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Omeros Corp. Spikes on Stock Upgrade

By  +Follow September 16, 2013 7:36AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Omeros Corp. (OMER) jumped over 60 percent on early trading after Wedbush raised its price target for the stock. The rise constituted Monday's biggest jump for Omeros since October of 2009, and came with especially heavy volume for the small-cap pharma company. With gains reaching over 64 percent, it was a big day for investors in the Seattle-based company that had seen shares bleed off almost 47 percent of their value over the last year.

Wedbush analysts expressed confidence in OMS302, a new drug being developed for use in ophthalmological procedures like cataracts surgeries. With the Food and Drug Administration clamping down on “homebrew” topical solutions used during intraocular lens replacement surgeries, OMS302 appears poised to be the only solution on the market that combines pain relief and pupil dilation.

Wedbush analyst Liana Moussatos was bullish on Omeros, reiterating an outperform rating while raising the price target to $28.

“We recently had a conversation with a high-volume cataract surgeon about the changing regulatory landscape following sterility issues at compound pharmacies. The FDA has indicated that each patient must be given a separate bottle for topical NSAIDs and mydriatic agents. In addition, surgeons are no longer allowed to mix their own homebrews of these agents for use during surgery—a common practice," she said. "The net impact is that the cost of topical NSAIDs and mydriatic agents per cataract procedure is rising—making not only the cost of OMS302 (we estimate ~$250/procedure in the U.S.) to be closer to topical agents, but also making it the only product combining pain relief and mydriasis which complies with these new regulations."

Approval of OMS302 is expected by the middle of next year, and Moussatos has estimated a 90 percent chance the drug gets the final go-ahead. The positive news about the outlook for OMS302 comes on the heels of last week’s news of positive data from phase 1 clinical trials for another Omeros drug, OMS824, an enzyme inhibitor intended for use in patients with Huntington’s disease and schizophrenia.


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Results for OMER
Project Arkham
29 Aug 15 17:03:22
$OMER looking for bullish consolidation 15.50 - 15.90 & > 15.90 should push up in a hurry.
Michael James
29 Aug 15 15:35:59
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Paul Henry
29 Aug 15 15:19:29
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Michael Cook
29 Aug 15 15:12:21
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29 Aug 15 15:01:20
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29 Aug 15 14:11:02
$OMER: Wall Street analysts bullish on OMER's earnings growth: http://t.co/fJMgQh4zq8 http://t.co/sNhrOlzpey
29 Aug 15 10:53:43
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Great Stockpix
29 Aug 15 10:20:31
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29 Aug 15 09:37:10
Top holdings: $blue $qure $rxdx $omer $tgxsf ($tig)
29 Aug 15 03:26:24
Picked up $OMER LT 50% retrace!!
28 Aug 15 17:53:35
Guessing 75% game changing EU partner deal with cash and/or takeover before the need for equity offering. $omer They seem ripe to me
Stock Rocket
28 Aug 15 17:03:53
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28 Aug 15 16:41:05
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Michael James
28 Aug 15 16:38:29
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28 Aug 15 16:04:58
28 Aug 15 13:51:02
$MGNX $DVAX $TGTX $CEMP $LBIO $TTOO $SRNE $FGEN $OMER $BDSI $CFRX Great close to enter wknd🍻-MGA271/Keytruda&1303/Keytruda starts,this wk.
Paul Henry
28 Aug 15 13:42:40
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Shark Pack
28 Aug 15 11:53:43
$SRNE $ANTH $AXON $OMER $HZNP $DYAX $RDUS $KITE $ADXS so now when everyone buys at 3pm is it time for a flush?
Jon Vince
28 Aug 15 11:45:23
RT @adamwnsx: still think $OMER looks ready to bounce, one of recent strong runners $AQXP $CLTX $ITEK $EBIO $GEVO $FCX $NQ $ANF
Nyk PT
28 Aug 15 11:26:20
RT @adamwnsx: still think $OMER looks ready to bounce, one of recent strong runners $AQXP $CLTX $ITEK $EBIO $GEVO $FCX $NQ $ANF
Jon Vince
28 Aug 15 11:21:27
#Omeros $OMER getting interesting down here...bouncing off sub$15, which may have been a buy signal. Took a starter
28 Aug 15 11:06:25
Going to take just one deal transaction to get below $1b caps going up again. $tgtx $omer $cemp etc
28 Aug 15 11:02:51
@michael_broyan @avidresearch buyer of $omer would just gut the expense structure over 6 months. That the easy part. NPV analysis $35 TO
Shane Blackmon
28 Aug 15 10:42:20
Well that was one amazing gap fill in $OMER. And they didn't even raise cash yet
Chadbourne Rolle
28 Aug 15 10:37:05
http://t.co/qsCUyi0jSd Verified $200.48 profit in $OMER Bulk Import
28 Aug 15 09:43:44
$OMER upping when this bounces its going to be mega imo
Project Arkham
28 Aug 15 09:12:30
$OMER out 15.50. Will keep on watch.
A Tall Texan
28 Aug 15 09:05:24
@adamwnsx $OMER Yes, may need to go under 15. Still watching
28 Aug 15 08:50:11
$OMER come you POS bounce this is stupid
A Tall Texan
28 Aug 15 08:37:44
@adamwnsx $OMER Where do you think this one bottoms ?
A Tall Texan
28 Aug 15 08:17:04
$OMER Watching but not in, as still drifting lower.
Lori V
28 Aug 15 08:15:56
RT @adamwnsx: still think $OMER looks ready to bounce, one of recent strong runners $AQXP $CLTX $ITEK $EBIO $GEVO $FCX $NQ $ANF
Lori V
28 Aug 15 08:15:02
RT @avidresearch: $OMER is acquisition candidate IMO
28 Aug 15 07:55:17
still think $OMER looks ready to bounce, one of recent strong runners $AQXP $CLTX $ITEK $EBIO $GEVO $FCX $NQ $ANF
Stock Dawgzz
28 Aug 15 07:40:11
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28 Aug 15 07:36:59
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Penny Stockington
28 Aug 15 07:31:49
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28 Aug 15 07:06:11
$OMER starting to bounce
28 Aug 15 07:05:57
i_like_bb_stock: $OMER red to green http://t.co/RSs8sia2m5
28 Aug 15 07:05:55
i_like_bb_stock: $OMER nice bottoming action here on the daily http://t.co/7Rd2x3VWV8
28 Aug 15 07:05:45
i_like_bb_stock: $OMER red to green http://t.co/x9DuWxbmNX
28 Aug 15 07:05:44
i_like_bb_stock: $OMER nice bottoming action here on the daily http://t.co/NK63rsGaT3
28 Aug 15 07:00:16
$OMER red to green
Project Arkham
28 Aug 15 06:56:36
$OMER long 15.75
28 Aug 15 06:54:45
$omer went green. Amazing, After 8 days red
28 Aug 15 06:52:43
$OMER nice bottoming action here on the daily
28 Aug 15 06:51:07
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28 Aug 15 06:50:09
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28 Aug 15 06:47:36
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28 Aug 15 06:46:10
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By  +Follow September 16, 2013 7:36AM



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