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Repros Jumps on Positive Drug Trials

By  +Follow September 17, 2013 8:01AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Shares in Texas pharma Repros Therapeutics, Inc. (RPRX) gapped up over 30 percent in early morning trading before settling into gains of just over 10 percent on heavy volume as the day wore on. The spike, driven by positive topline results from the most recent study on its drug Androxal® reported after close on Monday, pushed Repros stock to a new 52-week high.

Positive results for Androxal

Androxal is being developed for men of reproductive age with low testosterone due to secondary hypogonadism, which is also associated with obesity and could be among the most common causes of low testosterone. Repros reported that Andorxal met both co-primary endpoints in its second pivotal study, with 81 percent of subjects using the drug experiencing normalized testosterone and no 24-hour average testosterone levels outside of normal ranges. Androxal, which is in a class similar to Sanofi’s (SNY) Clomid®, could receive a strong share of the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) market because it could also help preserve male fertility while being administered orally, making it significantly more convenient than testosterone replacement injections.  

Possible Sale

Brean Capital initiated coverage of Repros in July of this year, calling it a buy and setting a price target of $32. At the time, analyst Jonathan Aschoff said “Its lead compound Androxal is being evaluated in a Phase 3 program for secondary hypogonadism with results in 4Q13 and 2Q14, which in our view would be key investment catalysts, and we project Androxal launch in mid-2015.” Now, Brean is citing these positive results as a reason for optimism, as well as reports that management may have interest in selling the company. Brean estimated the sell-price potentially reaching $40 a share, in the event that the sale goes down.

In addition to Andorxal, Repros currently has female reproductive drug Proellex® in the pipeline, intended for use in uterine fibroids and endometriosis. “The vaginal formulation of Proellex (Proellex-V) will enter Phase 2b in 2H13 for uterine fibroids with an NDA submission expected in 2016. All compounds are protected by U.S. patents," said Aschoff in July.

