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Bank of Ireland (IRE) Continues Tear, Topping Three-Year High

  +Follow January 13, 2014 10:45AM
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Coming off a robust 2013 that saw them become the biggest large-cap Financial gainer of 2013, The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (IRE) notched a nearly five percent gain on Jan 13, continuing a rapid march upwards that began last summer. In the last six months, Ireland’s largest bank has nearly doubled in value.

The Bank of Ireland was nearly obliterated in the 2008 crash, with shares losing almost 99 percent of their value in less than two years. A government bailout saved the company from insolvency, but shares had languished until mid-2013.

Since that time, analysts have been effusive in their praise of the bank. Eamonn Hughes of Goodbody noted Bank of Ireland is profitable for the first time since the collapse, and sporting a high asset quality while selling of an oversubscribed 10-year-bond. Comments like Hughes' stands in stark contrast to analyst consensus in 2012, when both Citi (C) and Deutsche Bank (DB) hit the Bank of Ireland with a "sell" rating.

This is an about turn for a financial institution that saw astounding returns for over a decade before collapsing. Bank of Ireland first began sporting massive returns during Ireland’s “Celtic Tiger” economic turnaround, and doubled every four years during the global boom of the early 2000s, nearly touching $900 a share in Feb. 2007. By Mar 2009 those shares were worth around $12 apiece.

A reverse split in 2011 did little to spur the company, but the final shedding of toxic assets, coupled with a general recovery of the global economy, has energized the financial play. Bank of Ireland was not only the best-performing large Financial play of 2013, but so far is the biggest gainer in 2014 as well.

On Jan 13 Bank of Ireland rose 4.62 percent by midday trading to hit $18.11 a share. Shares are up 99.5 percent from six months ago.

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1 Feb 15 00:26:09
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31 Jan 15 12:01:01
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30 Jan 15 19:32:27
Addeed to $CBI today and said goodbye to long time holding $IRE after 2.5 bagger and $TARO after 3 bagger
Jeremy Hayes
30 Jan 15 09:10:44
Bank of Ireland Coverage Initiated at BNP Paribas $IRE http://t.co/uZNG313GWy via @RatingsNetwork
30 Jan 15 07:32:57
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Tom Loffman
29 Jan 15 15:19:40
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$IRE: Bank Of Ireland To De-list From NYSE In February 2015: http://t.co/s93fTXRaUW
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29 Jan 15 09:42:09
BNP Paribas Initiates Coverage on Bank of Ireland $IRE http://t.co/IReHnUgb8D
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29 Jan 15 08:27:01
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29 Jan 15 07:20:11
Daily Reversal (10:20): $IRE Last: 12.46; pHigh: 12.46; rVol: 3.598; pClose: 11.52; LOD: 12.2800; Perf: 8.2%
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28 Jan 15 10:44:26
$IRE 11.60 new low
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28 Jan 15 07:28:40
Bank of Ireland Coverage Initiated at BNP Paribas $IRE http://t.co/1UA2KD3Tzd
28 Jan 15 07:01:00
@RetroWallSt $IRE ADR will delist which sucks so only play will be bkir
28 Jan 15 06:59:46
RT @RetroWallSt: @BillyTsi $IRE (or $BKIR) is one of my favs. My pops worked with them for many years so a bit bias. We get back near $10 a…
Timothy Collins
28 Jan 15 06:57:51
@BillyTsi $IRE (or $BKIR) is one of my favs. My pops worked with them for many years so a bit bias. We get back near $10 and I'm a buyer
Sleek Money
28 Jan 15 05:50:29
Bank of Ireland Research Coverage Started at BNP Paribas $IRE http://t.co/jZDLBy5vQn
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28 Jan 15 05:47:41
Bank of Ireland (ADR) initiated by BNP Paribas at outperform. http://t.co/en9efCVoSq $IRE #IRE
28 Jan 15 05:47:04
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28 Jan 15 05:45:53
Bank of Ireland (ADR) initiated by BNP Paribas at outperform. http://t.co/kiRzGKAJ2K $IRE #IRE
Paper Clique Music
28 Jan 15 05:45:49
RT @Hip_Hop_Log: Check out @YoungMusicGod New Video [ J.Kord - I Got B*tches (Featuring: $ire & Ruben) ] http://t.co/YgM2gQYRSW
Jhober Cervera
28 Jan 15 05:44:31
J.Kord - I Got B-tches Ft. Ruben & $ire
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28 Jan 15 02:07:06
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Ashley Jessen
27 Jan 15 21:04:05
@Peak_Growth That was a great fightback today. I've been checking out $IRE $SGH $TGA and $PDN. Missed $BXB but great trade.
27 Jan 15 20:30:20
Price Declines: $RKT $PLT $RCI $TGI $HF $RUBI $PLCE $OMG $IRE $SBNY $COL $CMC $EGHT $BGG $APU http://t.co/Vv2VEnpBuv #trader #daytrading
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27 Jan 15 11:44:24
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  +Follow January 13, 2014 10:45AM



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