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Marathon Oil Climbs Higher On Early Refinery Upgrades

By  +Follow July 30, 2013 12:20PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Shares for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) climbed higher on Monday’s late announcement that the company would be completing the final phase of a hydrocracker optimization project at its Louisiana refinery one full year ahead of schedule.

The Energy Information Administration defines hydrocracking as a process by which the heavy molecules in gas oil are broken down, or cracked, into distillate and gasoline using hydrogen. Hydrocracking turns low-quality heavy gas oil into high-quality jet fuel, diesel and gasoline.

Marathon, the third-largest oil and gas refiner in the US, will be taking advantage of an already-scheduled maintenance shut-down of its Garyville refinery in Louisiana to complete the renovation early. The upgrade will expand the capacity of its hydrocracker from 90,000 barrels per day to 110,000.

While a great deal of oil refiners have yet to invest heavily in hydrocracking, Marathon CFO Donald Templin explained the plan to upgrade its Garyville unit at a Raymond James conference in March as an investment the company very much wanted to get in on early. The Louisiana refinery can process up to 522,000 barrels a day, the vast majority of which comes from heavy and sour crude oils.

Furthermore, demand for distillates such as jet fuel, diesel, and even kerosene are on the rise in the US and throughout the world, particularly South America and Europe. The enlarged hydrocracker will also allow the company to up its production of platformate, a high-octane gasoline blending component, to 5,300 barrels per day.

The work is scheduled to be complete by January, with processing to resume by February at latest. The third largest US oil and gas refining company saw shares bump up over 1.6 percent to as high as $73.43 heading into midday trading. 

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Results for MPC
6 Jul 15 10:22:19
$FB looks great here as does $MPC two interesting names. $TFX may break out too.
J ciampa
6 Jul 15 09:57:44
$MPC Breakout trend remains intact BUY
Venky Srinivasan
6 Jul 15 09:49:05
"@JBoorman: Weekend Review and Watchlist http://t.co/VILLBc7gT7 $HIG $CF $MPC $AGN $MHK $ORLY $IACI $ULTA" A must read from the weekend.
v2 Ratings Bot
6 Jul 15 09:40:53
$MPC looks overpriced (rated 3.8 as price is up to 54.70). Price vs ratings chart: http://t.co/nODY4avWKz
Option Alert
6 Jul 15 08:15:19
Notable gainers among liquid option names this morning include $JCI (+3.5%), $HUM (+3.1%), $MPC (+2.2%), $EW (+2.2%), and $LUV (+1.6%),
Media Sentiment
6 Jul 15 08:00:59
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Large Void Bot
6 Jul 15 08:00:33
6 Jul 15 08:00:02
$MPC - MPC breakout - https://t.co/UtC2P1bM8v
TV_Trading Ideas
6 Jul 15 07:53:24
MPC breakout $MPC http://t.co/qEOWmQ4HWF
Vince Dowd
6 Jul 15 07:53:24
$MPC chart: MPC breakout. http://t.co/novoHh5vBr
6 Jul 15 07:30:21
$LJPC $MPC: Stocks Hitting 52-Week Highs: http://t.co/P3eLHyuQOp
Venky Srinivasan
6 Jul 15 07:29:15
"@crosshairtrader: $MPC from 7/1 http://t.co/hUGzMtcOfj"
David Blair
6 Jul 15 07:28:07
$MPC from 7/1 http://t.co/IkLoZwmacs
Trader Daily
6 Jul 15 07:17:35
New Lifetime High Today: Marathon Petroleum $MPC $MPC http://t.co/dSI0VmxCIk
J ciampa
6 Jul 15 07:01:15
$MPC Break out special continue buying with this low oil price environment
Penny Stock Secret
6 Jul 15 05:06:35
$71,000 in ONE TRADE!! By Follwing Their Signals More Info Here http://t.co/SVqoMkrw2z .. $MPC $MPLX $MPO
5 Jul 15 15:28:40
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Capital Market Labs
5 Jul 15 10:44:56
$MPC Trade Card -> http://t.co/ijuRWlo4xW http://t.co/A49NZV4Dys
Alex Li
5 Jul 15 07:48:32
RT @JBoorman: Weekend Review and Watchlist http://t.co/Sk5ZBCatDU $HIG $CF $MPC $AGN $MHK $ORLY $IACI $ULTA
5 Jul 15 07:21:31
RT @TheStreet: $MPC is on a run! No, it's on a Marathon! http://t.co/97ENE18ClA
Jon Boorman
5 Jul 15 07:15:04
Weekend Review and Watchlist http://t.co/Sk5ZBCatDU $HIG $CF $MPC $AGN $MHK $ORLY $IACI $ULTA
Gaurav Gupta
5 Jul 15 06:22:44
RT @TheStreet: $MPC is on a run! No, it's on a Marathon! http://t.co/97ENE18ClA
5 Jul 15 06:21:41
RT TheStreet: $MPC is on a run! No, it's on a Marathon! http://t.co/OX2MOLLuzZ
Rakesh Mehta
5 Jul 15 06:11:10
RT @TheStreet: $MPC is on a run! No, it's on a Marathon! http://t.co/97ENE18ClA
5 Jul 15 06:10:17
$MPC is on a run! No, it's on a Marathon! http://t.co/97ENE18ClA
5 Jul 15 05:39:03
$MPC: Marathon Petroleum Corp Receives BBB+ Credit Rating from ...: http://t.co/mrwYSimKLB
The Legacy News
5 Jul 15 05:34:28
Marathon Petroleum Corp Receives BBB+ Credit Rating from Morningstar $MPC http://t.co/M1yDAadaiH
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By  +Follow July 30, 2013 12:20PM



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