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Sangamo BioSciences (SGMO) Hits 10-Year High on Deal with Biogen (BIIB)

By  +Follow January 9, 2014 12:51PM
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Shares in Richmond, CA-based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company Sangamo BioSciences (SGMO) spiked nearly 35 percent on Thursday on news of a partnership with Biogen Idec (BIIB) to develop treatments for disorders affecting hemoglobin.

Biogen made an initial payment of $20 million to Sangamo as part of a deal that will total some $300 million in funding as well as double-digit royalties for Sangamo.

Lucrative Deal Drives SGMO to 10-Year High

On the whole, the size and generosity of the deal appear to make this a major win for Sangamo.

"The deal terms are very lucrative for a pre-clinical platform,” said Wedbush analyst Liana Moussatos. “So I think Biogen must have been impressed with the pre-clinical data that Sangamo presented last month."

The spike drove Sangamo to close to $19 a share, its highest level since 2001. It also passed the previous five-year high the company reached when shares were touching $18.50 in 2007.

Hemoglobin Disorders Affect Blood’s Ability to Carry Oxygen

Hemoglobin is the component of blood that carries oxygen, and disorders affecting hemoglobin include sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia. Both are very serious conditions and included in the category known as hemoglobinopathies.

Sangamo has developed technology to replace defective genes in patients with a corrective one, and Biogen appears to believe that this method has the potential to create one treatment for both diseases.

Sangamo will be responsible for research and development of the treatment up to the initial proof-of-concept trial.

SGMO Product Pipeline Could Have Potential

While Thursday’s announced partnership clearly took Sangamo to new levels, boosting the company’s market cap from $843.57 million to almost $1.15 billion in a matter of hours, the company has several treatments in its product pipeline that could also be major developments.

Most notable is lead therapy SB-728, which has the potential to develop into a functional cure for HIV/AIDS. The treatment would function by drawing immune cells, removing the protein pathway used by HIV to infect them, and then returning them to the patient’s bloodstream.

Sangamo’s promise appears to have won over investors, with the stock jumping over 130 percent despite the company failing to turn a profit and garnering revenues under $25 million in each of the last five years.

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Robert Kruse
31 Jul 15 07:32:57
Future of TIL therapy? Zinc Finger nuclease KO of PD1 improves function, cells resistant to suppression. $LBIO $SGMO http://t.co/aqsiKlfxRu
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$SGMO Event Reminder for Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. From our Stock News Alerts App
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Technical Collapse -> http://t.co/bioo7w0OcG $SGMO Down -1.23% to New Low http://t.co/5z4S81rAvg
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$SGMO Institutional ownership up 4.27% Q/Q, with 2,397,620 net purchase http://t.co/ZgqmvYbGVq http://t.co/1kyz3KQXhL
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$SGMO Earnings result is already out. Check out historical price reaction after ER. http://t.co/AMYoQNjbjh
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30 Jul 15 09:07:46
Technical Collapse -> http://t.co/bioo7vJcO6 $SGMO Down -1.01% to New Low http://t.co/rodscsL7D1
30 Jul 15 07:07:33
$NK That was short lived&sell triggered today at $34 after upping stop--for a break even, also sold $SGMO for loss.
Greg David
30 Jul 15 06:13:44
Check out http://t.co/Y1RoKIXsmm. Top rated OTC trading group. Related: $SGMO $EPE $SHO $EXAS $TSL
Solar Melt
29 Jul 15 22:27:06
$SGMO Ugly chart, but appears to be bottoming. Supported by 1144 AUG $10 Calls trading Wednesday at $0.30-$0.35. Open Interest 1258.
Skeptical PhD
29 Jul 15 18:05:56
@jae_w_kim Yup, as much as market might not like it, $SGMO still seems to be only company with HemoA NHP data. I'm waiting for more.
Dean Krauss
29 Jul 15 15:59:26
@SkepticalPhD Just saw your tweet about $SGMO figuring out Bthal/SCD. Are you implying it will be a better product than $BLUE lentiglobin?
Skeptical PhD
29 Jul 15 15:41:46
@vlad33301 @Prof_Dollar $SGMO is actually the only preclinical NHP Hemophilia A data I know of: http://t.co/SsCHZroPfN
Skeptical PhD
29 Jul 15 15:35:00
@vlad33301 @Prof_Dollar is likely farthest along, with I'm assuming $SGMO behind.
29 Jul 15 15:18:02
$SGMO Institutional ownership up 4.27% Q/Q, with 2,397,620 net purchase http://t.co/ZgqmvYbGVq http://t.co/XhoyzTg75W
29 Jul 15 13:36:16
$SGMO http://t.co/gKPv9uTUng ER CC@4:30 5Aug-Disappointing entry&glad cut in half prior to it getting bad-Will listen intently for updates.
MyAllies Trading
29 Jul 15 13:06:17
$SGMO Sangamo BioSciences Announces Second Quarter 2015 Conference Call and Webcast http://t.co/1yQYCc55Gr
29 Jul 15 13:05:56
$SGMO Sangamo BioSciences Announces Second Quarter 2015 Conference Call and Webcast From our Stock News Alerts App
29 Jul 15 13:04:05
$SGMO - Sangamo BioSciences Announces Second Quarter 2015 Conference Call and Webcast http://t.co/3z1DEVxvMI
Capital Market Labs
29 Jul 15 12:18:39
Website -> http://t.co/bioo7w0OcG $SGMO Reports Wednesday, Consensus Est. Rev: $14.933M, EPS: $-0.13 http://t.co/kb7ffLYxoX
By  +Follow January 9, 2014 12:51PM



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