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Can the iPhone 5S put Apple Back on Top?

  +Follow August 15, 2013 7:55AM
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What do Jay Z and LeBron James have in common? Money, success, power, fame, and popularity? Yes, but these two world famous icons have also been featured in a Samsung Galaxy commercial this past year. The Samsung Galaxy has been increasingly appearing in television shows and movies replacing the Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone that used to always be in the celebrity’s hands. It's a small sign, but one that points to a possible power trade taking place. 

A lot of pressure has been building on Apple to make a big splash with the iPhone 5S. Rumors broke out last week that Apple will host an event to announce the long awaited iPhone 5s along with other products on September 10th. In addition, Samsung was slapped with an import ban by the ITC on Friday for infringing an Apple patent on two of their products: the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. This added more fuel to the rivalry between Apple and Samsung.

The iPhone 5 enjoyed mild success but was outshined by the Galaxy S4 that boasted nifty features such as Multi-tasking and Airgesture. The iPhone 5 failed to impress critics and merely increased its screen size while becoming thinner. To add insult to injury, Samsung won the title of being the more innovative company.

If Apple wants to get back on top, the iPhone 5S will need to pack more of a punch than ever before. The overall competition in the smartphone market has toughened up and consumers now have cheaper options such as the Nokia Lumia or HTC One that don't significantly sacrifice the quality of their phone. The release of the new product will be one of the first times Apple will be truly put to the test and a minor upgrade to the iPhone 5 will not cut it.

Apple seems to be headed in the right direction as the iPhone 5s announcement date nears. The company’s stock value received a boost after Carl Ichan tweeted about Apple being “extremely undervalued”.

The possible features expected on the new iPhone 5S include a fingerprint sensor, iOS 7, and a gold color option. Reuters has reported that the company may even be announcing a cheaper model of the iPhone, something Apple has never done before. This cheaper version of the iPhone is rumored to be named the iPhone 5C. In order to compete with the larger screen sizes of phones from Samsung, HTC, and others, the new iPhone is speculated to have a 4.7 or 5.7 screen size and could come in a variety of colors.

If all these rumors are true Apple could be making its way back to the top.

