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Apple's New iPhone 5S Feature Could Seriously Deter Theft

  +Follow July 30, 2013 2:56PM
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At their third fiscal quarter 2013 earnings report on July 23 Apple Inc. (AAPL) stayed mum on the details of their newest product. After the relatively disappointing sales if the iPhone 5S, the company’s stock has plummeted and despite healthy earnings the pressure mounted to unveil a new development that could reinvigorate the tech giant’s sales.

But all guesses as to whether that new development like a smartwatch, or features on an updated product that would truly make it a truly must-have, were all merely speculation. But now there’s compelling evidence what the famously secretive company is going to debut this fall, and if the evidence is correct, it signals a major development in the Apple product line.

On July 28, Apple released the beta of their new operating system, iOS 7, to developers. Included in the iOS was a folder marked “Biometric Kit” with a string of code hinting at a new feature with a line of code that said “A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process.”

Coupled with Apple’s purchase of biometric hardware company AuthenTec in July 2012 for $340 million, the developers now think they know what the famously secretive company is up to. The new Apple feature, it would appear, is fingerprint identification on the iPhone 5S, purportedly ready to release in September or October 2013.  

If it works as it should, fingerprint ID would address a major issue with iPhones. 1.6 million Americans have their iPhones stolen per year, putting total losses in the hundreds of millions for consumers

Rumors of fingerprint scanning on an iPhone have swirled since prior to the iPhone 5 release. But that speculation was built solely on the AuthenTec acquisition. The code release verifies the company will incorporate the tech into the new iPhone, or at least is teasing out the possibility.

If true, this won’t be the first smartphone to incorporate fingerprint scanning tech – Google, Inc (GOOG) subsidiary Motorola Mobility’s Atrix first did back in 2011, though its effectiveness garnered mixed reviews.

Apple is up 1.48 percent to hit $454.38 a share. They’re up 9.43 percent on the month.

