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Halozyme Shares Spike on Breast Cancer Drug Recommendation

By  +Follow June 28, 2013 12:21PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Shares of Halozyme (HALO) spiked in afternoon trading june 28 after its partner Roche Holding AG (RHHBY) received a positive recommendation from a European advisory committee on its injectable form of Herceptin, a breast cancer drug.

According to Halozyme CEO Gregory Frost, a Phase 3 study on Herceptin indicated that the drug “may help decrease the time patients spend receiving treatment at a hospital or physician’s practice, by reducing the administration time.” Halozyme produces an enzyme for Herceptin that now allows it to be injected subcutaneously.

A typical IV infusion of Herceptin takes 30-90 minutes, but Herceptin can now be administered in just two to five minutes via injection under the skin. Roche is currently seeking European approval for the injectable drug, so the recommendation is a very encouraging sign.

“Pending European approval, this subcutaneous formulation of Herceptin will provide a new route of administration that could potentially save time for both physicians and HER2-positive breast cancer patients in Europe,” Frost said. The breakthrough could be a complete game changer in the breast cancer drug space, as treatments are usually time consuming for both patients and doctors.

Halozyme shares spiked during trading hours on June 28 when the news was released. The stock reached a daily high of $8.20, a gain of around 30 percent since close on June 27.

