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Focus Stock of the Week: Equinix, Inc. (EQIX)

  +Follow December 10, 2013 8:29AM
Tickers Mentioned:

S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst Rob Dezego has a 5-STARS "Strong Buy" recommendation for Equinix Inc. (EQIX) . For more information, please visit: www.marketscope.com.


Results for EQIX
Fausto Tilley
17 Apr 14 22:05:35
Latest Earnings info on $PNR $S $EQIX $GRPN #economy http://t.co/mgaH4VFCcs
Gary Rosovsky
17 Apr 14 20:49:34
$OC Best research on #stocks such s $EQIX $XOM $BWP #liquidity http://t.co/nNJ65OEUAH
Kamren Dissana
17 Apr 14 18:58:02
Awesome #Stock #Research $NTAP $BBBY $EQIX $PCLN #wealthmanagement http://t.co/7CIQ0GMQ1K
Tyrell Foster
17 Apr 14 18:48:38
#Stock Watchlist. Dont be left behind $EQIX $DGX $SNV $CADX Goto http://t.co/yGHykvojzH
Orson Gunnero
17 Apr 14 18:48:37
#Stock Watchlist. Dont be left behind $EQIX $ADP $WMT $FB #investing http://t.co/40BhojlwVb
Investor Wand
17 Apr 14 18:46:11
Bullish on $EQIX? Oppenheimer & Co. thinks it's worth :http://t.co/DKHLH9nKVc
17 Apr 14 18:33:38
*** VIDEO *** ABC Bullish Patterns in Nasdaq 100 Stocks $ADSK $CSCO $EQIX http://t.co/MqH6kb6Zyi
Leighton Cameron
17 Apr 14 17:12:57
Bearish or Bullish on these #stocks $CCL $WTM $EQIX $SLV Try this http://t.co/P08jsdllft
17 Apr 14 16:46:32
1-star analyst Adam Ilkowitz from Nomura Holdings reiterated a BUY rating on $EQIX
Legend Boulstridge
17 Apr 14 16:05:30
#Stocks to hold onto $EQIX $XLS $EXPE $IGN #financial http://t.co/vDjNOZiRck
Research Major
17 Apr 14 16:00:48
$SHLD Are you looking for winners like $EQIX $WPO $RT Give it a try http://t.co/KxopSGL5Hz
Gold Stock News
17 Apr 14 15:58:48
Should you buy $CHRW $RGC $EQIX $BWP #investing http://t.co/hxUlj5BoGN
17 Apr 14 15:16:18
Subscribers saw a 2,100% gain on Penny Stocks, in 1 month! Subscribe here: http://t.co/GoDY51A8tq $DLTR $EQIX $VRSK
Research Picker
17 Apr 14 15:12:31
Keeping my Eye on $PBF $WWAV $EQIX $IR #Stock http://t.co/5dEhFe3lJd
Investment Engineer
17 Apr 14 15:04:31
Are you looking to buy $EQIX $SPR $RKT $QLYS #financialnews http://t.co/wER6pNFNsH
Investment Mogul
17 Apr 14 15:00:53
#Stock Watchlist. Dont be left behind $NTAP $GNW $EQIX $DO Try this http://t.co/RQURD9OOXg
Investing Pilot
17 Apr 14 14:55:05
Are you considering selling $EQIX $BKU $SIRO $CADX #money http://t.co/w7oUQauvrh
17 Apr 14 14:44:35
Hermina Ochoark
17 Apr 14 13:35:26
Whats going on with $EA $EQIX $CNQR $CAG #Stock http://t.co/ITPN22iAF3
Lilly Bynum
17 Apr 14 13:19:59
Shoud you sell or hold stocks like $EQIX $UAL $TRZA $FB I suggest http://t.co/bmPyQvwEAS
Silvana Orozco
17 Apr 14 13:16:54
Earnings news on $GOOG $JOY $EQIX $HIT #newsletter http://t.co/6DfZZV4nGu
Malissa Arsenault
17 Apr 14 13:15:13
#Pennystock Research on $EQIX $JW $MNK $BLOX #overvalued http://t.co/U2JgiD6rQe
Brenden Black
17 Apr 14 12:10:30
#Stocks to hold onto $LRY $SYK $EQIX $CLF #moneymanagement http://t.co/hYOIU42ib4
Lilly Bynum
17 Apr 14 10:58:13