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Mike Mathew
22 May 15 08:19:53
$AAPL short term target hit. Big #calls profit and now a short down turn to expect. http://t.co/Nj3Io5xcNI #thecoachsroster
David Gruberg
22 May 15 08:19:51
$AAPL Apple Accidentally Leaks iPhone 6C On Its Website, Touch ID & 4-Inch Screen http://t.co/K3ZC3sASJr via @ibtimes_india #iPhone6Cleaked
22 May 15 08:19:50
$AAPL short term target hit. Big #calls profit and now a short down turn to expect. http://t.co/hqnT0b0j2T #thecoachsroster
Goran Skular
22 May 15 08:19:00
RT @TheStreet: Apple and Alibaba want to work together in China. Expect big things http://t.co/ElDdHySjHN $AAPL
Ravi Romo
22 May 15 08:18:38
Apple Watch sales started with a bang, tailed off into a whimper, shopping tracking firm says http://t.co/k0vl90nvIx $AAPL
Financial Iceberg
22 May 15 08:18:07
APPLE - Fibonacci Technicals Levels.. - Intraday Update - $AAPL #aapl #Trading http://t.co/vPUqV0LDOz
22 May 15 08:17:54
@bman2408 to me $AAPL not comparable... balance sheet strength, franchise power, cash flow optionality etc... cud be 2nd coming of $BRK.A
penny lane
22 May 15 08:17:52
RT @StockHighAlert: Let's make HUGE profit's on $VIDG news - http://t.co/TnrOpeDK4o #pennystocks $vidg $bayp $aapl $nok $fb $twtr
22 May 15 08:17:47
But the stocks that matter - $AAPL, $GS - still have come in....otherwise, neg divergence can live on.
Stock Wire
22 May 15 08:17:34
How Does Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 6 Compare To Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $AAPL http://t.co/uM41fX3eDl
Peter Ghostine
22 May 15 08:16:23
$AAPL ... A few minutes ago. http://t.co/E1XA9SNwIn
22 May 15 08:15:31
$AAPL Nice pull into European close as they square positions for long weekend.
22 May 15 08:15:27
@chitownba same kind of action as yesterday .. violent fits of selling out of nowhere, sourced from $AAPL
B.W. Capital
22 May 15 08:15:09
Venta de $AAPL +5.12% de 1/4 de la posición total (bajando exposición) #TRMX Asesoría? Escriban a contacto@bwc.com.mx http://t.co/OhRpML5TWd
22 May 15 08:15:05
the second i tweeted about $AAPL it blows through 131.50 .. ok..
Ethan E E Kniseley
22 May 15 08:14:31
$AAPL though... $S&P #equities
TV_Trading Ideas
22 May 15 08:14:20
Looking to get into aapl tr\u2026 $AAPL http://t.co/yt69nBJbJe
Stocks Education
22 May 15 08:14:20
$AAPL chart: Looking to get into aapl trade on sell off into zone.. http://t.co/9y1A5uyPFO
22 May 15 08:13:27
RT @counternotions: There's a Kickstarter project called Chip, a fully functional computer for $9. And yet $AAPL hasn't had a $90B haircut…
See It Market
22 May 15 08:12:20
Apple Chart: Will This Bullish Price Pattern Work Again? http://t.co/9iCPQWno9k by @andrewnyquist $AAPL
22 May 15 08:12:10
$AAPL Feb. 23--left edge of cup Apr 28--right edge of cup/left edge of handle May 22--right edge of handle? http://t.co/cFW5uslhKb
Sergio Gambarelli
22 May 15 08:11:16
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/nBjNFk9vy0 International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/z5LoI2PmOF
The Cardiac Kid
22 May 15 08:11:16
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/DvC7ogKOah International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/sEZEJc8MbV
22 May 15 08:11:15
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/KoHBIAYxt2 International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/lvHMgneC32
22 May 15 08:11:15
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/xC0iZJ7xc9 International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/7qIjBFZxWu
ADVFN France
22 May 15 08:11:14
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/diN4wPSb8U International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/kjIyKUaZ3X
Solo traders
22 May 15 08:11:13
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/UGkeCUTreh International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/0Kz7CEJDCu
Artiom Barski
22 May 15 08:11:12
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/DVCUf4T1Dd International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/pr0w7IuukR
Live Stock News
22 May 15 08:11:08
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/VUIDskc3RL International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/0Nf3nhtZqR
matt collom
22 May 15 08:11:07
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/s6u5p1C2rB International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/b1eLb3jZyy
Kubilay Nacak
22 May 15 08:11:06
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/ZJsKOd2GpA International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/TIlrAybela
Kevin Orukel
22 May 15 08:11:05
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/mBUCMjOMW2 International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/VFAXOHRG5J
john smith
22 May 15 08:11:04
$AAPL - Why eLong, Inc. and http://t.co/EPZIAnncwU International, Ltd. (ADR) Flew Higher Today http://t.co/MUi0G2Ku2g
Gustavo Yacaman
22 May 15 08:09:54
RT @canuck2usa: $AAPL Big MOMMA angry today :) http://t.co/qvyvWcGHIz
22 May 15 08:09:04
True balls. $AAPL $GOOG $INTC $MTW $CAT $X $C $CSCO $T $SE $WU $MU $WBA http://t.co/8mR4s08jCl http://t.co/Zd9k60vM0f
Tad Doughty, CFS
22 May 15 08:09:01
Apple's TV service looking for local broadcast channels... That would be an epic addition http://t.co/jlgBSzTFbo $AAPL
ابو راشــــــــــــد
22 May 15 08:08:39
$AAL I loss this chance for put 6$ Down which 1000% on 14 May I whatch it. $AAPL $GOOGL $TWTR $FB $BABA $TSLA $MSFT http://t.co/T4InnaLmJF
22 May 15 08:08:37
Save the goldfish queen by popping evil fish in the new puzzler Bubbla http://t.co/Cn5aUjkdUt #AppAdvice $AAPL http://t.co/4DrTQWVtA6
Gustavo Yacaman
22 May 15 08:07:57
Selling some $AAPL. If you own some and you dont sell some now... Shame on you.
22 May 15 08:06:40
Dianna Webb
22 May 15 08:06:39
RT @StockBoardAsset: $AAPL vs. $SPY 1min cute couple here today! http://t.co/eSjFX6GE0Y
Alexander Fernandez
22 May 15 08:06:18
$TSLA want to make some cachinga's $AAPL. :)
Venky Srinivasan
22 May 15 08:06:16
$AAPL Nearing top of the Bollinger Bands with BBs opening higher. A couple of days of pause will reset it for higher prices.
22 May 15 08:05:40
RT @smtraderCA: $AAPL weekly OI as of 5/21/15 close inidcates a possible pin at 130 http://t.co/NOl2TqT1BY
Stocks On High Alert
22 May 15 08:05:29
Penny M
22 May 15 08:05:00
RT @KerimaGreene: #Apple 's Third Co-Founder and the $35 Billion He Left Behind http://t.co/zABpFJqEPg $AAPL
dan hecht
22 May 15 08:04:43
$BIDU Nice! from yesterday $AAPL calls to!
Stocks On High Alert
22 May 15 08:04:35
$VIDG on HIGH ALERT! #PENNYSTOCKS See more at: http://t.co/TbQycBvunC $ONTY $AAPL $PBMD
Tom Gentile
22 May 15 08:04:21
@cds1989oct I am also holding the $AAPL 128c weekly's that expire next friday just above 3... looking for 7 as a target on these...
Invest | Donate
22 May 15 08:02:43
@leahanneta: INFN Intel Corp. Ex-Div Date Click Here -> http://t.co/YaxkKrFkh1 Trending $INFN $AAPL $HL $PBR #INFN #invest #finance
  +Follow August 15, 2013 7:55AM



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