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Results for HALO
Skeptical PhD
1 Nov 14 00:54:16
@fezziwig2008 $HALO "86%" BS is statistically impossible. Really don't want to play this game with me: http://t.co/HIvxCbSxHu
Skeptical PhD
1 Nov 14 00:51:45
@fezziwig2008 $HALO If youre going to fake a calc, at least use right test. It's a probability binomial distribution, not cond.prob.
Skeptical PhD
1 Nov 14 00:49:42
@fezziwig2008 $HALO Haha this is just a random link to a conditional probability calculator that you put text "Probability = 0.86" after.
31 Oct 14 21:59:13
HALO 9.62 Stock Charts $HALO Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ) Last Updated: 10/31/2014 23:59:13 HALO Stock http://t.co/5zRSxe4MJx
biotech 2050
31 Oct 14 21:38:10
RT @fezziwig2008: @FinansciCenk in studying hundreds of ph2 patients in 3 studies $HALO will get a sampling much closer to the hi 80% range…
31 Oct 14 20:03:43
Halozyme Therapeutics (HALO) 9.62 $HALO Momentum Indicators for Biotech Stocks -- Nanosphere, Isis Pharma, Hal http://t.co/O6x20caHts
31 Oct 14 19:41:32
HALO 9.62 Stock Charts $HALO Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ) Last Updated: 10/31/2014 21:41:32 HALO Stock http://t.co/lQ6LItjR6K
31 Oct 14 19:31:39
"Main goal of this analysis-to find the probability of event A, based on the known probabilities of other events.Probability = 0.86" $HALO
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 19:06:20
@fezziwig2008 @FinansciCenk $HALO This is also wrong, basic biostatistics problem. If the actual probability is 0.86, then prob of only 6
31 Oct 14 17:01:08
@FinansciCenk in studying hundreds of ph2 patients in 3 studies $HALO will get a sampling much closer to the hi 80% range in studies- Rx all
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:31:41
@fezziwig2008 $HALO Uh...yeah....that's how academic science works? 90% of oncology companies have NCI-CCC collaborators. Congratulations?
31 Oct 14 15:30:07
@SkepticalPhD I Love that Tuveson is taking part in MSKCC PegpH20 ph2 too!!! He's got a ton of funding behind him- nice assoc'n for $HALO !
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:29:12
@fezziwig2008 $HALO MSKCC, Stanford, Dana-Farber, MGH, Yale, etc. Almost every Phase I is at a "big name" place, why they're NCI-CCCs.
31 Oct 14 15:27:32
@SkepticalPhD and put his name on it! $HALO
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:26:18
@fezziwig2008 $HALO Nonsense point regardless, try counting the failed cancer trials that had established investigators running them.
31 Oct 14 15:25:57
@mmller113 @skeptical got "all comers" argument ass backwards- belies his use of any degree he may or may not have - see the Scarecrow $halo
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:24:57
@fezziwig2008 $HALO Haha that paper's not Tuveson's data, look for yourself in the author contributions, he supplied tissue and proofread.
31 Oct 14 15:20:47
@SkepticalPhD there's the short coming to the surface head if panc Ca @ Cold Spring Harbor lab on that paper shorty -also @ Lustgarten $HALO
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:20:45
@fezziwig2008 $HALO You are a bit strange, I said they're preclinical stuff was junk, didn't know trial data was junk until today.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:17:36
@fezziwig2008 $HALO Cancer Cell paper was decent, not relevant to the current trial though so not of interest.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:16:48
@fezziwig2008 Yup, $HALO produces a lot of crap science, its why they publish in journals like Hindawi with impact factor of 2.
31 Oct 14 15:16:35
@SkepticalPhD oh I was just proving you're a liar who said he had nothing against $halo before being "attacked" - pathological! From 1st twt
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 15:13:11
@fezziwig2008 $HALO Sure? Pointless accusation to make as I can't disprove it and you can't prove it. Nice attempt at changing subject.
31 Oct 14 15:10:27
Our Penny Stock Alerts Gained 250% In 2 days, So far! Big News: http://t.co/bMKiKj7wmb $HALO $HSTM $NTIC
31 Oct 14 15:09:31
Here @SkepticalPhD"own DD.Classic example is $HALO absurd comments about over expression of HA-synth enzymes in cancers mRNA data disagrees"
31 Oct 14 15:04:38
@SkepticalPhD BS - you showed up with an attack on $HALO science- you are transparently short
31 Oct 14 15:01:16
@SkepticalPhD your 22 Followers amazed that u don't do DD-87% gen pop r hi Hyal represented by n=6 in small $HALO 1b http://t.co/HeY7JgD3Cv
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:53:18
@radjedi2010 @fezziwig2008 @WilliamGerber1 @AniuStudent $HALO The PII doesn't enroll by "HA status" though, so n=24 is all that matters.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:51:54
@radjedi2010 @fezziwig2008 @WilliamGerber1 @AniuStudent $HALO Don't get me wrong none of this is neg/pos, Phase I isn't powered for stat
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:49:58
@WilliamGerber1 @fezziwig2008 @AniuStudent $HALO Like I said, unless I missed something? This is standard Gem response for Stage IV naive.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:44:35
@WilliamGerber1 @fezziwig2008 @AniuStudent Didn't care about $HALO as a Co before, but if whackjobs are going to harass me then I'll play
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:43:26
@WilliamGerber1 @fezziwig2008 @AniuStudent $HALO PR: http://t.co/02MhLDWlXe
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:42:29
@radjedi2010 @fezziwig2008 @WilliamGerber1 @AniuStudent $HALO They'd be excluded, ITT was actually made to deal with noncompliance data skew
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:40:07
@mmller113 $HALO Well n=6 is nested in n=24, so you're sadly ignoring the actual trial showing that a majority of pts have typical gem OS.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:30:17
@fezziwig2008 Unfortunately the "DD" is in companies PR. PLOS paper you posed had n=40, but $HALO trial n=24 is "too small" now? Haha yup.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:27:14
$HALO cult is amusing. Ignoring group OS because n=24 is too small, but touting OS in a group of n=6. Strong logic and statistics.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:24:34
@mmller113 It's called an exceptional responder, which is why skew is gone in n=24. Stick to your day job kid. $HALO
31 Oct 14 14:20:10
@SkepticalPhD "Doctor" if gen popln has 86% High Hyal & this small sample is Lower %age then All Comer MOS is skewed downward GEEZ $HALO
31 Oct 14 14:13:47
@SkepticalPhD AS 86% high - $HALO bound to succeed as 560d MOS documented @ Q2 13 earnings call & counting! Do some DD/ you ask like Student
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 14:03:17
@fezziwig2008 @WilliamGerber1 @aniustudent $HALO If 86% are high then co is screwed as ALL-COMER OS was only 200 days.
Skeptical PhD
31 Oct 14 13:54:58
@AniuStudent @fezziwig2008 @WilliamGerber1 Unless I missed something, $HALO OS was actually worse for 65% of pts HA-evaluable. 174vs201 days
Aniu Student
31 Oct 14 13:23:48
@SkepticalPhD @fezziwig2008 After stating some1 died n $HALO PEGtrials while paid2dump, now claims 2 know many P1s still alive while pumping
31 Oct 14 13:13:26
$JNJ Bid Size Click Here: http://t.co/5wGSNhEx7z Also See: $CLF $FCX $HALO $UUP ~
Thomas Collins
31 Oct 14 13:02:35
$HALO Momentum Indicators for Biotech Stocks -- Nanosphere, Isis Pharma, Halozyme ... http://t.co/hVE09S4avx
31 Oct 14 12:41:28
$HALO Documented Ph1b Data till Day 529 on Peg-Gem But Pts Lived Past ESMO(Next Best Folfirinox 333 D) Still Studying http://t.co/V1nRqoGg4S
Stock Relay
31 Oct 14 12:30:13
$JNUG Ask Click Here: http://t.co/CG6Jtrz2rI Also See: $HALO $YELP $AA $IWM ~
biotech 2050
31 Oct 14 12:30:05
RT @fezziwig2008: Health Systems in Scandanavia/UK Racing > 100% Conversion to SC version Herceptin then MabThera on labor/time saving $HAL…
IH News Desk
31 Oct 14 12:09:00
$INTC 52Wk Low Click Here: http://t.co/BzIZhnRQTb Also See: $SLB $TAN $HALO $INTC ~
31 Oct 14 12:03:43
Health Systems in Scandanavia/UK Racing > 100% Conversion to SC version Herceptin then MabThera on labor/time saving $HALO cut will fund Peg
nob vega
31 Oct 14 11:42:08
$HALO Long here. Swing trading $AEZS for Nov 4 announcement with earnings.
By  +Follow June 28, 2013 12:21PM



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