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27 Aug 14 13:09:32
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27 Aug 14 13:08:16
aaaaand we are out. $aapl in at 101.16 out at 102.09. Nice little trade right there. More than made up for the fast short loss.
Eric Jackson
27 Aug 14 13:08:13
@Yuweilin I didn't mention $AAPL
Heineken 
27 Aug 14 13:07:32
RT @FOSSpatents: Judge denies #Apple bid for sales ban against #Samsung in second California #patent case http://t.co/38JS4EKwCW #android …
Osmar Morales
27 Aug 14 13:06:29
Sold $BAC $FB and added to $TWTR call options. I got back in $AAPL options again after selling on monday.
27 Aug 14 13:05:21
RT @FOSSpatents: Judge denies #Apple bid for sales ban against #Samsung in second California #patent case http://t.co/38JS4EKwCW #android …
27 Aug 14 13:05:17
Re/Code's Mossberg Defends Device's Utility, Longevity $AAPL http://t.co/UFimauwG7X
Kurumi Fukushima
27 Aug 14 13:05:06
Will Apple $AAPL Stock Be Helped By Earlier iWatch Release Date? http://t.co/fjdnpYgIq0 via @TheStreet
Alex Jean-Baptiste
27 Aug 14 13:04:52
Great analysis by @markgurman of what the #iwatch may be able to do. $aapl is expected to reveal the watch on 9/9/14 http://t.co/wI62vw3ODS
jonas quinn
27 Aug 14 13:04:02
$aapl snagged new #alltimeclosinghigh 102.13 (714.91 presplit)
TheStreet Alerts
27 Aug 14 13:03:44
Will Apple $AAPL Stock Be Affected By Samsung $SSNLF Sales Ban Denial? http://t.co/6jTQqT4AAR
Saad Chaudhry
27 Aug 14 13:03:36
Four tickers on my watchlist that I like for tomorrow are: $TWTR, $GS, $AAPL, and $GNRC. Of them, only holding $TWTR and $GS going into tmrw
27 Aug 14 13:03:28
$ANF -1,43% $AAPL 1,23% $YOKU 2,65% $WFM 3,39% $FB -1,75% $PBR 5,38% $QIHU -4,04% $SINA -1,93% $ARO 8,9%
A Fistful of Dollars
27 Aug 14 13:02:55
So let's recount $AAPL innovation for last 2 years shall we? Larger screens. Check. Billions of $ for headphones. Check. Wristwatches. Check
Investor Discussion
27 Aug 14 13:01:29
July is Traditionally Apple's Hottest Month http://t.co/IxKfCdm4lK $AAPL
LikeFolio Loves
27 Aug 14 13:01:27
RT @alex: Looks like new $AAPL all-time high today? [At close, in 5 minutes]
27 Aug 14 13:01:27
sold half the $aapl calls @ 1.26 from .61 bc it couldnt close above 102.20 but still like it for tomorrow.
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27 Aug 14 13:01:19
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27 Aug 14 13:01:16
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smtrader StockTrader
27 Aug 14 13:01:03
have a great evening everyone! $SPX $AAPL $NDX
James F Bowen III
27 Aug 14 13:00:51
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27 Aug 14 13:00:03
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jonas quinn
27 Aug 14 12:57:49
“@alex: Looks like new $AAPL all-time high today? [At close, in 5 minutes]” #alltimehigh of 102.57 has been hit
27 Aug 14 12:57:42
Option volume leaders @ CBOE: $AAPL $TWTR $TSLA $PBR $RSH $GILD $MCD $AMZN $WFM http://t.co/eqtpsD50Dy
27 Aug 14 12:56:45
@smtraderCA $AAPL always seems to be a buy the rumor sell the news.. I seem to remember it always trading down during keynote.
Emini Scalping
27 Aug 14 12:56:41
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Alex Jean-Baptiste
27 Aug 14 12:56:12
$aapl RT @markgurman: Required reading on the iBand/iWatch: -http://t.co/v4H48owS4R -http://t.co/B7poWolr4T -http://t.co/xjFRj5tlwq
jonas quinn
27 Aug 14 12:55:45
“@Saprodani: $AAPL SELL today at $102 or next week at $90-something?”sorry train has left the station.
smtrader StockTrader
27 Aug 14 12:55:24
be aware of the possibility of pb then another run up prior to the iphone 6 release, then could be buy the rumor/sell the news for $AAPL
Ask Diesel
27 Aug 14 12:55:23
RT @NicolasSander: $AAPL is going to unveil its new iPad but I have the exclusive 'leaked' images right here! http://t.co/1684wAZ178
27 Aug 14 12:55:17
Short $AAPL? The price level is interesting: RT @Reuters: U.S. judge rejects Apple bid for injunction against Samsung http://t.co/77wgpe119p
Early Global #News
27 Aug 14 12:55:15
Dad mows down video games and we can’t stop watching: We’ve all heard it: “Turn that TV of... http://t.co/QxlFAx2Zfn #stocks #news $aapl
Jos Duerinck
27 Aug 14 12:55:05
RT @alex: Looks like new $AAPL all-time high today? [At close, in 5 minutes]
Alex Wilhelm
27 Aug 14 12:54:54
Looks like new $AAPL all-time high today? [At close, in 5 minutes]
27 Aug 14 12:54:51
$AAPL tried to get some puts on the bid, but never got fill, will wait and see price action tomorrow at open, maybe will chase it ...
27 Aug 14 12:53:51
$AAPL Apple's Earnings More Than Triple; Forecast Is Solid. http://t.co/jc9StUNIOr
smtrader StockTrader
27 Aug 14 12:53:41
no record for the mkt except record day for $AAPL
TV_Trading Ideas
27 Aug 14 12:53:28
AAPL $AAPL http://t.co/YAfDuhX2bU
Juan Doe
27 Aug 14 12:53:28
$AAPL chart: AAPL. http://t.co/IZgEpVGn9S
  +Follow July 30, 2013 2:56PM



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