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Apple Possibly Nearing Deal with China’s Largest Network Provider

  +Follow July 31, 2013 1:10PM
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Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook met on July 30 with the head of China Mobile Ltd. (CHL) , China’s largest mobile carrier, and by subscription numbers, the largest carrier in the world. Apple has so far failed to realize their potential in China, and is currently only the fifth largest cell maker there.

A major reason Apple has lagged so far in the world’s largest emerging market is that the tech company has failed to get China Mobile to carry iPads or iPhones. Mobile in China is growing at an exponential rate, and analysts expect the market there to triple to $30 billion by 2015.

While Apple still comfortably dominates much of the world, they get absolutely crushed in China. On July 26, analytic firm Strategy Analytics declared that Apple, for the first time since 2007, was no longer the world’s most profitable cell phone maker, losing out to South Korean rival Samsung. Samsung has 19 percent of the Chinese smartphone market, compared to Apple’s 9 percent.

China Mobile has so far held out on a deal with Apple for a couple of reasons. One, China Mobile has their own homegrown network that is not compatible with Apple. And two, China Mobile is reticent to offer the subsidies so common with iPhones when users sign contracts, subsidies Apple tends to insist carriers provide.

Despite these issues, Cook’s meeting with China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua in Beijing illustrates that both parties are keen on finding a compromise. China Mobile is looking to upgrade their network, and it would signal an opportune time to make the network compatible with Apple.

That network – TD-SCDMA – is inferior to other major Chinese telecom technology, and China Mobile would like to upgrade it to compete with the other major Chinese telecom companies China Unicom and China Telecom. Both of those companies currently support Apple. The Chinese government will be issuing 4G licenses to Chinese telecom companies later this year.

Apple’s stock is down .48 percent to hit $451.14 a share, although it has rebounded nicely following a healthy earnings report on July 23, and is up over 7 percent since that date.

