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Yahoo! Beats Google in Monthly Traffic for First Time in Two Years

  +Follow August 23, 2013 1:12PM
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On Aug. 22, web analytic firm comScore released their rankings of the top 50 web properties for July monthly traffic, and for the first time in two years Google Inc. (GOOG) wasn’t number one. More surprising than the fact they slid to number two, though, is who the new king is: Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) .

The once-moribund tech giant has seen a total image revamp under the guidance of 38-year-old CEO Marissa Mayer, a former Google exec herself. Mayer has pushed Yahoo to more aggressively compete with Google by shedding payroll, rebranding the company, and in May, overseeing the $1.1 billion purchase of blogging platform Tumblr.

Yahoo scored 196.5 million uniques on their various properties, while Google came in at 192.2 million. Rounding out the top five were Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) at 179.5 million, Facebook Inc. (FB) at 142.2 million, and AOL, Inc. (AOL) properties at 117 million.

The comScore win is undeniable triumph for Mayer and Yahoo, even more so when one takes into account that Tumblr, which came in at 28th for traffic, wasn’t included in Yahoo’s tallies. Tumblr received 38.3 million uniques.

comScore, however, does not include mobile in their numbers, which could have significantly undermined Google’s score. Mobile is a fast growing segment for Google, and accounts for a significant portion of their revenue. Google currently grabs 52.1 percent of all mobile ad revenue, though the company is still struggling with fully monetizing it. Mayer has made monetizing mobile a focus of her turnaround, and said that she sees a future where one day mobile accounts for "a majority of (Yahoo's) revenue."

Yahoo beat second quarter 2013 earnings expectations but missed revenue expectations, as they similarly try to grapple with the transition to mobile. But the traffic win for Yahoo is undeniably a step in the right direction for the once-dominant tech company.

Yahoo stock is up .29 percent to hit $29.78.

(image of Marissa Mayer courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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