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Solar City (SCTY) Rises on Acquisition

  +Follow October 16, 2013 11:15AM
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Shares of the solar panel installation outlet SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) continued their ascent on Oct 16 after the company revealed they had acquired rival Zep Solar. This comes just a few days after the company raised guidance and announced they expected installations to increase 80 percent in 2014.

The sunny projections coupled with the Zep Solar buyout sent SolarCity’s stock to its all-time high. The company’s shares have risen 290 percent on the year, as SolarCity has become arguably the hottest stock in the tech sector.

This is unsurprising, as SolarCity is the brainchild of wunderkind industrialist/Wall Street golden child Elon Musk. Musk is both the Chairman of SolarCity and the CEO of electric carmaker Tesla Motors (TSLA) , whose shares have risen a whopping 443 percent this year.

The growth potential of SolarCity is beginning to dawn on investors, who have been increasingly flocking to the stock like moths to a solar-powered lightbulb. Volume on Oct 16 was four times what it normally is, with just under 12 million shares trading hands as of midday.

Particularly attractive to investors is SolarCity’s growing customer base, which increased from right over 50,000 at the end of the fourth quarter of 2012 to an estimated 82,000 as of Sept. 30.

Whether SolarCity’s shares are due to come back to Earth or are still yet to reach their apex will become clear as day when the company releases its earnings report the first week of November.

Shares of the San Mateo, Ca.-based company rose 12 percent in early trading to hit  $52.16 a share.


