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iOS 7 Getting Positive Reviews, Set to Release on September 18

  +Follow September 18, 2013 12:50PM
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While investors eagerly await the release of Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) new iPhones the 5S and 5C on Sept. 20, one new Apple “product” is widely expected to roll out two days earlier on Sept 18. The new operating system iOS 7 will be compatible with all iPhones purchased since 2010, and already has techies buzzing in anticipation.

The iOS 7 will look drastically different.  The system is flatter and the colors pop more than the iOS 6. The operating system will also be easier to organize, with folders allowing users to more easily keep all their apps on one screen.

Of interest to music fans is the rollout of iTunes Radio. Also of interest, apps that previously cost money will now come included, like video editing program iMovie, photo editing program iPhoto, presentation organizer Keynote, word processor Pages, and spreadsheet creator Numbers.

Citing the new apps, increased organizational ease and slick new appearance, early reviewers have given iOS 7 high marks. This stands in contrast to the lukewarm reception of 5S and 5C as hardware.

The iOS 7 will be included in both the 5S and 5C, and is available for all iPhones manufactured after 2010. By releasing iOS 7 to existing hardware concomitant to the launch of two new hardware products, Apple might seem to be shooting themselves in the foot.

However, Apple has a history of trumping analyst pessimism concerning iPhone sales. In the last quarter Apple significantly topped sales estimates of their flagship product, moving 5.2 million more iPhones that quarter than expected.

Coupled with the smartphone trade-in program, the iOS 7 – a well-received, free “product” available to nearly all Apple customers – can be charitably viewed as less a move to sell more 5S and 5C phones, and more a reward designed to retain loyal Apple users.  It’s a reward that shows incredible faith from Apple in their ability to once again defy analysts and sell a significant amount of hardware while giving away the software for free.

Apple is up 2.06 percent to hit $464.68 a share.


(image of iOS 7 courtesy of Flickr)

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James Werner, CFP
29 May 15 12:36:49
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Patrick Patel
29 May 15 12:36:16
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29 May 15 12:33:49
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29 May 15 12:33:27
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Dave Kelly
29 May 15 12:31:51
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29 May 15 12:31:49
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  +Follow September 18, 2013 12:50PM



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