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Buyout Speculation Boosts This Biotechnology Stock

By  +Follow June 11, 2014 8:05AM
Tickers Mentioned:

While equity markets edged lower Tuesday, one small cap stock in the biotechnology sector surged, extending its gains from previous trading sessions. Shares of Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACHN) , a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of treatment for infectious diseases, have surged in early trading on Tuesday on ongoing buyout speculation.

Stock Continues to Gain Momentum

After surging more than 47% in Monday’s trading session, shares of Achillion Pharmaceuticals gained another 83% on Tuesday to close at $7.79. The trading volume of 27.15 million is more than 10 times the daily average volume of 2.66 million. With the entire trading day still left, Achillion shares could see a significant spike in volume.

Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares have now gained more than 170% in the last three trading sessions. Despite the surge, the stock is still trading below its 52-week high of $8.49. However, the surge has pushed the small cap stock above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. The stock’s MACD has also crossed the signal line and the zero-line, which is a strong bullish signal.

Buyout Rumors Spark Rally

The rally in Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares has been sparked by rumors of a takeover. The takeover speculation began after Merck (MRK) announced the acquisition of the company’s rival Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IDIX) .

Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares have got a further boost following news that the U.S. FDA has allowed the company to conduct trials in patients with hepatitis C.

Milind Deshpande, Ph.D., President and CEO of Achillion Pharmaceuticals, noted that the company remains focused on developing regimens using ACH-3422 and ACH-3102, its second-generation Phase 2 NS5A inhibitor. Deshpande added that the second half of 2014 will feature multiple milestones in that program. 


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Results for ACHN
Ryan LaRue
30 Aug 14 17:21:03
$ACHN going through some charts. Creating a nice bull flag. Could break $12 very soon. 4 days of consolidation...
Allen Brzozowski
30 Aug 14 15:03:58
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Maxwell Bustos
30 Aug 14 12:22:03
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Financial Headlines
30 Aug 14 12:02:01
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Kiesha Lee
30 Aug 14 11:56:32
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Kiesha Lee
30 Aug 14 11:06:30
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30 Aug 14 10:11:21
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Edward Robinson
30 Aug 14 08:54:10
RT @1nvestor: Newly added (personal) this week that survived to the weekend: $QIHU $ACHN $PBR $WDAY $SAFM $ARUN $TIF $SIG $AVGO $LEJU $DRL
Derald Muniz
30 Aug 14 08:53:13
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Bret Jensen
30 Aug 14 08:33:31
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Biz News Pioneer
30 Aug 14 06:02:04
$ACHN: Achillion Pharmaceuticals http://t.co/V8DbYlmN9z http://t.co/8rBtPXVODD
Coffee Club
30 Aug 14 05:55:05
RA Cap brought $ACHN around $2.90. They made over 350%
30 Aug 14 05:24:02
Investing News Weekly Review (8/25 – 8/29) $GRUB $BKW $THI $BRK.A $ACHN $SDRL $TIF $FOLD $SPLK $TSLA #TSLA #FOLD http://t.co/i3Fhyr7rSX
30 Aug 14 03:04:14
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Fulvio Butera
30 Aug 14 00:44:34
@BiotechMoney18 $atrs long term $achn short term
Investors Hangout
29 Aug 14 20:25:58
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Market Compass
29 Aug 14 20:02:01
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29 Aug 14 19:02:03
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29 Aug 14 17:43:15
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Adam Gefvert, CFA
29 Aug 14 17:34:28
RA Capital has sold 6.5 million shares of $ACHN this month, or about 30% of their holdings since June 30th.
Eddy Alonso
29 Aug 14 17:09:49
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29 Aug 14 17:02:05
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Fahd El
29 Aug 14 15:44:34
$ACHN and $MBLY thanks for the drinks!!! http://t.co/jhNMpm5glB
Stock Signaling
29 Aug 14 15:31:28
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29 Aug 14 15:30:48
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Harry Walkman
29 Aug 14 15:30:29
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29 Aug 14 14:09:19
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29 Aug 14 14:02:15
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29 Aug 14 13:02:09
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Brian K Hall
29 Aug 14 12:51:00
$ACHN Moving up quick into the close.Something up?
29 Aug 14 12:45:15
$ACHN $EXEL $EXPR $LEJU $OREX $RPRX $SRPT $TKMR $TUBE autocharts @ http://t.co/hj7PGeTQk3
29 Aug 14 12:19:22
Commented on StockTwits: As I have stated few times, IF there's buyer for $ACHN, less likely it will be $GILD. http://t.co/NOlxvMeZu2
29 Aug 14 12:15:05
Commented on StockTwits: Yes. But $ACHN's will be years before it gets to market. http://t.co/I48Rcakjzp
29 Aug 14 12:13:38
Commented on StockTwits: If $GILD buys $ACHN, there will be litigation. http://t.co/XRLWXsWuIt
By  +Follow June 11, 2014 8:05AM



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