58:00
$VC It could be breaktout time on $NEE $ITC $ARNA #NASDAQ http://t.co/xhYwYrle5s
Bettie Pagan
19 Apr 14 15:55:31
$COO Insider Trading updates on $AXP $ITC $EPZM Try this http://t.co/LF3jMrKzIo
Luther Cox
19 Apr 14 11:35:12
Seeking the next stock like $CVS $ITC $MA $CI #NASDAQ http://t.co/GqPPwNU25C
Stock Terminator
19 Apr 14 06:16:18
$ITC Great #Stock Newsletter on $MS $JKHY $LGND #overvalued http://t.co/DD14Ruu4mQ
Damien S. Faucher
19 Apr 14 02:23:11
$ITC Morgan Stanley Reiterates “Overweight” Rating for ITC Holdings Corp. (ITC) http://t.co/zftkTcYOMX
Finance Wire
19 Apr 14 01:18:10
#Stock Watchlist. Dont be left behind $EW $ITC $IGT $HIT #wealthmanagement http://t.co/SQjzZZuuGx
Damien S. Faucher
19 Apr 14 00:21:04
$ITC Cornerstone to help Bayer's bee problem — Hack retires from GD, sticks around ... http://t.co/v75odsaHW9
Damien S. Faucher
19 Apr 14 00:15:34
$ITC Cornerstone to help Bayer's bees http://t.co/JnwI0eWLPJ
Gold Stock News
18 Apr 14 17:14:34
Stocks to Watch this week $FRX $ITC $VNO $SPY #personalfinance http://t.co/BCGdWnWWcV
Jaydan Gelson
18 Apr 14 16:07:52
$ITC Are you hanging on to $CNP $WTW $WTW #wallstreet http://t.co/EQNnHurtwN
Ansel Galvan
18 Apr 14 15:44:19
Seeking the next stock like $BG $ITC $UB $HIT #wallstreet http://t.co/D7ii7QfR82
Damien S. Faucher
18 Apr 14 11:47:07
$ITC Cornerstone to help Bayer's bee problem Hack retires from GD, sticks around as ... http://t.co/JnwI0eWLPJ
Donte Dallas
18 Apr 14 10:22:45
#Stock Watchlist you should be looking at $OAS $ITC $TFM $IBM #StockMarket http://t.co/BVVphzp1WT
Josue Dollar
18 Apr 14 08:42:43
Are you Bearish on these #stocks $ITC $ETFC $ACC $GRPN Check out http://t.co/SslsUsQjZM
Lars Anders
18 Apr 14 06:23:33
Find the next hot #pennystock $UNP $GCI $ITC $CAG #newsletter http://t.co/qKWvzPJTjc
Boaz Boulstridge
18 Apr 14 05:50:27
Latest information on #stocks like $NEE $ITC $PF $LGND #financialnews http://t.co/hNRuVR7gMS
Damien S. Faucher
18 Apr 14 04:04:04
$ITC ITC Schedules First Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Webcast http://t.co/2fNWgStdqh
Yahaira Landry
18 Apr 14 04:01:28
Buy or sell? $JCP $ITC $APD $USD #overvalued http://t.co/qBNI7WNeNO
Stock Terminator
18 Apr 14 03:38:06
Great #Stock Newsletter on $CMP $ITC $IPG $FEYE Goto http://t.co/vIrqIoIOrO
Octavio Van
18 Apr 14 03:00:40
5 Stocks you should be watching $TK $INTA $ITC $SLW Worth a look http://t.co/iNUnBLlzTW
Leighton Cameron
18 Apr 14 01:50:50
Looking for the next $INTA $ITC $INFA $CBM View now http://t.co/73MOEjwh1u
Cinthia Booker
18 Apr 14 01:05:38
$DFS Is it breakout time on $NATI $ITC $GAIN #equity http://t.co/SZhutLwlsa
Brecken Kingston
18 Apr 14 00:34:46
#Best #Pennystock research $LO $ITC $HMA $IBM Worth a look http://t.co/lwYde4roCa
Maryland Churchill
18 Apr 14 00:15:24
5 Stocks you should be watching $ITC $FCX $JLL $CSIQ Must have http://t.co/QwyTVJpUdc
Small Cap Updates
18 Apr 14 00:11:42
Buying or selling? $BIO $ITC $RPAI $ARNA #moneymanagement http://t.co/0DEzFrEskt
Lars Kingston
18 Apr 14 00:02:57
Latest information on #stocks like $BMRN $FRX $ITC $RAX #Stock http://t.co/Jicb1LIXpw
Milford Schwarz
17 Apr 14 23:41:11
Great #Pennystock #research $SLGN $ITC $ANF $YOD #financialnews http://t.co/yhC2iPOiNE
Maxton Gelson
17 Apr 14 23:02:25
#Stock Market Reports you need on $GLNG $ITC $BSX $SSO Visit http://t.co/xoFj9Ulkiv
Robin Cage
17 Apr 14 21:53:58
Small-cap stocks breaking 52-wk high prices $ITC $GRPN $ATR $GOOG I suggest http://t.co/br5aSZS2a0
Boaz Boulstridge
17 Apr 14 20:47:32
Avoid mistakes like $WSM $ITC $PF $GOOG #wallstreet http://t.co/8eKCIfY4Gn
  +Follow January 14, 2014 2:04PM



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