(image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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Results for SCTY
ابو جاسم
21 Sep 14 13:03:00
$SCTY chart https://t.co/0xsfyOuZAv via http://t.co/QN1rmXcb76
Rob Van Bergen
21 Sep 14 11:50:31
Best investment in next decade solar $FSLR $SPWR even $SCTY, even with the Elon Musk premium http://t.co/SYAgWE4R3V
PennyStock Zone
21 Sep 14 11:42:35
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Joe Hentges
21 Sep 14 11:24:26
6 stock trade ideas reviewed http://t.co/WU12jm13oC $MPEL $VLO $SCTY $CLF $FSLR $DDD #stocks #stockmarket
21 Sep 14 11:10:19
62.50 last line short term support $SCTY
steven spencer
21 Sep 14 09:45:00
"@bbolan1: $SCTY where is the growth? Here is a chart of Rev estimates with stock price overlay. http://t.co/HAvdANfEub"
Mehmet F. Dicle
21 Sep 14 09:31:28
Will this battery change everything? http://t.co/UK8g937FQh $TSLA $SCTY
Brian Bolan
21 Sep 14 09:24:14
$SCTY where is the growth? Here is a chart of Rev estimates with stock price overlay. http://t.co/YP7zZwC8Pq
Bill Stoller
21 Sep 14 09:19:42
The Blackstone Group - Vivint Solar IPO: A Potential Green Triple-Play? $BX $SCTY $VSLR http://t.co/xytBTUfTzZ via @benzinga #IPO #Green
G. Thomas Lackey Jr
21 Sep 14 07:36:55
September 19, 2014 RS Movers http://t.co/DTwtzLgvDx $IYZ $FDN COH $GOOG $VZ $LEN $WFM $COL $ENDP $XLNX $XONE $CLB $ADBE $SCTY
20 Sep 14 20:15:15
http://t.co/hjgLwIcNgz danrocks: $MCD Getting Interesting $SCTY $NKE $TKMR $AUY: danrocks http://t.co/6PVFRRIGia http://t.co/hjgLwIcNgz
PennyStock Zone
20 Sep 14 19:21:19
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Media Sentiment
20 Sep 14 13:30:51
$SCTY received a new alert. Find out why at http://t.co/5udYd0Ofs6 #stocks #daytrading #trading #mkt #NYSE #NASDAQ #markets 12
Timothy Collins
20 Sep 14 13:30:08
some bearish looks: all things gold or silver or offshore drilling plus $MOV $JOY $SCTY $SWN $TCK $VJET $WAV $YELP
20 Sep 14 13:16:43
Elon Musk: A thermostat-sized box may one day power your house http://t.co/WGkcKWBdv3 $SCTY $TSLA
Michael Torres, PhD
20 Sep 14 10:47:37
Within 10 years, every SolarCity system will come with batteries from Tesla's Gigafactory: http://t.co/7kUaXalZXE $SCTY $TSLA
Investors Hangout
20 Sep 14 09:58:44
clayton: $SCTY 64.61 http://t.co/vMx2195Cam
Investors Hangout
20 Sep 14 09:58:42
clayton: $SCTY 64.61 http://t.co/pefdj689EH
Investors Hangout
20 Sep 14 09:58:20
danrocks: $MCD Getting Interesting $SCTY $NKE $TKMR $AUY http://t.co/seq1BQnUbh
Investors Hangout
20 Sep 14 09:58:17
danrocks: $MCD Getting Interesting $SCTY $NKE $TKMR $AUY http://t.co/8NK9WGVFcK
20 Sep 14 09:45:20
$MCD Getting Interesting $SCTY $NKE $TKMR $AUY $FXI http://t.co/rlTy3i9Stt
20 Sep 14 09:31:19
$SCTY 64.61 http://t.co/Mes9XPNEBF
20 Sep 14 09:20:26
RT @jimcramer: A fave of mine for ages RT @ClayTrader25: $SCTY Stock Chart Analysis_ 8-7-14 - watch here: http://t.co/HHmJQsqavN #chartnad…
20 Sep 14 09:04:27
Moved Lower BB 3/3 $NATI $OIS $OLN $ORC $RCI $RIG $SAP $SC $SCTY $SNA $STX $TD $TEL $TRI $TUP $TW $VIP $WAFD $WFT http://t.co/YOMsoTLMw1
Shan Shan Xie
20 Sep 14 08:59:51
RT @abnormalreturns: Friday links: the $GLD price peak, flexible asset allocations and Bill Gates' dough. http://t.co/p4I7Y85Vu3 $IAI $TSLA…
20 Sep 14 08:50:39
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Timmy! Boutillier
20 Sep 14 07:37:14
$SCTY Like I said in an earlier post..this stock was going to hit 64.50 before it hit 69. I wouldn't want to be involved on the long side
20 Sep 14 07:06:20
XLE Insider Transactions $XLE $TBT $TCK/B.TO $OZRK $SCTY Buy or Sell Opinion,Candlesticks,Open,Recent Headline http://t.co/AkFq03oPF4
20 Sep 14 06:59:15
SCTY Stock Chart $SCTY $AUY $NA.TO $BAC http://t.co/zzoBhGZObZ http://t.co/nb3q4l3qIS
20 Sep 14 06:37:38
http://t.co/Vv1sYDyeQn chartguy89: Stock Charts: LVVV Stock Chart $LVVV $SCTY $OZRK $USO http://t.co/QX53YVpLAe
20 Sep 14 05:03:31
$SCTY stuck in a triangle and could head lower to the bottom of the trend line. http://t.co/0cSvZ5Y7kh
Paul Chertyk
19 Sep 14 20:30:23
$SCTY bought this today... Musk is special and solar could be future.
19 Sep 14 19:00:17
n4te0ne: do you even $scty? http://t.co/CcLwR9bIZT
Stocks Pastor
19 Sep 14 17:49:38
Next week we bank long and short: $AVNR, $MBLY, $SCOK, $NETE, $EFUT, $CNET, $SINO, $CDE, $PDLI, $MAS, $TFM, $SCTY, $LINE, $DUST, $NUGT, $FB
Joe Hentges
19 Sep 14 16:20:04
New update video on $SCTY and $TSLA http://t.co/3z1KuvW5rc #stocks #stockmarket #Tesla #ElonMusk
19 Sep 14 15:27:06
Solarcity Corp (SCTY) 64.61 $SCTY Two biotech IPOs make debut at Investor's Business Daily - Thu Sep 18, 5:44P http://t.co/xOYfGGcprR
19 Sep 14 14:57:44
@Scubadoobe $scty going to base 47 parabolic area. not sure why algo's are bidding every cent of this every minute!!
19 Sep 14 14:38:20
$SCTY OI for maturity 09/20/2014. 65.00 Highest put. 75.00 Highest call. http://t.co/IQUG42zf1y
19 Sep 14 14:24:11
$SCTY Max Pain is 69.00 for maturity 09/20/2014. Last close = 64.61. http://t.co/Z7Zmqn9xWc
Bidness Etc
19 Sep 14 14:13:11
#ElonMusk And His Cousin Lyndon Rive: Disrupting The Global Energy Landscape http://t.co/2GOZhLqbzx $SCTY $TSLA
10 Handles
19 Sep 14 13:58:40
$TSLA $GPRO $TASR $SCTY Bagholders bagholders. You're a bagholder. No you're a bagholder. Your mom's a bagholder. Please STFU.
Darlene S Williams
19 Sep 14 13:45:11
@LSEplc @SSXnews @ForexLive @forexliveexpert @ForexLiveRoom @WSJCentralBanks @standardpoors @ETFChannel $SCTY $COP $XLB $EURAUD
Darlene S Williams
19 Sep 14 13:42:48
@LSEplc @SSXnews @ForexLive @forexliveexpert @ForexLiveRoom @WSJCentralBanks @standardpoors @EarnForexBlog $SCTY $COP $TXN $HPQ
19 Sep 14 13:32:05
$SCTY and $TSLA hatch a plan to lower the cost of solar power. http://t.co/JMOio9CkXv
19 Sep 14 12:19:57
$TSLA $GS is the same ins. upgrading $SCTY many times & #Musk owns that co as well. Listen 2 what ur saying. #PT200 not #easy300 4yend
19 Sep 14 12:11:18
$MBLY good day long short & long agan off piv low 46s who can complain.... $2 b for $yy even $SCTY
Bill Stoller
19 Sep 14 11:57:14
RT @Benzinga: The Blackstone Group - Vivint Solar IPO: A Potential Green Triple-Play? $BX $SCTY $VSLR http://t.co/ssPnv7q1uE @REalBillStol…
Bill Stoller
19 Sep 14 11:53:43
The Blackstone Group - Vivint Solar IPO: A Potential Green Triple-Play? $BX $SCTY $VSLR http://t.co/xytBTUfTzZ via @benzinga #IPO #Solar
19 Sep 14 11:43:30
The Blackstone Group - Vivint Solar IPO: A Potential Green Triple-Play? $BX $SCTY $VSLR http://t.co/ssPnv7q1uE @REalBillStoller
Anacott Steel
19 Sep 14 11:34:51
$SCTY moved faster than thought - but expected it - this is risky - understand it - added at 64.22 - added long hedge - have not broke sweat
  +Follow October 16, 2013 11:15AM



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