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Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) Pops on Buy Rating, Bullish Shale Outlook

By  +Follow October 16, 2013 7:35AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Pioneer Natural Resources ($PXD), the $27.5 billion independent oil & gas producer based in Irving, Texas, saw shares trading much higher in Wednesday's action.

Shares for Prioneer spiked over 7 percent in midday trading to $213.75, after the company received a “buy” rating from analysts at Raymond James. It is not hard to see why, either, as the company has presence in some of the US’s most promising shale plays, the Spraberry/Wolfcamp shale located near Midland, Texas.

Pioneer estimates that the Spraberry field contains some 50 billion barrels of oil equivalent, which would make it the largest known shale reserve not only in the US, but also one of the largest in the world. If the 50 billion barrel estimates proves out, Spraberry would be nearly twice as large as the much vaunted Eagle Ford shale, whose reserves are estimated at just over 26 billion barrels.

Much of this has to do with the fact that the Spraberry/Wolfcamp concern has what is called in industry parlance “stacked pay potential,” which simply means that the oil and gas hidden underneath the earth is stacked in various layers of shale. This makes for very nice drilling conditions, as one vertical well can be applied to several formations at once.

While it is common practice for oil companies to exaggerate numbers such as the amount of potential reserves they believe they will unlock from a particular play, other independents who are working in the region have also been giving similar estimates of late, making it more likely that Spraberry could likely become one of the most coveted plays, surpassing not only the Eagle Ford shale, but also others such as the Bakken and Marcellus shales.

Independent drillers and producers have so far been the The spike for Pioneer brought shares of other independents along with it. Diamondback Energy (FANG) was up 6.75 percent to $50, Clayton Williams Energy  (CWEI) gained 5.70 percent to $66.50, and Vaalco Energy (EGY) has all gained over five percent heading towards the closing bell.

