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Central Pacific Financial Notches Gain on $125 Million Share Buyback

  +Follow February 21, 2014 8:54AM
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The Honolulu-based bank Central Pacific Financial (CPF) ended the week with a solid gain after announcing a major share buyback program designed to increase shareholder value. The company’s stock had had a rough month leading up to the announcement, making the buyback that much moiré welcome.

The shares will be repurchased in a rolling Dutch auction. CPF President explained that this method, which values shares between $18 and $21, offers “an efficient way to sell all or some of their shares without the potential disruption in share price from market sales."

A rolling Dutch auction will allow shareholders some flexibility in selling. The method allows shareholders to indicate how many shares and at what price, or prices, they wish to tender their shares of the company.

Investors in Central Pacific have been on quite a ride over the last several years. While most all financial institutions were hit hard during the global recession, Central Pacific’s woes were especially pronounced. The company’s shares topped $787 apiece at the beginning of 2007 before tanking spectacularly.

The government was forced to bail out Central Pacific in January 2009 to keep them from going insolvent. After Central Pacific briefly recovery following the bailout, shares once again tumbled, and have since languished in the $10 to $20 range.

In 2012 it was announced that the US Treasury had provided $135 million in TARP funds, and was only able to recover $74 million, thus posting a $61 million in losses. Since then, Central Pacific has made strides to once again become profitable and return value to stockholders.

The buyback includes $68.8 million worth of shares from private investors, and $52.2 million from its two largest shareholders, Carlyle Financial Services Harbor L.P. and ACMO-CPF, LLC.

Central Pacific operates 35 branches throuhgout Hawaii. On Feb.  21 shares of Central Pacific climbed 6.29 percent to hit $19.76 a share.

operates 35 branches and 112 ATMs in the state of Hawaii, - See more at: http://www.noodls.com/view/26AA417C20872662BF2481AEAFAF0B5D5211F5D9#sthash.Zu65J9cP.dpufOn Feb. 21 shares of Central Pacific climbed 6.29 percent to hit $19.76 a share.

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Central Pacific Financial Corp. $CPF Issues Earnings Results http://t.co/mGvoLlY14E
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Central Pacific Financial Corp. $CPF Announces Quarterly Dividend of $0.12 http://t.co/R65Gp4FnrW
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$CPF Ex-Div Date Click Here: http://t.co/6RR1ynHkF4 Also See: $NS $STRM $EJ $STE ~
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Central Pacific Financial Corp. Plans Quarterly Dividend of $0.12 $CPF http://t.co/8WDCkYOUyx
Ticker Report
23 Apr 15 14:56:05
Central Pacific Financial Corp. Plans Quarterly Dividend of $0.12 $CPF http://t.co/1LSNwaM58j
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23 Apr 15 14:04:25
$CPF: New SEC Filing for CPF: Form 8-K (No. 0001104659-15-029758): http://t.co/QjxUgQUYbu
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23 Apr 15 14:04:19
NEW SEC Filing for $CPF filed a moment ago: http://t.co/BIHIpsPsZh http://t.co/vuToyOzvMb
23 Apr 15 12:48:42
@TrembFredrick $CPF just reported earnings for Q1 2015 – http://t.co/HqWk0T8BBE
23 Apr 15 10:28:50
Buyback continues as profits rise at CPB. By Dave Segal (@StarAdvertiser sub.req) http://t.co/cKMdzxUFdC $CPF
Erika Engle
23 Apr 15 10:28:50
Buyback continues as profits rise at CPB. By Dave Segal (@StarAdvertiser sub.req) http://t.co/HZwA6szPTO $CPF
Breaking News Now
23 Apr 15 10:12:04
$CPF: Central Pacific Financial Corp. (CPF) Issues Earnings Results: http://t.co/KKMTija2gd
23 Apr 15 10:07:45
Central Pacific Financial Corp. $CPF Issues Earnings Results http://t.co/ex7Nc8RrWw
23 Apr 15 09:20:40
$CPF Earnings result is already out. Check out historical price reaction after ER. http://t.co/zAsedRNCrY
23 Apr 15 05:46:24
Central Pacific Financial beats by $0.02 $CPF #NYSE #DOW http://t.co/QIavySOJdF
US Banking News
23 Apr 15 05:33:29
Central Pacific Financial Corp. announces quarterly dividend of $0.12. Payable on 6/15/2015. 2.04% Yield. http://t.co/LuRtZYFivS $CPF #CPF
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23 Apr 15 05:06:21
$CPF Central Pacific Financial Corp. Reports $10.4 Million First Quarter Earnings http://t.co/IDFjqPjQ1A
23 Apr 15 02:10:51
$CPF Earnings out BMO EPS Estimate 0.27
23 Apr 15 02:08:55
$CPF Earnings out BMO EPS Estimate 0.27 Other Earnings this week http://t.co/gVRsyZd0te
22 Apr 15 08:03:16
$CPF Central Pacific Financial Corp. Event Reminder: Annual Shareholder Meeting From our Stock News Alerts App
22 Apr 15 06:57:08
$CPF: Central Pacific Financial Corp. (CPF) Scheduled to Post Quarterly ...: http://t.co/JxKvgYdfNX
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