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Zynga Struggles as Rival King.com Scores Big Hit

  +Follow August 22, 2013 8:48AM
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Online social gaming company, Zynga Inc. (ZNGA), may be on their last life. Without a hit game in recent years the company is falling far behind its competitors like King.com, makers of the latest gaming craze Candy Crush. With the rising popularity of King.com, Zynga is feeling the pressure to produce another hit game.

In mid-August Zynga company experienced a shake up after the resignation of chief operating officer David Ko. New CEO Don Mattrick also wrote in a memo to employees that Chief Technology Officer Cadir Lee and Chief People Officer Colleen McCreary are also leaving the company. Mattrick had found success running Microsoft’s division responsible for the Xbox video game console before being named CEO of Zynga on July 1.

Although the company has potential in the future with the growth of mobile application games, analysts still fear that Zynga faces a massive concentration risk. Janney Capital Market analysts have set the price target for the company’s share at $2.50. 

Zynga is the world’s largest developer of social games and made a name for itself with hit games such as Zynga Poker, Farmville, and Words with Friends. Despite the success of these games, the former gaming powerhouse failed to make an appearance on the current 10 top grossing games list on iTunes.

The Current 10 Top Grossing iPhone Games:

10. Megapolis by Social Quantum

In Megapolis players have the ability to create their own cities and build airports, hotels, railway stations, and more.

9. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North by Kabam

Another city building game that is set in the time of King Arthur. Players can join thousands of others to build their kingdom in Camelot.

8. Slots – Pharaoh’s Way by CERVO MEDIA GMBH

An easy to play casino slots game that is enjoyable for all ages.

7. Big Fish Casino – Free Slots by Big Fish Games, Inc

A free casino game app that allows users to play favorites such as Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and Texas Hold’em.

6. The Simpson: Tapped Out by Electronic Arts (EA)

This city building game is based in Springfield, the home of the Simpsons. There are missions in the game that require you to help the Simpson family.

5. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth by Kabam

Based off of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, this game allows players to build their own empires and interact with familiar characters such as Gandolf, Biblo, and Thorin.

4. Minecraft – Pocket Edition by Mojang

In Minecraft users have the ability to create their own worlds by placing blocks. There are endless possibilities and players can choose their own adventure.

3. Hay Day by Supercell

Hay Day allows players to manage their very own virtual farm. Users can make food with ingredients they produced and engage in trade with friends.

2. Clash of Clans by Supercell

A strategy combat game where users can build their own village, train an army, then battle with friends online.

1. Candy Crush Saga by King.com Limited

An addictive puzzle adventure game where players switch and match candy pieces to unlock over 300 levels

(image courtesy of Flickr)

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Joshua Sanchez
31 Oct 14 14:38:43
$ZNGA ok so why hasn't it been acquired yet?
Joshua Sanchez
31 Oct 14 14:20:46
$ZNGA seriously I would love to hear the thesis on why you own this name?
Antonio Costa
31 Oct 14 14:20:32
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31 Oct 14 13:12:25
@ericjackson EJ, when can we expect the $SFXE and $ZNGA article coming to Forbes?
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Thursday cont' $SWKS $TAP $ZNGA
Zen Trader
31 Oct 14 12:22:53
Sitting here fighting a $GRPN short, meanwhile $ZNGA and $LIVE both shit the bed. Too much Halloween candy today. #focus
31 Oct 14 12:04:17
BLOCK TRADE (Microcap): $ZNGA 1,133,103 shares @ $2.56 [15:04:16]
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31 Oct 14 11:49:04
“@AJEvansII: @SamTaylor143 oh, $ZNGA is up 10% today, too. FYI.”MAN WHAT???
31 Oct 14 11:48:37
@SamTaylor143 oh, $ZNGA is up 10% today, too. FYI.
31 Oct 14 11:31:01
Does $ZNGA have headroom?
31 Oct 14 11:26:24
$ZNGA There it goes
31 Oct 14 11:23:05
$ZNGA 2.66 how bout that!!
31 Oct 14 11:15:19
RT @FonsieTrader: $ZNGA Oh boy! If it break this level, it can double the % easly
Aaron Morris
31 Oct 14 11:13:52
$ZNGA $LNKD $GRPN up nicely today Halloween rally!!!
31 Oct 14 11:11:34
$ZNGA Oh boy! If it break this level, it can double the % easly
िवjay Radhakrishnan
31 Oct 14 10:46:52
RT @FonsieTrader: $ZNGA $2.72 By the End of Day ???? :) http://t.co/pFmy0lVppM
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Jon Vince
31 Oct 14 10:19:01
"@ACInvestorBlog: $GLUU nHOD" - That's good... But $ZNGA the real mover in this space.
عبدالرحمن سعدالسليمي
31 Oct 14 10:17:00
$ZNGA Mid-Afternoon Market Update: Markets Mixed as Zynga Tumbles on Morgan Stanley Downgrade …
31 Oct 14 10:13:39
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Mark Holder
31 Oct 14 10:09:53
$ZNGA Think it is just following $GRPN
Mark Holder
31 Oct 14 10:04:04
$ZNGA up bc it's cheap... no other reason needed
P. Ricatti
31 Oct 14 10:02:51
RT @montalvo_d: Social stocks waaay off 52-wk highs: • $FB -9% • $LNKD -19% • $TWTR -44% • $YELP -44% • $KING -52% • $GRPN -53% • $P -54% •…
P. Ricatti
31 Oct 14 10:02:41
RT @RobertWeinstein: $ZNGA running strong today, up about 9% near high of day
31 Oct 14 09:42:55
$znga is moving today. Such a tease
31 Oct 14 09:13:26
Jon Vince
31 Oct 14 09:07:19
"@MelissaLeeCNBC: $GLUU, maker of Kim Kardashian app, +2%. CEO joins @CNBCFastMoney 5p in exclusive!" - BTW... $ZNGA was up 8%, hod
Tawana Schneider
31 Oct 14 09:05:21
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Gob N Scott
31 Oct 14 09:04:46
LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! $ZNGA worky play music https://t.co/ZbIAhw1M4m
 Luke Murray
31 Oct 14 08:59:27
$ZNGA out 2.60
Robert Weinstein
31 Oct 14 08:49:30
$ZNGA running strong today, up about 9% near high of day
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31 Oct 14 08:47:21
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$ZNGA Attention folks! If break above $2.65, this baby can hit $3.00´s quickly ! $$$$
 Luke Murray
31 Oct 14 08:41:22
$ZNGA in 2.59
  +Follow August 22, 2013 8:48AM



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