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A.J. Khaira
31 Aug 15 09:49:53
RT @amberkanwar: Citi adds $AAPL to focus Buy List after checks in Asia confirm China slowdown fears unwarranted http://t.co/a8L9zqsF6D
Option Cheat Notes
31 Aug 15 09:48:42
$AAPL be careful seems like we are at the "slop of hope" trade with caution!
31 Aug 15 09:47:52
$AAPL, I hope you are listening. http://t.co/i8iEOd5btD
Apple News Outlet
31 Aug 15 09:45:48
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BNK Invest
31 Aug 15 09:45:17
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31 Aug 15 09:45:05
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rowdy yates
31 Aug 15 09:44:56
With $GOOGL taking orders today 4 its new router, Will $AAPL will be unveiling a faster tri-band #Airport? #stocks https://t.co/Xas7VG1j4S
31 Aug 15 09:44:48
this is what separates the men from the boys. Divergence in the rally. $aapl $tsla $twtr Supreme precision. boom http://t.co/bvmHd0hxBX
31 Aug 15 09:44:34
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Quantpost Cnsmr Good
31 Aug 15 09:43:52
$AAPL $GM News: "Pentagon Makes Good On Promise To Work With The Private Sector…" http://t.co/uXbw6wSekH Analyze: https://t.co/JcSBkP0V61
Quantpost $GE
31 Aug 15 09:43:52
$GE News: "Pentagon Makes Good On Promise To Work With The Private Sector $AAPL …" http://t.co/T7mm86p0nF Analyze: https://t.co/H1HcRnMJx8
Quantpost $AAPL
31 Aug 15 09:43:52
$AAPL News: "Pentagon Makes Good On Promise To Work With The Private Sector…" http://t.co/7xXMuCTNzt Analyze: https://t.co/V8AVe5zSU9
Quantpost $GM
31 Aug 15 09:43:52
$GM News: "Pentagon Makes Good On Promise To Work With The Private Sector $AAPL …" http://t.co/dMCHxu7PqY Analyze: https://t.co/7V77f9nqg5
31 Aug 15 09:43:50
Pentagon Makes Good On Promise To Work With The Private Sector $AAPL $BA $GE $GM $LMT http://t.co/6FORlCYCHU
Antonio Ormachea
31 Aug 15 09:43:30
The New Apple TV 4 Could Rival Xbox One And PlayStation 4 $AAPL http://t.co/YcpjfT6N9M
31 Aug 15 09:42:39
The New Apple TV 4 Could Rival Xbox One And PlayStation 4 $AAPL http://t.co/7mO8K0R02X
31 Aug 15 09:42:28
@RiskReversal @jimcramer @TheDomino @SaraEisen @HalftimeReport I am sure MRKT will give everyone a second chance at $AAPL $92 n WTI 37..??
Scott Spencer
31 Aug 15 09:42:25
$AAPL +2% $114 off the lows; Google Makes Android Smart Watches Work With iPhones http://t.co/jtOuNYmpeQ
31 Aug 15 09:41:53
$spy shorts are about to get squeezed $AAPL $QQQ
Paul Geen
31 Aug 15 09:41:36
'iPad Pro' parts shipments starting in Sept. with new display tech & suppliers $AAPL http://t.co/SJuYVLYVhh
Ana Borrego
31 Aug 15 09:41:17
The New Apple TV 4 Could Rival Xbox One And PlayStation 4 $AAPL http://t.co/5BnZMy82li
The one mic show
31 Aug 15 09:40:49
The New Apple TV 4 Could Rival Xbox One And PlayStation 4 $AAPL http://t.co/HCAPhGS8VR
charles mckay
31 Aug 15 09:40:48
The New Apple TV 4 Could Rival Xbox One And PlayStation 4 $AAPL http://t.co/RPuZxfiOZk
Bidness Etc
31 Aug 15 09:38:35
New Apple TV: Rumored Availability & Pricing Revealed http://t.co/K8Q9vNIAvS $AAPL http://t.co/zGj0xTNiGH
31 Aug 15 09:38:26
$AAPL $BABA $FXI Market moving China PMI August reports tonight 9.45pm EST
31 Aug 15 09:38:16
RT @Weeklyoptions: Took profits in $AAPL 115 C in .8 out 1.35
31 Aug 15 09:37:47
RT @STAUNCHWEALTH: are you aware?. $aapl and $tsla ripping heads off are you getting paid? We're on FIRE. http://t.co/bvmHd0hxBX
Blogging and Boardin
31 Aug 15 09:37:27
RT @MacHashNews: First-generation iPad mini vanishes from Apple's website http://t.co/e1Ng6MEZVl #AppleInsider $AAPL
31 Aug 15 09:37:13
Took profits in $AAPL 115 C in .8 out 1.35
31 Aug 15 09:36:59
$AAPL_090415P108 Qty 2398 at 0.35 Ask $ 83930 Vol 4554 OI 4623 TimeOfTrade 12:35:45 PM
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31 Aug 15 09:36:55
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31 Aug 15 09:36:55
$AAPL_090415C114 Qty 6063 at 1.95 Above Ask $ 1182285 Vol 9067 OI 9557 TimeOfTrade 12:36:16 PM
Paul Geen
31 Aug 15 09:36:46
'Siri, turn off the lights!' :) I've saw this in sci-fi movie "Sunshine" Cool! $AAPL
31 Aug 15 09:36:45
$AAPL_091115C110 Qty 206 at 5.8 Ask $ 119480 Vol 980 OI 3510 TimeOfTrade 12:28:19 PM
31 Aug 15 09:36:45
$AAPL_091115C115 Qty 1589 at 2.34 Ask $ 371826 Vol 3208 OI 8953 TimeOfTrade 12:36:25 PM
31 Aug 15 09:36:45
$AAPL_091115C116 Qty 412 at 1.85 Above Ask $ 76220 Vol 782 OI 4716 TimeOfTrade 12:30:22 PM
31 Aug 15 09:36:44
$AAPL_091115C117 Qty 789 at 1.4 Ask $ 110460 Vol 918 OI 3500 TimeOfTrade 12:36:18 PM
31 Aug 15 09:36:36
$AAPL and $IWM are green....☺☺☺☺ http://t.co/ZbTJ9hxl0q
31 Aug 15 09:36:00
Another poorly written $AAPL Apple article, once again BEFORE the new hardware is released. http://t.co/EBJBdqeafR
31 Aug 15 09:35:41
RT @investorsCloud: Subscribe To http://t.co/gTsBYouENR OR Add The Page To Your Favorites And Check it Daily ... $AAPL $FB $BABA $SPY $GLD …
Pablo Navarro
31 Aug 15 09:35:38
Selling some puts in $aapl want to be long but taking advantage of the weekly premiums. #options
Mark Mansfield
31 Aug 15 09:35:20
RT @ETFSwingTrader: Scenario for a bounce: $IBB uses MA200 as trampoline, and $AAPL goes into pre-announcement flare up. (Just sayin') http…
Blogging and Boardin
31 Aug 15 09:35:05
RT @MacHashNews: Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, designed to compete with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, shown in leaked… http://t.co/rW0LtzQWRT #Ap…
31 Aug 15 09:34:56
"@Neo1425 $AAPL Can't imagine how big the grin on @NASDboy 's face is." This big hahahaha http://t.co/ACw7L5zaH8
31 Aug 15 09:34:38
Dow Analyst Moves: AAPL - TickerLens $AAPL #Apple http://t.co/S6DviHMrfm http://t.co/nhk3jRNHWw
31 Aug 15 09:34:28
iPhone 7 rumor rollup: Official invite, Fear the Walking Dead angle, 6C or not 6C http://t.co/PAaGdAvqU7 $AAPL #IPHONE #BULLISH #INVESTING
31 Aug 15 09:34:28
Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Specs May Heal Shareholder Wounds - TickerLens $AAPL #Apple http://t.co/S6DviHMrfm http://t.co/OuhGqfDRLa
Paul Geen
31 Aug 15 09:34:10
New Apple TV could be Home entertainment and smart Hub with Siri integration. Control your home, TV, etc. with just saying: 'Siri,...' $AAPL
  +Follow July 31, 2013 1:10PM



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