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Buyout Speculation Boosts This Biotechnology Stock

By  +Follow June 11, 2014 8:05AM
Tickers Mentioned:

While equity markets edged lower Tuesday, one small cap stock in the biotechnology sector surged, extending its gains from previous trading sessions. Shares of Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACHN) , a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of treatment for infectious diseases, have surged in early trading on Tuesday on ongoing buyout speculation.

Stock Continues to Gain Momentum

After surging more than 47% in Monday’s trading session, shares of Achillion Pharmaceuticals gained another 83% on Tuesday to close at $7.79. The trading volume of 27.15 million is more than 10 times the daily average volume of 2.66 million. With the entire trading day still left, Achillion shares could see a significant spike in volume.

Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares have now gained more than 170% in the last three trading sessions. Despite the surge, the stock is still trading below its 52-week high of $8.49. However, the surge has pushed the small cap stock above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. The stock’s MACD has also crossed the signal line and the zero-line, which is a strong bullish signal.

Buyout Rumors Spark Rally

The rally in Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares has been sparked by rumors of a takeover. The takeover speculation began after Merck (MRK) announced the acquisition of the company’s rival Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IDIX) .

Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares have got a further boost following news that the U.S. FDA has allowed the company to conduct trials in patients with hepatitis C.

Milind Deshpande, Ph.D., President and CEO of Achillion Pharmaceuticals, noted that the company remains focused on developing regimens using ACH-3422 and ACH-3102, its second-generation Phase 2 NS5A inhibitor. Deshpande added that the second half of 2014 will feature multiple milestones in that program. 