Get #Pennystock Research on $HE $EQIX $AMAT $SLW #NASDAQ http://t.co/2LmLa1X7vV
Stock Research
17 Apr 14 10:08:25
Regretting your investment in $EQIX $NVDA $ADI $RAX #investing http://t.co/fDLxwVukL5
17 Apr 14 09:35:05
$EQIX: Insider Trading Alert - JPM, EQIX And CTCT Traded By Insiders http://t.co/By5hhyoZCQ
17 Apr 14 09:27:34
$EQIX - Insider Trading Alert - JPM, EQIX And CTCT Traded By Insiders -> http://t.co/CMSCXaaGYC #stock #stocks #stockaction
Ticker Report
17 Apr 14 08:57:21
Equinix Major Shareholder Acquires $12,345,230 in Stock $EQIX http://t.co/vEAs7Ps6JB
17 Apr 14 08:51:11
Nasdaq100 #Stocks Performance $SNDK $VIP $MU $ORLY $TSCO $EQIX $EXPD $BRCM $SBAC $VOD $DLTR $NFLX $XLNX more@ http://t.co/YdSIjFJYwN
17 Apr 14 08:35:30
It could be breaktout time on $EQIX $NFLX $EQT $CI #money http://t.co/dS5H6Ihqjk
Herd Mentality
17 Apr 14 08:35:09
So I haven't really done any buying lately. Just sold $EQIX the other day, and holding onto rest.
Lutz Braune
17 Apr 14 08:24:10
$EQIX Insider Trading Alert - JPM, EQIX And CTCT Traded By Insiders http://t.co/ENaJPvkVAL
Brick Brocky
17 Apr 14 08:01:25
Here are some Stocks to Watch $KEX $OSK $EQIX $VFC Must see http://t.co/vILckcLNxp
Braylin McQuillen
17 Apr 14 07:23:40
Are you hanging on to $CXW $HD $EQIX $YOD Goto http://t.co/d00ykcdPKE
Ticker Report
17 Apr 14 07:12:29
Equinix Upgraded by Oppenheimer to Outperform $EQIX http://t.co/fTNSbSfd72
Market Int Center
17 Apr 14 07:12:02
Equinix $EQIX Showing Resistance Near $187.20 ( http://t.co/LozqT7W3Vb )
17 Apr 14 06:48:55
Todays' Watchlist http://t.co/nD9qrFRNti $SCTY $SODA $EQIX
17 Apr 14 06:47:31
$CLH Are you thinking of selling $EQIX $PL $EPZM #investing http://t.co/6oDHcu0ZRR
Darryl Kendall
17 Apr 14 06:39:32
$HTS Is it breakout time on $EQIX $DGX $AMZN #liquidity http://t.co/kbvDSJurNF
Stock Market News
17 Apr 14 06:13:40
Free research on $EQIX $COF $MSG $NUAN #financialnews http://t.co/AvtS9Xqlr3
US Banking News
17 Apr 14 05:51:16
Nomura Reiterates “Buy” Rating for Equinix $EQIX http://t.co/zo9kGakjXt
Ticker Report
17 Apr 14 05:42:21
Nomura Reiterates Buy Rating for Equinix $EQIX http://t.co/CBr23HSyLA
Kermit Bailey
17 Apr 14 05:20:19
Best research on #stocks such s $EQIX $CYN $PBCT $IGN #wallstreet http://t.co/D7BfM7tDue
US Consumer News
17 Apr 14 05:17:17
Equinix's buy rating reiterated at Nomura. http://t.co/muHBNslEYD $EQIX #EQIX
Analyst Ratings
17 Apr 14 05:16:38
Equinix's buy rating reiterated at Nomura. http://t.co/c9p9xwN082 $EQIX #EQIX
Reinhardt Krause
17 Apr 14 05:10:05
$CBS gets favorable IRS ruling on REIT conversion--analysts see upside for $EQIX, also seeking REIT status
Research Maven
17 Apr 14 04:51:44
$HTS Bearish or Bullish on these #stocks $EQIX $PRE $AMZN Goto http://t.co/zNseESaKOM
Money Smith
17 Apr 14 04:51:19
Stocks to Watch this week $MKC $OSK $EQIX $IR Worth a look http://t.co/JmCKVXLhfA
Yuonne Fulton
17 Apr 14 04:16:17
Should you buy $EQIX $KBR $WMT $CI Check out http://t.co/dQMBUyvkUZ
  +Follow December 10, 2013 8:29AM



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