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IsoRay (ISR) Spikes Again on Announcement of Presentations at Weekend Conference

By  +Follow April 1, 2014 6:16AM
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Shares in small-cap health care company IsoRay (ISR) took off again on Tuesday after announcing plans to present five papers at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the American Brachytherapy Society (ABS).

"IsoRay is pleased to once again participate at the ABS annual meeting,” said CEO Dwight Babcock. “At this venue, thought leaders including Drs. Ron Benoit, Sushil Beriwal and Ryan P. Smith of the University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC), Drs. Bhupesh Parashar and Gabriella Wernicke of Weill Cornell Medical College, and Dr. Brian Moran of the Chicago Prostate Center will be panelists or present their papers documenting their experiences and success in using our products.

IsoRay’s stock gapped up 17.3 percent to $2.58 a share with the opening bell and climbing to a high of $2.79 a share in choppy trading before pulling back to just under $2.60 by late morning. Shares were moving at a brisk clip, with over 17 million changing hands before noon against an average daily volume of just over 11.5 million.

The fact that the mere announcement of these presentations was enough to spike the stock like this would come as a surprise were it not for the wild March IsoRay just went through. The stock was trading at less than $1 a share until a March 14 article on Seeking Alpha prompted a boot to over $1.10 a share. However, it was five days later on March 19 when shares positively exploded following the announcement that IsoRay’s Cesium-131 brachytherapy had been used to effectively treat an aggressive form of cancer in a pediatric patient.

Since then, IsoRay has seen its volume skyrocket with big price swings on multiple days, including a pullback from 7-year highs after the announcement of a new public offering, then another rebound after the stock appeared to cross over into oversold territory.

The treatment driving IsoRay’s huge month is brachytherapy, or internal radiotherapy, using Cesium-131. It’s a method for radiation treatment of cancer that involves focused radiation through placing the radiation source, in IsoRay’s case a Cesium-131 seed mesh, into the human body surrounding the affected area.

However, beyond the science and fundamentals, it’s important to note that IsoRay appears to have become a popular momentum stock that’s closely watched by traders. Its average daily volume is more than 20 percent of its total float, and the stock’s heavy trading and incredible volatility is precisely what traders on the hunt for a quick play are looking for.

As such, the fact that the 14-day stochastic RSI for IsoRay’s stock had fallen below 0.20 is notable prior to the day’s surge. Stochastic RSI is popular with traders, and a level below 0.20 is traditionally viewed as oversold territory. And, while the 14-day RSI remains relatively high, it’s stayed under 70, the level above which stocks are traditionally viewed as being overbought, since its pull-back started on March 22.

So, with a news item to act as a catalyst and a buy signal from a key technical factor, it appears as though Wall Street’s favorite momentum play has struck again. Investors anticipating another big spike following the presentations at the conference, which takes place this weekend, could be trying to get in ahead of any new data that could be released, and it seems possible this action is getting buoyed by traders who, noting the stochastic RSI and the upward momentum, are jumping onto the big gains.