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Results for ACHN
19 Dec 14 00:08:34
$ECIG 400% upside buyout target of $0.50. $200M revenue expected in 2015 $ABC $ACHN $MPW traders read: http://t.co/xi3978GuDs
18 Dec 14 22:34:32
$juno tomorrow, $achn with any luck, and quad witching. I know what I'm doing...
cris mih
18 Dec 14 21:29:57
RT @adamfeuerstein: Tomorrow… big day? $ABBV $ENTA HepC drug approval decision. $OREX CHMP decision. And maybe even $ACHN data. Oh, and $JU…
18 Dec 14 21:23:51
@redacre @ethan780 $orex has CHMP decision. $achn nuc data. TA for either is worthless at this time. Strange, article didn't mention that?
18 Dec 14 21:17:41
RT @adamfeuerstein: Tomorrow… big day? $ABBV $ENTA HepC drug approval decision. $OREX CHMP decision. And maybe even $ACHN data. Oh, and $JU…
Scott Spencer
18 Dec 14 21:17:40
RT @adamfeuerstein: Tomorrow… big day? $ABBV $ENTA HepC drug approval decision. $OREX CHMP decision. And maybe even $ACHN data. Oh, and $JU…
Dr. Paul DeSantis
18 Dec 14 21:14:29
RT @adamfeuerstein: Tomorrow… big day? $ABBV $ENTA HepC drug approval decision. $OREX CHMP decision. And maybe even $ACHN data. Oh, and $JU…
Red Acre Investments
18 Dec 14 20:54:43
@Drchik23 @ethan780 Lol TA on $ACHN w/o fundamentals is just stupid at this point.
18 Dec 14 20:50:51
RT @Drchik23: For the TA lovers on my stream: http://t.co/4mxsuHDlGz $achn $orex $cldx $rdus 1st two have imminent data/decision as soon…
18 Dec 14 20:31:21
For the TA lovers on my stream: http://t.co/4mxsuHDlGz $achn $orex $cldx $rdus 1st two have imminent data/decision as soon as tomorrow.
Ryan Mallory
18 Dec 14 20:30:13
Swing Trading Watch-List: $YHOO $FB $XLNX $ACHN $NYCB http://t.co/vv2Mjhtc5N
Victor Riesco
18 Dec 14 18:45:00
To trade if mkt keeps behaving well: $HAWK $UTHR $UA $ACHN $CRI $COV $VNDA $ZLTQ
18 Dec 14 18:22:50
ACHN +2.43% Stock Charts $ACHN Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ) Last Updated: 12/18/2014 20:22:52 ACHN http://t.co/ci7PohvSNi
Don Looney
18 Dec 14 17:53:48
Ok. Old mans tired. Yall have a good night. If $ACHN continues its uptrend...all in tomorrow.🙏
Don Looney
18 Dec 14 17:42:29
Doing my thing...researching $ACHN, recent history too. May bet the farm on this one. #getting mygamefaceon
Nick Barnett
18 Dec 14 17:21:51
$ACHN triple topped today....looks weak here... http://t.co/apEJ1XShBC
18 Dec 14 16:50:04
Added some $ACHN weekly puts this Monday - expire tomorrow worthless. Get the data out $ACHN!!
Ophir Gottlieb
18 Dec 14 14:57:47
Unusual Biotech Option Volume (pic) $IMGN $OREX $ONVO $VVUS $ACHN - order flow from--> http://t.co/u4N6fcKpqK http://t.co/WjSZ2xsxds
18 Dec 14 14:32:57
Very good @Sqwii. I'm long $ACHN Jan Calls & it made me a ton of money today. $IBB $CELG $GILD $INCY $FOLD all good! Find trades in #BIOTECH
18 Dec 14 14:25:15
@adamfeuerstein Anything on $ACHN?
18 Dec 14 13:54:02
I see some data on $ACHN out soon , chart says it might be good here break above 15 sends it to 20
18 Dec 14 13:50:04
hope to get over these this weekend $achn $enta $cnat $imgn $cytr.
18 Dec 14 13:20:18
Keep eye on $ACHN above 15 can see 20
18 Dec 14 13:19:00
http://t.co/NYsxQOU64w jim50: $ACHN Stock Date=Dec-18-2014 Open=14.81: jim50 http://t.co/DbYKgeRDEX http://t.co/NYsxQOU64w
18 Dec 14 13:18:59
http://t.co/QkCFZ8YF3c jim50: $ACHN Stock Date=Dec-18-2014 Open=14.81: jim50 http://t.co/c1KE6NRRNJ http://t.co/QkCFZ8YF3c
Fabrice Bosom
18 Dec 14 13:13:58
Got in some gamble $achn calls for the trill... bring on the logs !
└K♕Lanon Johnson™☛ ✡
18 Dec 14 12:58:06
#Hold $LLLI $VSYM $UVXY $FB $ACHN ; tomorrow morning will be nice before Christmas weekend. Don't follow the sell off.
18 Dec 14 12:52:27
@Sport234a: Tom can be most exciting bio day of the year $juno maybe fda $abbv and $achn data
18 Dec 14 12:30:19
$ACHN December call option implied volatility is at 205, December weekly at 290, January is at 263 -- HOT HOT HOT
18 Dec 14 12:24:15
RT @immifin: Current conviction pick of the month: sell $GILD puts to fund $ACHN calls. You've been warned!
Stocks Pastor
18 Dec 14 12:24:04
Great moves on $BCRX, $IMGN and $ACHN for my subscribers since Sunday. You are missing out big. Sign up. No guess with our trading
18 Dec 14 12:23:48
$GILD $ACHN getcho' popcorn ready! @terrellowens @ochocinco
18 Dec 14 12:23:06
$GILD forward P/E ~10 vs. 20 for S&P500 (according to @zerohedge) $ACHN's drug, GILD's biggest threat, Phase I trials due before year end.
18 Dec 14 12:21:26
$ACHN nice chart for a break above 15
18 Dec 14 12:03:47
$CYTR regained composure at $2.59, get in for last hour play.$IBIO $GILD $OPK $NVGN $HLF $NPSP $INO $OREX $MNKD $RXII $ACHN $CLDX $ARIA
18 Dec 14 11:58:57
Current conviction pick of the month: sell $GILD puts to fund $ACHN calls. You've been warned!
Bo Czernyk
18 Dec 14 11:53:33
@Drchik23 an interesting basket of $$. Payday coming for patient investor! $ABBV $ENTA $ACHN.
18 Dec 14 11:47:45
@MDsearchlight $44.65 $enta All is right again in the world...for now. Tomorrow is a big day. $abbv $juno $achn cbst $enta etc.
18 Dec 14 11:10:04
@stanleydandrea so true $ACHN also
Stan D'Andrea, Ph.D.
18 Dec 14 11:08:22
@BioRunUp Same with $ACHN chart, with binary any day now
18 Dec 14 11:03:32
$ACHN $CLDX $OREX $DATA $RDUS $TASR Six Biotech and Technology Stocks With Strong Technical Set-Ups http://t.co/MS0SB0a3TX via @TheStreet
18 Dec 14 11:01:14
$CYTR $AGEN big winners, more breaking out left to do.$IBIO $GILD $OPK $NVGN $HLF $NPSP $INO $OREX $MNKD $RXII $ACHN $CLDX $ARIA $CERS $GERN
18 Dec 14 10:57:23
Our Premium Members get real time trade alerts from 6 expert traders. http://t.co/30Wzoc9t1Q $MJNA $PLUG $AVNR $ACHN $MYEC
18 Dec 14 10:44:44
$ACHN It would really suck that after waiting so long for the 3422 data, that the data would be negative! We need a nice Christmas gift!
Extreme Stocks
18 Dec 14 10:39:13
jim50: $ACHN Stock Date=Dec-18-2014 Open=14.81 http://t.co/AFMBlwFVld
Investors Hangout
18 Dec 14 10:37:38
chartguy89: NEM Stock Chart $NEM $ACHN $CHK $INFN http://t.co/SUJodswfd0
Investors Hangout
18 Dec 14 10:37:38
chartguy89: NEM Stock Chart $NEM $ACHN $CHK $INFN http://t.co/XnaiB0dI39
Investors Hangout
18 Dec 14 10:31:36
jim50: $ACHN Stock Date=Dec-18-2014 Open=14.81 http://t.co/QQIvXC5pwB
Investors Hangout
18 Dec 14 10:31:13
jim50: $ACHN Stock Date=Dec-18-2014 Open=14.81 http://t.co/yDwht4ukUg
18 Dec 14 10:26:22
$ACHN Stock Date=Dec-18-2014 Open=14.81 High=14.95 Low=14.28 Close=14.53 Volume=2076781 http://t.co/vYQX4HvEHR
By  +Follow June 11, 2014 8:05AM



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