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Results for PXD
24 Nov 15 16:11:03
$PXD is rated BUY, 11.9% upside by Wall Street analysts based on average ratings/targets https://t.co/rWJjusgKkK https://t.co/V76PfGBMNQ
24 Nov 15 16:02:45
S&P500 #Stocks Trend $MRO $APA $HAL $CPB $PXD $HRL $XEC $GRMN $ROST $TSN $A $MPC $IFF $MNST $LEN $LEG $ALXN @ https://t.co/RPeaHBHYi0
Scott G, CMT
24 Nov 15 15:41:49
$PXD Looks juicy on multiple timeframes. Call sweepers starting to get real aggressive @WallStJesus https://t.co/iMAqGXFDhu
24 Nov 15 15:28:03
24 Nov 15 15:10:02
$PXD: Pioneer Natural Resources Co (PXD) Files Form 4 Insider Selling …: https://t.co/FIdpU6j9MN
Insider Filings
24 Nov 15 14:51:29
$PXD: BERG MARK STEPHEN sold a net $443,862 in PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CO. https://t.co/LgkGtsvpz7
24 Nov 15 14:36:16
$PXD ALERT: New Pioneer Natural Resources Company SEC Filing From our Stock News Alerts App
Breaking News
24 Nov 15 14:32:10
$PXD: New Insider Transaction on PXD by EVP, BD & Geoscience: https://t.co/JfaBJYxW8T
Insider Alerts
24 Nov 15 14:31:43
NEW insider transaction on $PXD reported a moment ago: https://t.co/pjc7URqorW
Insider Filings
24 Nov 15 14:30:19
$PXD: CHEATWOOD CHRIS J sold a net $1,218,517 in PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CO. https://t.co/LgkGtsvpz7
24 Nov 15 14:30:14
CHRIS CHEATWOOD J EVP, BD & Geoscience Sells $1,218,517 Worth of $PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Compa - #Form4 ... - https://t.co/qAxTC3ZV43
24 Nov 15 13:00:15
S&P500 #Stocks Trend $MRO $APA $HAL $TSN $PXD $HRL $CPB $XEC $ROST $GRMN $DHI $MPC $PSX $IFF $LEN $TSO $KO @ https://t.co/RPeaHBHYi0
24 Nov 15 12:32:19
Sign up for a Free Stock Alert for $PXD https://t.co/hQOpSomblp $$ #stock #investing
24 Nov 15 11:48:18
RT @RaginCajun: NOTHING BUT OIL | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun https://t.co/2WcpYpUmz9 $MRO, $OAS, $HAL, $WLL, $APA, $SGY, $NOV, $PXD, …
24 Nov 15 11:47:03
$APC $PXD: Koch Industries Blasts Swapping Oil Exports for Renewable Credit: https://t.co/B5ZWj0DNld
Denise Deacy
24 Nov 15 11:28:11
Time to call it a day...😏 📈..📉(EntryClose): $AAPL 118.21/119.01 $TSLA 215.99/219.40 $GMCR 46.96/48.36 $AGN 302.43/310.87 $PXD 145.43/149.10
24 Nov 15 10:47:11
NOTHING BUT OIL | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun https://t.co/2WcpYpUmz9 $MRO, $OAS, $HAL, $WLL, $APA, $SGY, $NOV, $PXD, & $EXXI
Vetr Ratings
24 Nov 15 09:50:13
9 users on Vetr are bullish on Pioneer Natural Resources Company, indicating a BUY Rating (4 stars) for $PXD https://t.co/HPJb8JiGzM
Michael W
24 Nov 15 09:45:24
Bought more $APC $NBL $PXD
Reza Panah
24 Nov 15 09:41:38
$PXD seeing some positive action on the back of the #oil price pop. A bit more volume by the end of the day would be Fab.
24 Nov 15 09:39:06
$OSIR short target $8 or less on accounting issues, potential channel stuffing $CVX $GM $PXD investors read https://t.co/vbkwMPCDYh
24 Nov 15 09:30:59
RT @canuck2usa: $PXD not a new idea for me just sayin
24 Nov 15 09:30:49
$PXD not a new idea for me just sayin
24 Nov 15 08:58:03
@ChetStedman5 u see call volume in the dec 11 160c on $PXD?
24 Nov 15 08:52:14
S&P500 #Stocks Trend $PXD $TSN $CPB $HRL $XEC $JEC $A $HD $VLO $TSO $MPC $NBL $LOW $GT $PPG $RHT $MKC $ROST @ https://t.co/RPeaHBHYi0
24 Nov 15 08:51:57
S&P500 #Stocks Performance $MRO $CHK $MUR $DLTR $APA $GMCR $PXD $DVN $HES $ADI $HP $OKE $APC $MAT $NUE more@ https://t.co/RPeaHBHYi0
24 Nov 15 08:18:09
$PXD chart https://t.co/WTyO0G6ui4 via https://t.co/SVA6QdDLfi--- chart is not bad either---
24 Nov 15 08:14:44
$APC sold my weeklies, bought some $PXD c next week, big volume in the dec 11 160c...drinking the koolaid
Alexander Morris
24 Nov 15 08:11:04
$PXD: 1mRunaway+:5 [+3%,.2%offHi], 8:6Accel+, allTFs+; TLM:0.9; ILM:1.1, pcGap[+1.1%,fill:75%,ret:0.1%], oPop:+1.8%, 1WkHi+,
24 Nov 15 08:08:47
RT @WallStJesus: $PXD HOD-ING
24 Nov 15 08:06:58
24 Nov 15 08:06:46
RT @OpenOutcrier: $HES $PXD $EOG all moving on this too
Open Outcrier
24 Nov 15 08:06:21
$HES $PXD $EOG all moving on this too
Market Int Center
24 Nov 15 08:01:27
Pioneer Natural Resources $PXD Showing Resistance Near $148.85 ( https://t.co/2cVO9ZwNDV )
TV_Trading Ideas
24 Nov 15 07:58:56
Breaking out this morning. 150 w\u2026 $PXD https://t.co/QwQosGGhbi
24 Nov 15 07:58:56
$PXD chart: Breaking out this morning. 150 will confirm for me. https://t.co/qUZX8mf4n5
Rapid Stocks
24 Nov 15 07:32:33
This Service Made 20,000% Gains In the Last Month! Subscribe Here https://t.co/JrLMgdchtf .. $JNPR $PXD $NVE
24 Nov 15 07:22:00
1ResilientSoul: Smart money is on $AAPL $TSLA $GMCR $AGN $PXD $AEZS 😏📈🚀
Denise Deacy
24 Nov 15 07:16:30
Smart money is on $AAPL $TSLA $GMCR $AGN $PXD $AEZS 😏📈🚀
Option Alert
24 Nov 15 07:16:11
Unusually heavy option volume on today's open include $CCL, $TIF, $XRX, $CI, and $PXD.
Alexander Morris
24 Nov 15 07:09:05
$PXD: 3mRunaway+:2 [+3%,.3%offHi], 7:4Accel+, allTFs+; TLM:2.8; ILM:1.0, pcGap[+1.1%,fill:75%,ret:0.1%], oPop:+1.8%, 1WkHi+,
Colin McCullough
24 Nov 15 07:03:30
RT @WallStJesus: $PXD A LIL MORE BUYING, 12/4 C
Colin McCullough
24 Nov 15 07:01:00
BTO $PXD Dec 165C at 0.95
24 Nov 15 06:59:10
Investors Hangout
24 Nov 15 06:47:19
SSRI Silver Standard Resources, Inc. Prev Close https://t.co/v2feqEqVRu $SSRI $MCD $GDX $PXD #SSRI #stockmarket #pennystocks
24 Nov 15 06:45:16
PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Co. Exchange https://t.co/MWZO6ht1Ty $PXD $SPXL $JNUG $GMCR #PXD #stocks #finance
24 Nov 15 06:41:06
HYG iShares iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond Fund Volume https://t.co/irvpQ4FARY $HYG $INTC $GRCU $PXD #HYG #invest #nasdaq
Denise Deacy
24 Nov 15 06:40:58
Off the bat... few nice early movers worth keeping tabs on today; 😏📈👉🏼 $AAPL $KBIO $PXD $AGN
Investors Hangout
24 Nov 15 06:39:41
GS Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Quotes https://t.co/O56rwtmpya $GS $PXD $EA $XLE #GS #finance #finance
24 Nov 15 06:36:47
Long: $PXD
By  +Follow October 16, 2013 7:35AM



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