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JA Solar Holdings Swings to Profit in Q4 and Hits 52-Week High

By  +Follow March 17, 2014 7:32AM
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JA Solar Holdings (JASO) , a small-cap Chinese company that manufactures solar panels, released a highly-anticipated Q4 2013 earnings report on Monday and didn’t disappoint, swinging to profit and reaching a new 52-week high in early trading.

JA Solar Holdings reported profits, notable for a company that hasn’t been in the black since 2010. The improvements over Q3 of 2013 were dramatic.

JA Solar reported profits of $0.16 per share, up from a $0.37 a share loss just a quarter earlier. Net revenue climbed to $357.3 million from $290.5 million in Q3. The company shipped 665.5 megawatts of capacity in the quarter, well above Q3’s 500.2 MW and the high end of previously issued guidance which was 550 MW.

"The growth from China and Japan is definitely sustainable as more than 80 percent of their revenue has come from the Asia Pacific region," S&P Capital analyst Angelo Zino said.

Shares gapped up $1.40 apiece to $12.82 with the opening bell, and kept gaining until they peaked out at $13.14 a share, the highest level they’ve reached in two years. This comes after speculation about this earnings report drove shares higher on Friday. The stock retreated from its peak, but was still trading up more than 5 percent at about $12 a share by early afternoon.

Volume was also extremely heavy on Monday, with more than 15 million shares moved by 1 pm compared to an average daily volume of just over 2.5 million shares.

"We continued to perform well in all of our key regions in the fourth quarter, notably China, which is proving to be one of the cornerstone markets of global solar demand," said CEO Baofang Jin in a statement.

JA Solar Holdings has taken full advantage of the salad days for solar that date back to the bottom of the market in late 2012. Despite the brewing trade war between the United States and China, solar has shown tremendous growth over the last 18 months. Since the start of 2013, shares in JA Solar Holdings have nearly triple in value.

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24 Apr 15 12:03:40
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Harry Walkman
24 Apr 15 11:02:05
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Fabio Scognamiglio
24 Apr 15 07:03:57
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James P Worthy
23 Apr 15 08:32:22
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Jeffrey Blake
23 Apr 15 08:32:20
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Scott Smith
23 Apr 15 04:26:35
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Eli Pritsker
22 Apr 15 21:11:00
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22 Apr 15 20:48:34
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DayTrading Power
22 Apr 15 19:32:22
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22 Apr 15 15:25:39
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Scott Smith
22 Apr 15 14:32:28
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Sean Brodrick
22 Apr 15 13:49:18
$JASO up big today. Solar ready for its next run?
Investors Hangout
22 Apr 15 13:32:08
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22 Apr 15 13:32:07
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By  +Follow March 17, 2014 7:32AM



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