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Can the iPhone 5S put Apple Back on Top?

  +Follow August 15, 2013 7:55AM
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What do Jay Z and LeBron James have in common? Money, success, power, fame, and popularity? Yes, but these two world famous icons have also been featured in a Samsung Galaxy commercial this past year. The Samsung Galaxy has been increasingly appearing in television shows and movies replacing the Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone that used to always be in the celebrity’s hands. It's a small sign, but one that points to a possible power trade taking place. 

A lot of pressure has been building on Apple to make a big splash with the iPhone 5S. Rumors broke out last week that Apple will host an event to announce the long awaited iPhone 5s along with other products on September 10th. In addition, Samsung was slapped with an import ban by the ITC on Friday for infringing an Apple patent on two of their products: the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. This added more fuel to the rivalry between Apple and Samsung.

The iPhone 5 enjoyed mild success but was outshined by the Galaxy S4 that boasted nifty features such as Multi-tasking and Airgesture. The iPhone 5 failed to impress critics and merely increased its screen size while becoming thinner. To add insult to injury, Samsung won the title of being the more innovative company.

If Apple wants to get back on top, the iPhone 5S will need to pack more of a punch than ever before. The overall competition in the smartphone market has toughened up and consumers now have cheaper options such as the Nokia Lumia or HTC One that don't significantly sacrifice the quality of their phone. The release of the new product will be one of the first times Apple will be truly put to the test and a minor upgrade to the iPhone 5 will not cut it.

Apple seems to be headed in the right direction as the iPhone 5s announcement date nears. The company’s stock value received a boost after Carl Ichan tweeted about Apple being “extremely undervalued”.

The possible features expected on the new iPhone 5S include a fingerprint sensor, iOS 7, and a gold color option. Reuters has reported that the company may even be announcing a cheaper model of the iPhone, something Apple has never done before. This cheaper version of the iPhone is rumored to be named the iPhone 5C. In order to compete with the larger screen sizes of phones from Samsung, HTC, and others, the new iPhone is speculated to have a 4.7 or 5.7 screen size and could come in a variety of colors.

If all these rumors are true Apple could be making its way back to the top.

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30 Jan 15 12:01:38
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Muniprasad Gutha
30 Jan 15 12:01:36
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30 Jan 15 12:00:48
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30 Jan 15 12:00:04
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30 Jan 15 11:59:45
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Tri B growthinvestor
30 Jan 15 11:59:13
$AAPL sold my expiring $109, $110, $117 options today and bought 3/27 $120 4 calls.
30 Jan 15 11:59:00
$AAPL Closed long from 117.30 at 119.
30 Jan 15 11:57:17
$AAPL wow.. the sellers are not having it.
Neil Nagpal
30 Jan 15 11:56:58
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30 Jan 15 11:56:26
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Chris Jimenez
30 Jan 15 11:55:02
After weeks of consolidation, $AAPL has finally made me a good amount of money.
Alpha Maven
30 Jan 15 11:54:59
RT @SullyCNBC: It's taken Apple just over 3 years to double the market cap it took the previous 31 years to achieve. Incredible. $AAPL
30 Jan 15 11:54:32
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John Cofran
30 Jan 15 11:54:21
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Muniprasad Gutha
30 Jan 15 11:54:02
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Financial Iceberg
30 Jan 15 11:53:05
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30 Jan 15 11:50:41
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G Hawkins
30 Jan 15 11:49:59
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Dan Callahan
30 Jan 15 11:49:50
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The Stock Professor
30 Jan 15 11:49:45
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John L. Bair
30 Jan 15 11:49:44
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Alpha Maven
30 Jan 15 11:49:43
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30 Jan 15 11:49:26
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30 Jan 15 11:45:10
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30 Jan 15 11:44:09
RT @ValaAfshar: If Apple's $178 billion cash was a company, it would be the 18th biggest company on the S&P 500. $AAPL
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30 Jan 15 11:43:57
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30 Jan 15 11:42:17
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Sane Ole Apale
30 Jan 15 11:42:04
RT @ValaAfshar: If Apple's $178 billion cash was a company, it would be the 18th biggest company on the S&P 500. $AAPL
Financial Iceberg
30 Jan 15 11:41:06
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30 Jan 15 11:41:00
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Muniprasad Gutha
30 Jan 15 11:40:29
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  +Follow August 15, 2013 7:55AM



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