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JA Solar Holdings (JASO) Gains on Northland Capital Coverage

By  +Follow April 1, 2014 7:54AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Chinese small-cap solar panel manufacturer JA Solar Holdings (JASO) traded sharply up on news that Northland Capital had initiated coverage with an “outperform” rating and a price target of $19 a share, nearly double its current share price.

Shares opened up 4 percent at $10.58 and climbed to a high of $11 a share (an 8.2 percent gain) just before noon before pulling back to around $10.75 by early afternoon.

Northland Capital analyst Colin Rusch sparked the gains with his bullish analysis, citing growth opportunities in Japan and China and lower production costs.

"With JASO increasing its module capacity in 2014, we expect the company will be able to see manufacturing increasing margin as some peers see margins begin to flat line,” said Rusch. “We also believe the company has among the best non-silicon costs in the industry, exiting 2013 at $0.43/W and targeting <$0.40/W...We believe JASO should see all in manufacturing cost of <$0.50W by the end of the year...We believe the company should be able to reach near 20% GM by the end of 2014 for its manufacturing business."

Solar stocks tend to move in unison and Tuesday was no exception, with the primary ETF tracking the industry, the Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) , gaining over 1.25 percent on the day. Big gainers included Trina Solar Limited (TSL) , up over 4.5 percent; Yingli Green Energy (YGE) , up over 2.75 percent, and Hanwha Solarone (HSOL) , up about 3.5 percent. So far, 2014 has proven a solid year for solar companies, with TAN among the top-performing ETFs in the first quarter.

JA Solar Holdings’ stock chart currently shows some interesting patterns and technical factors that could mean the stock is due for a bigger move in the relatively near future. The stock recently began gaining again after hitting a rising support level that been running parallel to the stock’s 200-day SMA. It also came as the stock 14-day stochastic RSI dipped all the way to 0.00, giving traders two clear buy signals and sparking a mini-run over the last few days.

The support line appear solid, bouncing prices back upward five times since July of last year. However, this most recent downturn that pushed the stock into oversold territory and tested support came as a result of a double-top that resulted from the stock hitting resistance at $12.50 a share after a positive earnings report prompted a positive run.

With the convergence of these two strong trend lines, it appears as though prices are consolidating. As such, it’s possible that a major move up or down could be coming in the next few months based on these technical factors. However, there remain plenty of fundamental factors that could ultimately supersede these, most notably the company’s Q1 2014 earnings report.

Still, with price consolidation like this, it seems entirely possible that any news or fundamentals could ultimately act as the necessary catalyst to spark a big buying run or sell off.

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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20 Aug 14 23:11:20
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Jesus Cryptos
20 Aug 14 22:50:30
RT @Bidnessetc: Bidness Etc discusses why JA Solar missed revenue and earnings estimates as it topline and bottom line improved http://t.co…
Bidness Etc
20 Aug 14 22:45:15
Bidness Etc discusses why JA Solar missed revenue and earnings estimates as it topline and bottom line improved http://t.co/nBTDns2gUy $JASO
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20 Aug 14 15:28:09
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VisualStock Resource
20 Aug 14 14:43:09
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john smith
20 Aug 14 14:43:06
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20 Aug 14 14:43:02
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20 Aug 14 14:31:18
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20 Aug 14 14:28:18
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20 Aug 14 13:28:28
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20 Aug 14 12:28:08
$JASO: JA Solar's RIECIUM Module Passes 500-Hour PID Test Conducted by TUV SUD http://t.co/7VCJZwHkjN http://t.co/5GACspqpzq
20 Aug 14 12:24:17
20 Aug 14 12:19:14
PT Chg 8/20 $JASO, $ATVI, $HTZ, $YOKU, $PWRD, $DKS, $SKX, $ADM, $THOR, $CMCM, $TPH, $HD, $TJX, $RDEN http://t.co/sIQSRvoawz
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20 Aug 14 10:35:33
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20 Aug 14 10:28:23
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20 Aug 14 10:25:13
$JASO received a new alert. Find out why at http://t.co/WHJp8eTsSr #stocks #daytrading #trading #mkt #NYSE #NASDAQ #markets 305
US Consumer News
20 Aug 14 10:22:12
JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (ADR)'s PT raised by Northland Securities to $20.00. outperform rating. http://t.co/SVACd0U4Qx $JASO #JASO
Analyst Ratings
20 Aug 14 10:21:59
JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (ADR)'s PT raised by Northland Securities to $20.00. outperform rating. http://t.co/aZu2wdvXNX $JASO #JASO
20 Aug 14 09:58:51
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20 Aug 14 09:28:10
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20 Aug 14 09:11:23
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The Daytrade
20 Aug 14 09:08:05
$JASO short trigger
20 Aug 14 09:03:56
http://t.co/vVojvVJX1T DennyT: Xtremepicks Alerts: TNA Financials $TNA $LITB $SLW $GOOGL $JASO http://t.co/Q9pQMwIiRZ
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20 Aug 14 08:55:56
#FOMC Minutes To Decide Today’s Momentum http://t.co/P8xQrh9hHJ $SPY $PETM $SPLS $JASO $HLSS
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$JASO - going down again
20 Aug 14 08:33:18
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20 Aug 14 07:37:28
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Market Monitor
20 Aug 14 07:28:15
$JASO: JA Solar Holdings Co., LTD Earnings Call scheduled for 8:00 am ET today http://t.co/9QJ2tt6sZN http://t.co/FNBpOnGGD1
20 Aug 14 07:27:22
Stocks on http://t.co/ekseL9qTvP with spike in news coverage: $HTZ $SPLS $JASO $SLXP $NOK
20 Aug 14 07:26:02
$TJX alot of talk going around about this one $XLK $JASO $POT.TO $AEO $GOOGL http://t.co/zDZcO1Tqhl
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Julien Reny
20 Aug 14 07:12:27
$csiq stay strong as the solar Q2 earning winner! Shorters...go on $jaso
Thudder & Wicks
20 Aug 14 07:10:37
$AAPL sets new intraday record; $PETM up, $HTZ, $JASO sink http://t.co/Ypmhv3QMsH
By  +Follow April 1, 2014 7:54AM



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