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Geron Corporation (GERN) Spikes on Upgrade

By  +Follow October 16, 2013 10:42AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Shares in biopharmaceutical company Geron Corporation (GERN) spiked Monday, jumping more than 35 percent on heavy volume in early trading. The primary reason for Geron’s move appears to be that banking firm MLV & Co. initiated coverage of the stock at Buy with a price target of $6.50, however the stock also appears to be benefiting from broad market optimism over what appears to be a debt deal in congress.

Analyst Recommendations Positive in Recent Months

News of Geron’s new buy rating from MLV & Co. comes on the heels of an upgrade from Thomas Reuters/Versus on Monday from Hold to Buy, and an upgrade from Piper Jaffray (PJC) from Neutral to Overweight on August 9 that set a price target of $4, a level it passed today.

Shares of Geron have been bouncing back since the company completed its divestment from a stem cell trial on October 1. The reason cited for end the trial, which halted in November of 2011, was a lack of available capital, despite widespread controversy over the stem cell issue. Geron helped fund the initial research that resulted in the initial extraction of embryonic stem cells at the University of Wisconsin in the late 1990s, giving them fundamental patent rights in the field. However, after a long battle with the FDA to get research approved in 2010, the company failed to find adequate backing for the research. The deal that closed at the start of the month with BioTime, Inc. (BTX) and Asterias Biotherapeutics (a BioTime subsidiary) completed Geron’s divestment from the research and includes 6.5 million shares of common stock from Asterias and royalties on the sale of any commercialized products for Geron.

Since reaching a 52-week low in mid-April, the stock’s shot up, with the value of shares more than quadrupling over that period.

New Call Options Show Positive Outlook for Traders

Analysts aren’t the only one buying this surge from Geron. Options traders were buying up call options on Geron, with over 20,000 sold on Wednesday. Given that typical volume on such options for Geron is about 2,400, that represents a jump in volume of over 750 percent.

