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Goldman Sachs Trading Glitch Could Prove Costly

  +Follow August 22, 2013 9:05AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Goldman Sachs experienced a trading glitch on Aug. 21, which could be cost the firm upwards of $100 million. The glitch caused a large amount of erroneous single-stock and ETF option trades, which the exchanges are attempting to resolve.

It is unclear exactly how many trades have been affected or how much the losses were.

"The exchanges are working to resolve the issue," said Goldman spokesman David Wells. "Neither the risk nor the potential loss is material to the financial condition of the firm."

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS) has become the latest victim of a trading glitch, which draws attention to the reliability of the electronic trading system. Although, most of the faulty trades will be cancelled this does not guarantee that the firm will not suffer any losses.

Last year, Knight Capital was pushed to the brink of bankruptcy after the firm experience a $450 million trading loss after a trading glitch. A group of Wall Street firms had to bail out the company.

The error was caused by Goldman’s internal computer system mistakenly sent price orders at the incorrect price. One key stroke error can prove to be costly, in this case up to millions of dollars.

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19 Apr 14 21:30:16
it will either rebound and participate(if trend will not bend)in a rally or it will just get ugly and my OTM calls will expire worthless $gs
19 Apr 14 21:28:22
monday morning $gs dip=thanks. if i will get filled on may 30 160 call at 2.40 or so, i will be happy. r/r decent
19 Apr 14 21:22:56
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19 Apr 14 20:22:10
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Charles Maddox
19 Apr 14 20:09:18
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Stephen Mwangi
19 Apr 14 19:36:28
@_gvb10 @michiebaby9 yes, so get to work! I've been reading a book on the history of $GS up to 2011, you should read it too!
Who wants to know?
19 Apr 14 19:23:33
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19 Apr 14 17:54:14
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19 Apr 14 13:20:28
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Joshua Henry
19 Apr 14 12:29:50
Of the banks $GS is best positioned for stronger economy due to its operational leverage and retained institutional client svcs capabilities
Finance Wire
19 Apr 14 11:41:20
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19 Apr 14 11:23:04
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Bettie Pagan
19 Apr 14 11:06:59
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Kym L
19 Apr 14 10:34:20
or, put another way, that candle on $GS should be concerning
19 Apr 14 10:03:19
RT @theflynews: $GS Goldman Sachs CFO says no plans to adjust size of balance sheet: Full Story http://t.co/pFoPIgg5iX
19 Apr 14 09:16:57
RT @jsadinolfi: $GS says its focus is moving from HFT to making sure market infrastructure catches up w/ speedy trading http://t.co/yQfEwAF…
Steve Burns
19 Apr 14 09:01:42
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19 Apr 14 07:53:18
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Market News
19 Apr 14 07:37:55
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19 Apr 14 06:18:20
@HedgeHouseKwt @MRVAssociates Cause, while $JPM will lead them to cliff and push 'em over, you know $JPM and $GS aren't jumping.
H. J.
19 Apr 14 06:08:59
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19 Apr 14 05:56:01
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kiritsis  george
19 Apr 14 00:55:53
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  +Follow August 22, 2013 9:05AM



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