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XOMA Corporation Spikes on Price Offering

  +Follow August 22, 2013 12:48PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Biotech company XOMA Corporation ($XOMA) announced the price of their common stock offering on Thursday that sent the price of shares on an upward trajectory.

XOMA is offering 7.6 million shares at $3.62 a share, which should net the company around $25.5 million. Also, the company is allowing underwriters a 30 day option on an additional 1.14 million shares.

The Berkeley, Ca.-based biotech firm's flagship drug (and focus of principal reserach) is called gevokizumab. The drug is a humanized monoclonal antibody which is used primarily in the treatment of diabetes. On July 22 the drug entered Phase 2 of the approval process. Gevokizumab is also currently in phase III development for treating non-infectious uveitis and Behçet’s uveitis, which are multiskeletal inflammatory disorders.

On Aug. 7, the company reported a 21 cent per-share loss for the second quarter of 2013, missing revenue estimates by 21 percent. XOMA’s stock dropped precipitously on the news, losing around 20 percent of its value. In March, the stock was thought to be the most undervalued biomed stock under $10.

XOMA is down 20.27 percent on the month, hurt by the lagging earnings for the second quarter. But with Thursday's offering, the stock shot up 11.17 percent to hit $4.47 a share.

(image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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Results for XOMA
Paul Van Huffel
8 Oct 15 12:11:38
@secretagent00 Sooner or later, someone is going to lose patience and drive $XOMA over $0.95.
8 Oct 15 11:16:22
Hopefully $XOMA climbs above $1.10 before the end of the month..?
Low Breau
8 Oct 15 11:14:25
$XOMA thought this would pop at .95 https://t.co/bV5hQeDDP8
8 Oct 15 11:11:44
RT @AaronBx2: "@ACInvestorBlog: $XOMA back in play...."
Paul Van Huffel
8 Oct 15 11:08:21
@secretagent00 Here's $XOMA right now. http://t.co/kncEPkxLAJ
Paul Van Huffel
8 Oct 15 11:07:54
$XOMA Almost ready to break to the upside. https://t.co/4ReeBsEGTq
8 Oct 15 11:07:30
"@ACInvestorBlog: $XOMA back in play...."
Antonio Costa
8 Oct 15 11:07:19
$XOMA back in play....
8 Oct 15 11:06:11
JBEM pick RXII big catalyst on way.Read here: https://t.co/OKriElkKHd $XNCR $XNPT $XOMA $XOMAD
8 Oct 15 10:57:48
$XOMA R/G with 32 MILLION!! shares short. No more downside for shorts, only upside from here.
8 Oct 15 10:01:37
RT @bhaus1004: $XOMA bouncing off the lows
8 Oct 15 10:01:28
Bought this morning $XOMA
8 Oct 15 09:39:13
RT @WKRBNews: XOMA Corp Rating Reiterated by Wedbush $XOMA http://t.co/wrFHd9qKfz
8 Oct 15 09:03:30
$XOMA bouncing off the lows
8 Oct 15 08:41:04
JBEM pick RXII big catalyst on way.Read here: https://t.co/OKriElClyL $XOMA $XON $XOOM $XPL $XPO $XRA $XRS $XTLY
Penny Stock Research
8 Oct 15 08:12:28
brian sweetheart
8 Oct 15 07:56:31
http://t.co/cdR6Q6TToQ Nice picks this week for free. $CRK $XOMA $PGH $OOIL $XNPT $SYRX $VIP
brian sweetheart
8 Oct 15 07:45:03
http://t.co/cdR6Q6TToQ Nice picks this week for free. $CRK $XOMA $PGH $OOIL $XNPT $SYRX $VIP
8 Oct 15 07:31:34
Check out the new penny pick site http://t.co/YcQ0HhICil. Good luck! $CRK $XOMA $PGH $OOIL $XNPT $SYRX $VIP
8 Oct 15 07:22:38
Check out the new penny pick site http://t.co/YcQ0HhICil. Good luck! $CRK $XOMA $PGH $OOIL $XNPT $SYRX $VIP
8 Oct 15 07:18:28
XOMA Corp Rating Reiterated by Wedbush $XOMA http://t.co/wrFHd9qKfz
8 Oct 15 07:00:26
RT @SwingWarrior: XOMA Corporation (XOMA) Stock | Exclusive Agreement With http://t.co/Qr59Xerk8e $XOMA
8 Oct 15 07:00:16
RT @bhaus1004: $XOMA looks like it's about to get going. Let's test .98 again
8 Oct 15 06:56:57
$XOMA looks like it's about to get going. Let's test .98 again
8 Oct 15 06:52:35
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  +Follow August 22, 2013 12:48PM



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