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Results for GERN
27 Aug 14 00:01:50
“@StockCats: $GERN long signal http://t.co/jHQiqKNoab” RT->A fav takeout a target. Long for years & will continue.
Kevin Kennedy
26 Aug 14 20:22:43
RT @StockCats: $GERN long signal http://t.co/0ZXcqpxU8n
Business News Now
26 Aug 14 20:21:25
$GERN: Geron Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results http://t.co/zlGeaUCEIw http://t.co/7i3lmFb7Gv
Market Masta
26 Aug 14 20:05:03
RT @StockCats: $GERN long signal http://t.co/0ZXcqpxU8n
26 Aug 14 19:46:12
“@StockCats: $GERN long signal http://t.co/hOlErPUKDT” like this one a lot with 2.20 area support as risk/stop
Scott Thomas
26 Aug 14 19:45:36
RT @StockCats: $GERN long signal http://t.co/0ZXcqpxU8n
S Manian
26 Aug 14 19:28:55
“@StockCats: $GERN long signal http://t.co/HyzoX6th5j” // 3's #jamot IMO
S Manian
26 Aug 14 19:26:48
RT @MarketMasta: $GERN volume
26 Aug 14 19:25:45
$GERN long signal http://t.co/0ZXcqpxU8n
26 Aug 14 17:18:45
@MarketMasta next time! ps good entry on $GERN, good r:r there
Market Masta
26 Aug 14 10:57:03
going to be aggressive here and grab some $GERN @ 2.32
US Banking News
26 Aug 14 10:29:05
Geron’s Neutral Rating Reaffirmed at Zacks $GERN http://t.co/0bC7L6yDoZ
Business Headlines
26 Aug 14 10:21:28
$GERN: Geron Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results http://t.co/RQjyf8BYjA http://t.co/z86uYlDsDH
26 Aug 14 10:06:42
Zacks Reiterates “Neutral” Rating for Geron $GERN http://t.co/mMFWYaAyTs
Analyst Ratings
26 Aug 14 10:05:22
Geron's neutral rating reiterated at Zacks. $2.50 PT. http://t.co/xCu9LrP4Iy $GERN #GERN
US Consumer News
26 Aug 14 10:05:09
Geron's neutral rating reiterated at Zacks. $2.50 PT. http://t.co/gxd8mkzLXG $GERN #GERN
Ticker Report
26 Aug 14 09:59:18
Geron’s Neutral Rating Reiterated at Zacks $GERN http://t.co/G8oGsRmkhN
Market Masta
26 Aug 14 07:01:07
$GERN volume
Market Masta
26 Aug 14 05:53:11
Watchlist Tuesday 8/26: $ASTC $MXWL $WRES $GERN $JNUG
Market Masta
25 Aug 14 15:44:30
RT @Marc_Hav: Updated charts: $HOV $ARWR $AXP $BAC $BBRY $CHK $CLVS $CNP $CNQ $GERN $GPOR $KKD $KERX $L $CRNT http://t.co/zOR1VaGf15
Steph Seguin
25 Aug 14 15:30:46
RT @Marc_Hav: Geron Corporation $GERN (Updated 25AUG2014) http://t.co/GMQGf18apE
Steph Seguin
25 Aug 14 15:29:56
RT @Marc_Hav: Updated charts: $HOV $ARWR $AXP $BAC $BBRY $CHK $CLVS $CNP $CNQ $GERN $GPOR $KKD $KERX $L $CRNT http://t.co/zOR1VaGf15
Market Updater
25 Aug 14 15:21:26
$GERN: Geron (GERN) Falls: Stock Goes Down 5.4% http://t.co/x7hi0ltmy6 http://t.co/RzJK3o932D
Marc Hav
25 Aug 14 15:02:09
Updated charts: $HOV $ARWR $AXP $BAC $BBRY $CHK $CLVS $CNP $CNQ $GERN $GPOR $KKD $KERX $L $CRNT http://t.co/zOR1VaGf15
Marc Hav FX
25 Aug 14 14:34:25
Geron Corporation $GERN (Updated 25AUG2014) http://t.co/z0dId972uT
Marc Hav
25 Aug 14 14:34:24
Geron Corporation $GERN (Updated 25AUG2014) http://t.co/GMQGf18apE
25 Aug 14 13:28:40
@WhiteCoatMafia jmo, but I think $asty moves more than $GERN short term
Daily Contracts
25 Aug 14 12:34:02
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Geron Corp $GERN http://t.co/wTQOzGKSiE
Financial Headlines
25 Aug 14 09:21:25
$GERN: Q2 2014 Geron Earnings Release - After Market Close http://t.co/brOHt4u3Qu http://t.co/Vt6zNaSOit
Wall Street News
25 Aug 14 08:21:28
$GERN: Geron (GERN) Falls: Stock Goes Down 5.4% http://t.co/xil2ACDKxQ http://t.co/Yr2HPcNFqW
Adam Cole
25 Aug 14 07:58:40
All out $ASTY @ avg $2.48 (+$3,227). Bonus shares from holding $GERN. I'm just not convinced it will go very far any time soon.
25 Aug 14 06:55:09
Check out $GERN http://t.co/IAQsEOehht
24 Aug 14 19:30:25
http://t.co/hjgLwIcNgz DennyT: AMLP Company Profile $AMLP $GERN $EXAS $DRYS: DennyT http://t.co/qs4dFfz6x5 http://t.co/hjgLwIcNgz
Alpha Maven Alerts
24 Aug 14 11:03:26
$GERN, Negative, Yesterday, SD -2.24, #NASDAQ #HealthCare
24 Aug 14 09:49:42
http://t.co/l4qmOlz0qf DennyT: The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger: INCC Press Releases $INCC $AMLP $GERN $SH $DBA http://t.co/j3IZvjW1uE
Market Monitor
24 Aug 14 09:21:23
$GERN: GERON CORP Files SEC form 10-Q, Quarterly Report http://t.co/Apb2m38SvH http://t.co/VoaPMtGB8t
Investors Hangout
24 Aug 14 09:10:30
lookn4wins: $GERN 200 Simple Moving Average $GERN Most recent http://t.co/7sq3OOWO9J
Investors Hangout
24 Aug 14 09:10:09
lookn4wins: $GERN 200 Simple Moving Average $GERN Most recent http://t.co/UKui2qXtK3
24 Aug 14 09:04:39
http://t.co/l4qmOlz0qf lookn4wins: ZIP CASH TRAIN: $GERN 200 Simple Moving Average $GERN Most recent http://t.co/MMyDE7JPPg
24 Aug 14 09:03:31
$VLO Is this one to watch? $RAD $DKAM $ERX $TRN $GERN http://t.co/Pu8brmPggj
Investors Hangout
24 Aug 14 08:43:37
DennyT: FEYE Insider Roster $FEYE $TVIX $XLE $ANET $GERN http://t.co/FACvQAwWE8
Investors Hangout
24 Aug 14 08:43:37
DennyT: FEYE Insider Roster $FEYE $TVIX $XLE $ANET $GERN http://t.co/yptY2dhKxY
Investors Hangout
24 Aug 14 08:43:36
DennyT: AMLP Company Profile $AMLP $GERN $EXAS $DRYS http://t.co/SqDVvwK2Bd
Investors Hangout
24 Aug 14 08:43:35
DennyT: AMLP Company Profile $AMLP $GERN $EXAS $DRYS http://t.co/T5hLsT4RC0
24 Aug 14 08:43:28
$GERN 200 Simple Moving Average $GERN Most recent stock chart and technical analysis. $ABBV $X $GOOG $USO $BK http://t.co/0h3ZoS3H0L
24 Aug 14 08:43:06
http://t.co/Vv1sYDyeQn DennyT: The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger: FEYE Insider Roster $FEYE $TVIX $XLE $ANET $GERN http://t.co/aUQjEa8Lxs
24 Aug 14 08:32:25
RT @WhiteCoatMafia: After a long week trading $DRL ... " $GERN $GRPN $NEWL $RTRX $ZGNX $AAPL " http://t.co/Fz6AKIqMaG
Adam Cole
24 Aug 14 08:28:27
After a long week trading $DRL ... " $GERN $GRPN $NEWL $RTRX $ZGNX $AAPL " http://t.co/Fz6AKIqMaG
Bulls vs Bears
24 Aug 14 08:21:25
$GERN: Today's Stocks: Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN), SunEdison (NYSE:SUNE ... http://t.co/7LJRfEkTBa http://t.co/yRsHpbW2CD
24 Aug 14 07:54:21
$EWY Parabolic SAR $EWY Most recent stock chart and technical analysis. $DHI $GERN $ABBV $UGAZ $VTI $AAP http: http://t.co/NH1GlkNcaA
By  +Follow October 16, 2013 10:42AM



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