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Results for ISR
2 Oct 14 06:35:18
IsoRay : Reports Fiscal Year 2014 Results http://t.co/dYIPMWf9KZ $ISR
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1 Oct 14 12:19:46
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Joe Hofland
1 Oct 14 05:29:28
$TKMR $ISR $CAR main watches @FordhamTrader @ZachShackleford
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1 Oct 14 04:59:33
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Emmanuel Fortin
30 Sep 14 15:31:28
$ISR, you finally fall as predicted. Shorted at 2.18, covered at 2.07. Small loss due to short interest. Live and learn.
Ideal Charts
30 Sep 14 13:12:58
09/30/2014 - ISR.AMEX $ISR http://t.co/UhYbOdny6h
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 12:24:17
Watch if we clear 1.72 $ISR
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 12:20:25
$ISR BOOM 18% swing trade today. The beatdown is a blessing. the 1 analyst MAXIM had $5 PT WITH -.14 eps. trading around a quarter of that
Bottoms Up
30 Sep 14 12:18:50
$ISR $1.68--1.43-- Watching for a Bounce +.25
30 Sep 14 12:17:33
$ISR gap fill to 1.90
30 Sep 14 12:10:03
Added $ISR on ABCD @InvestorsLive idea
Bottoms Up
30 Sep 14 12:09:43
$ISR $1.63--1.43-- Watching for a Bounce +.20
30 Sep 14 10:08:19
@InvestorsLive $ISR nice perk on tank day
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 09:58:13
$ISR coiled
Worldwide Financial
30 Sep 14 09:47:10
$ISR - Buying opportunity at current levels #stocks #tradetalk http://t.co/iAhDR5hd5A
Momz Day Trading
30 Sep 14 09:25:38
$ISR nice bounce off the lows
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 08:43:16
$ISR loveit
Bottoms Up
30 Sep 14 08:40:09
$ISR $1.60--1.43-- Watching for a Bounce +.17
30 Sep 14 08:37:48
RT @BioInvestor2013: $OXGN incredible Cancer Pipeline presentation Nov 8The cure of cancer without Chemo Therapy $TKMR $ISR $CPRX $IN…
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 08:35:20
$ISR quick and current ratio 24/25 no risk of dilution.
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 08:30:49
$ISR +10% on bounce play from 1.439
Bottoms Up
30 Sep 14 08:30:07
$ISR $1.58--1.43-- Watching for a Bounce +.15
Bottoms Up
30 Sep 14 08:24:16
$ISR $1.52--1.43-- Watching for a Bounce 1.40 stop risking .03
30 Sep 14 08:19:37
$ISR 1.46
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 08:15:24
$ISR when is conf call?
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 08:12:14
$ISR meow... dead cat bounce
Bottoms Up
30 Sep 14 08:04:20
$ISR 1.43-- Watching for a Bounce 1.40 stop risking .03
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 07:58:13
$ISR look at blocks go through.
30 Sep 14 07:54:27
$ISR flatlining. I like, but watching for lower. Shorts trying. Down 24 friggin percent today on hohum earnings.
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 07:53:29
$ISR had PT of $5 even forecasting eps of -0.14 .... incredible buy at 1.44.
Trader News Daily
30 Sep 14 07:42:29
http://t.co/PeRPkYu8Uk premium membership ranked #1 for gains. 483% last week. Related: $S $OREX $SD $MACK $AKS $ODP $ISR $PHK $FTR $JRJC
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 07:25:08
$ISR FIbo dont lie... look at low of today right at 23.6% retracement http://t.co/6RAjeEJnsX
30 Sep 14 07:16:16
$ISR Reports Fiscal Year 2014 Results Reports Growing List of Major Accomplishments, great pipeline and growth
Erik Pike
30 Sep 14 07:15:26
$ISR and a swing and a miss! PiedPiker has gone down on strikes again.
Christian Kat
30 Sep 14 07:03:49
$ISR... -26%
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 06:53:50
@Biotech_Boss cheapest bio with FDA approved device... or no? $ISR
Stock Moo
30 Sep 14 06:48:22
$isr: IsoRay, Inc. Reports Fiscal Year 2014 Results http://t.co/EuegUEC2m2
Steve Feffer
30 Sep 14 06:47:04
$ISR can you say buying opportunity
30 Sep 14 06:34:43
$ISR hmmm. earnings funk make for a good op here?
Nick zheng
30 Sep 14 06:30:34
$ISR wait patiently for this baby to break 1 by end of this year.
Nick zheng
30 Sep 14 06:14:43
$ISR issued millions of PRs touting its radio-active seeds to treat millions of cancers, but it sells less than last year! VERY overvalued!
30 Sep 14 06:04:58
30 Sep 14 06:04:35
$isr 2014 yr was a monumental success yet sales declined vs 2013
30 Sep 14 06:04:07
Isoray sales drop 7% in fiscal 2014 with negative gross margin http://t.co/OiRki233rq #premarket $ISR
30 Sep 14 06:02:59
IsoRay misses by $0.02, misses on revenue http://t.co/itYNXQA3Rs #premarket $ISR
30 Sep 14 05:56:19
$ISR IsoRay, Inc. Reports FY EPS of $(0.16), Down 45% YOY; Revenue of $4.22M, Down 7% YOY
BV Healthcare
30 Sep 14 05:45:15
$ISR IsoRay, Inc. Reports Fiscal Year 2014 Results.. http://t.co/PCJ6FKAmLR
30 Sep 14 05:35:27
ISORAY : Results of Operations and Financial Condition, Financial Statements and Exhibits (form 8-K) http://t.co/qlneNtIvBs $ISR
30 Sep 14 05:35:21
IsoRay : Reports Fiscal Year 2014 Results http://t.co/EPB91injNK $ISR
By  +Follow April 1, 2014 6:16AM



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