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Results for RPRX
30 Nov 15 19:36:35
QP: NASDAQ DIP and RIP: $RPRX is waiting for FDA's approval for their https://t.co/zPn90wIgdL
Boston Captain
30 Nov 15 17:58:56
Like if you are long $RPRX and got played. Lolz
30 Nov 15 17:56:39
$RPRX Complete Response letters (CRL) are not made public by the FDA, hope Joe gives approval PR instead??
30 Nov 15 17:49:06
$RPRX We may get the Complete Response Letter (CRL) in the AM
Tony Friedman
30 Nov 15 17:32:50
RT @PropThinker: Fully expect $RPRX to PR their CRL . . . late evening of December 24.
30 Nov 15 17:04:06
Will the clowns at $RPRX just release the CRL and free these delusional investors from the continued false hope.
30 Nov 15 16:51:29
$RPRX Next 10 mins will be interesting
30 Nov 15 16:34:35
$RPRX AH High just hit.
30 Nov 15 16:34:07
$RPRX I hear crickets...
30 Nov 15 16:32:15
$RPRX Just went positive AH... Could be a clue soon
30 Nov 15 16:27:59
Idk, @OpposableDrum. But this certainly is: https://t.co/LkMqw15MgK $rprx $bmy $qure $nwbo $pbyi $nlnk $rdus $zfgn $kbio $arna $orex $omer
Falcon's PennyStocks
30 Nov 15 16:01:10
Stocks Under $5 100% UNBIASED 94.5% Avg Gain https://t.co/2qE8x3QQQ8 $CYCC $RPRX $CVSL $NCTY $SPDC $BONT $SGNL -- https://t.co/tAnzWTt8pF
Rosner Stocks
30 Nov 15 15:40:05
$SMN Company Info Updated Monday, November 30, 2015 5:59:23 PM $BRCM $DEO $RPRX $DBMM https://t.co/kI4poebndE
30 Nov 15 15:39:13
$FXC Filings Updated Monday, November 30, 2015 6:07:07 PM $MCD $UPRO $AMZN $RPRX https://t.co/XCUSwrixtR
30 Nov 15 15:31:07
$RPRX:US Repros Therapeutics (RPRX) Looks Good: Stock Soars 45.1% #REPROS THERAPEUTICS INC https://t.co/FoygK3iiZD #NASDAQ
30 Nov 15 15:18:11
FDA approves blood cancer drug from Bristol-Myers and AbbVie $BMY $RPRX
30 Nov 15 15:14:20
Fully expect $RPRX to PR their CRL . . . late evening of December 24.
IH News Desk
30 Nov 15 15:13:36
$EWZ Stock Price Updated Monday, November 30, 2015 5:10:55 PM $KRE $QTMM $RPRX $DHI https://t.co/VOAnbjI6Xv
30 Nov 15 14:51:52
$RPRX FDA questioning Siemens CLIA methodology. CLIA is validated & 5-10k approved method. The data is strong & Enclo Safe & effective
30 Nov 15 14:47:02
$RPRX 4 those people who keep tweeting about PDUFA date: please listen 2 conf call. U look foolish tweeting wrong info.
30 Nov 15 14:46:00
$RPRX Recent pos+ performance attributed 2 KBIO CEO Shrkeli possible RPRX buyout...
30 Nov 15 14:45:35
RPRX Repros Therapeutics Yield https://t.co/SDpFqLKv2K $RPRX $GOOG $SLV $WMIH #RPRX #investing #investing
30 Nov 15 14:44:55
$RPRX CEO Podolski confirmed FDA mtg w/ RPRX 2 build consensus & methodology.
30 Nov 15 14:43:28
$RPRX Stop listening 2 these guys about PDUFA dates. They r clueless. PDUFA date was cancelled. RPRX addressed on conf call.
Stock Forums
30 Nov 15 14:39:37
GS Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 52Wk Low https://t.co/YssLZSJJsX $GS $NVAX $RPRX $V #GS #investing #stock
30 Nov 15 14:36:00
$RPRX FDA Results Expected Today Link https://t.co/Qrfe40q8O1
30 Nov 15 14:03:15
$RPRX There was not a safety or efficacy issue. FDA wanted 2 confirm Siemens CLIA data collection methodology. FDA & RPRX discussing plan.
30 Nov 15 13:53:23
Huge Loss Short Selling https://t.co/JVevFiNamE A hard lesson to learn... $KBIO $GEVO $HART $RPRX $GBSN $RTRX $TVIX $SPY $GPRO $CLSN $AAPL
Faris Sleem
30 Nov 15 13:48:33
RT @VendbienJon: Nice rebound on $CLVS from $29.9 add/alert. Nice day for $BIEI, too. Room had $GBSN from open on a pre alert. $RPRX trim @…
Joe Papke
30 Nov 15 13:37:18
RT @VendbienJon: Nice rebound on $CLVS from $29.9 add/alert. Nice day for $BIEI, too. Room had $GBSN from open on a pre alert. $RPRX trim @…
Jon Vince
30 Nov 15 13:33:06
Nice rebound on $CLVS from $29.9 add/alert. Nice day for $BIEI, too. Room had $GBSN from open on a pre alert. $RPRX trim @SleemStockPicks
Michael Scally
30 Nov 15 13:14:44
RT @BosCaptn: Man $rprx peeps getting played. Didn't they cancel the Adcom and say another trial. Of course they've got a CRL
Michael Scally
30 Nov 15 13:14:10
RT @adamfeuerstein: @Mahmissa Would require Joe Podolski to be honest/transparent about the CRL. In other news, pigs fly. $RPRX
Boston Captain
30 Nov 15 13:05:18
Man $rprx peeps getting played. Didn't they cancel the Adcom and say another trial. Of course they've got a CRL
30 Nov 15 13:01:04
@UpStocks either CRL or 3 months extension or "miracle" FDA approves it! $RPRX
Stock Horizon LLC
30 Nov 15 13:00:28
How Sonar top NASDAQ looked @ today's open: $FREE $WGBS $CYCC $AEZS $EFUT $KBIO $SPEX $MCUR $NETE $RPRX https://t.co/ZsJ8IywzRp
Stock Horizon LLC
30 Nov 15 13:00:10
SHORT alert results: $AEZS +1% $CYCC +10% $EFUT +14% $MCUR +1% $ORMP +4% $RPRX +16% $VLTC +6% https://t.co/Q2mGpVCWSz
Stock Horizon LLC
30 Nov 15 13:00:10
LONG alert results: $AEZS +5% $AVXL +12% $EFUT +2% $HART +57% $MCUR +9% $ORMP +3% $RPRX +3% https://t.co/Q2mGpVCWSz
30 Nov 15 13:00:00
$RPRX 2.39 -0.15 (-5.90%) = this pig will fly to $5 per share if FDA asks for 3 months extension!
30 Nov 15 12:59:50
$KBIO $RPRX Autocharts @ https://t.co/f6cpQoVS67
30 Nov 15 12:58:38
@UpStocks 99.99%? $RPRX
Ariel Silahian
30 Nov 15 12:55:37
30 Nov 15 12:53:58
$RPRX FDA will confirm Siemens CLIA methodology & RPRX Enclo results. Enclo safer & more effective than Clomid & Testosterone.
30 Nov 15 12:51:55
$RPRX 2.46 -0.08 (-3.09%) = FDA decision is today...99.99% CRL already in $RPRX hands?
30 Nov 15 12:51:46
$RPRX There is not an FDA PDUFA Mtg today. PDUFA mtg was cancelled. RPRX will work w/ FDA 2 confirm Siemens CLIA methodology & data.
Up Stocks
30 Nov 15 12:48:21
@MartinShkreli come our way bio stock god $RPRX $VBLT
30 Nov 15 12:47:58
$RPRX lets hope Joseph S. Podolski gives some positive news AH
30 Nov 15 12:46:52
$RPRX lets close over $2.54
30 Nov 15 12:44:50
$ARIA $KBIO $LL $RPRX Autocharts @ https://t.co/f6cpQoVS67
30 Nov 15 12:41:53
$RPRX @OtcCharts there's that higher low #nasdaq https://t.co/IurXpAHr1S
By  +Follow September 17, 2013 8:01AM



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