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Tesla Stock Price Rises on Improved Outlook from Deutsche Bank

By  +Follow September 19, 2013 11:52AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Tesla Motors (TSLA) saw a jump in its stock price after analysts at Deutsche Bank (DB) reiterated their buy rating and raised the price target from $160 to $200 a share. Shares were up 3.3 percent in premarket trading and had popped almost 8.25 percent by mid afternoon. The gains helped push Tesla’s stock price to a new high of $180.30 a share.

Deutsche Bank Optimistic about Tesla’s Prospects

Analysts at the German bank saw reason to believe in Tesla’s continued growth despite a price that already significantly outpaces its earnings.

“Based on conversations with management and monitoring information available on Tesla owners’ blogs, we believe that the company is on-track to modestly outperform Q3 margin expectations,” said Dan Galves, lead analyst for Tesla at Deutsche, while noting growing demand across the United States and Europe and increasing production rates at Tesla factories. "As Tesla continues to execute to margin targets and demonstrate strong demand for their product, confidence in the late-decade volume, margin, and earnings estimates that justify upside to the current valuation will likely grow."

Deutsche Bank weren’t the only ones with a rosy outlook for Tesla stock. Northland Securities said that vin numbers have increased to 7,000 since the start of the quarter and 6,000 deliveries or more are likely in Q3. Southland stated that this made Q3 pro-forma earnings estimates look conservative and boosted its own price target to $230 while reiterating its outperform rating.

Elon Musk Net Worth Keeps Growing

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has been in the news all year, between a high-profile conflict with the New York Times to his proposal to the state of California for the high-speed train known as the HyperLoop. Musk, who also co-founded PayPal (EBAY) owns a 32 percent stake in Tesla, and has seen shares in his company more than quadruple this year, gaining over 370 percent just since the start of April and putting estimates of his net worth north of $6.5 billion.

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28 Jul 15 19:32:28
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Juan Morra
28 Jul 15 19:23:51
http://t.co/8yezHWqUu3 lol $TSLA ... the chinese have their own version...nice copy don't you think? coming 2016 at half the price...
Juan Morra
28 Jul 15 19:21:41
http://t.co/8yezHWqUu3 Looks like the chinese beat $TSLA to the model 3 ... & yes say goodbye to the chinese market too...
28 Jul 15 19:15:47
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Hedge AccordingLy
28 Jul 15 19:15:13
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James DiPlata
28 Jul 15 19:07:49
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28 Jul 15 19:05:13
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Capital Market Labs
28 Jul 15 18:48:03
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Malibu Investment
28 Jul 15 18:18:05
@smartertrader AND into $TSLA, yes Tesla......momo is momo
28 Jul 15 18:17:39
@MarketWatch @JP__Blanco Is that $TSLA's Elon Musk?
Jon Gullett
28 Jul 15 18:17:33
$twtr to acknowledge a sell is to acknowledge $amzn, $tsla, $nflx and a host of other silicon valley models are grossly overvalued.
28 Jul 15 18:14:05
$MU Micron Technology Inc http://t.co/0w2y7Yawwv $TSLA $DTV $CMCSA $MDLZ $EBAY $VRTX $CELG $ALXN $SBUX $FB $HSIC… http://t.co/0w2y7Yawwv
By  +Follow September 19, 2013 11:52AM



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