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Marathon Oil Climbs Higher On Early Refinery Upgrades

By  +Follow July 30, 2013 12:20PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Shares for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) climbed higher on Monday’s late announcement that the company would be completing the final phase of a hydrocracker optimization project at its Louisiana refinery one full year ahead of schedule.

The Energy Information Administration defines hydrocracking as a process by which the heavy molecules in gas oil are broken down, or cracked, into distillate and gasoline using hydrogen. Hydrocracking turns low-quality heavy gas oil into high-quality jet fuel, diesel and gasoline.

Marathon, the third-largest oil and gas refiner in the US, will be taking advantage of an already-scheduled maintenance shut-down of its Garyville refinery in Louisiana to complete the renovation early. The upgrade will expand the capacity of its hydrocracker from 90,000 barrels per day to 110,000.

While a great deal of oil refiners have yet to invest heavily in hydrocracking, Marathon CFO Donald Templin explained the plan to upgrade its Garyville unit at a Raymond James conference in March as an investment the company very much wanted to get in on early. The Louisiana refinery can process up to 522,000 barrels a day, the vast majority of which comes from heavy and sour crude oils.

Furthermore, demand for distillates such as jet fuel, diesel, and even kerosene are on the rise in the US and throughout the world, particularly South America and Europe. The enlarged hydrocracker will also allow the company to up its production of platformate, a high-octane gasoline blending component, to 5,300 barrels per day.

The work is scheduled to be complete by January, with processing to resume by February at latest. The third largest US oil and gas refining company saw shares bump up over 1.6 percent to as high as $73.43 heading into midday trading. 

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Stock Market Basics
30 Mar 15 18:28:39
RT @10Xtrading: Wall Street Rallied, Dow Jones Industrial Closes up 263 Points http://t.co/MzLseHdkKK $MPC $JPM $TWTR $TSLA
10X Trading
30 Mar 15 17:36:54
Wall Street Rallied, Dow Jones Industrial Closes up 263 Points http://t.co/MzLseHdkKK $MPC $JPM $TWTR $TSLA
Clark Joseph Kent
30 Mar 15 17:28:26
#IBD Estimate Beaters $TA $ABMD $CYBR $DATA $XON $HW $ZLTQ $LAMR $MPC $TSRA http://t.co/8n3iGajzsv
30 Mar 15 16:25:34
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30 Mar 15 16:02:23
S&P500 #Stocks Performance $ADI $CNX $HCP $KMX $ESRX $SPLS $WU $EXC $NLSN $EQT $MPC $SWN $JOY $FCX $VLO more@ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
Lucky Jimmy
30 Mar 15 15:22:27
MPC Stock up +3.26% percent Today $MPC High is at 103.07 and the Low 100.41 with current volume of 2,250,489. http://t.co/gtebWHcWJV
Lucky Jimmy
30 Mar 15 15:22:05
$MPC MPC up +3.26% percent Today $MPC Stock High is at 103.07 and the Low 100.41 with current volume of 2,250,489. http://t.co/8hGnVY08Kl
30 Mar 15 13:29:35
RT @MarketRealist: MPLX LP: Key Insights for Investors $MPC $MPLX $VLO $PSX http://t.co/4J7fBzhySU
Market Realist
30 Mar 15 13:08:27
MPLX LP: Key Insights for Investors $MPC $MPLX $VLO $PSX http://t.co/4J7fBzhySU
30 Mar 15 13:00:01
S&P500 #Stocks Performance $ADI $CNX $NRG $KMX $EXC $HCP $ESRX $NLSN $JOY $FCX $SPLS $WU $MPC $BWA $JPM more@ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
Alexander Morris
30 Mar 15 12:33:04
$MPC: 1mRunaway+:9 [+3%], 0NearHi, allTFs+; TLM:1.6; ILM:1.3, PrvClGap+[+0.8%,fill:65%], DyVol:1.67M:0.8x:0.5x, DyRng:2.5%:1.1x:1.1x
Hot Stock Bot
30 Mar 15 10:30:47
$MPC shoots up 2.82%, currently trading at $102.46
Alexander Morris
30 Mar 15 10:15:04
$MPC: 1mRunaway+:4 [+3%,.2%offHi], allTFs+; TLM:1.8; ILM:1.1, PrvClGap+[+0.8%,fill:65%], DyVol:982T:0.5x:0.3x, DyRng:2.1%:0.9x:0.9x
Market Int Center
30 Mar 15 09:23:10
Marathon Petroleum $MPC Trading Near $97.86 Support Level ( http://t.co/u8WMRjqNrP )
Hot Stock Bot
30 Mar 15 09:09:39
$MPC shoots up 2.63%, currently trading at $102.27
Daily Contracts
30 Mar 15 08:31:01
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from $MPC http://t.co/PS45jGm53F
30 Mar 15 08:21:22
RT @LargeVoidBot: Popular: $BBRY, $PBR, $CSIQ, $TKMR, $GRPN, $ICE, $MPC, $AIR, $CALM, $BYD, $EA, $BCRX, $FAZ
Alexander Morris
30 Mar 15 08:16:04
$MPC: 1mRunaway+:1 [+3%], 5NewHi, 1mMv:+4, 11:4Accel+, allTFs+; TLM:1.6; ILM:1.1, PrvClGap+[+0.8%,fill:65%], DyVol:601T:0.3x:0.2x
30 Mar 15 08:13:43
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Brad, RBC: Canton splitter? SVP: Canton is now online, running very well up to design capacity at 20,000 barrels a day.
30 Mar 15 08:13:16
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Jeff, Simmons: Synergies update? CEO: We met $20MM in 4Q14 and we’re on pace to hit 2015 mark as well. So far, so good.
30 Mar 15 08:13:03
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Paul, Barclays: Capline update? Biodiesel credit? CFO: Capline engineering study ends by 1Q15. Credit is about 40MM.
Large Void Bot
30 Mar 15 08:00:41
Popular: $BBRY, $PBR, $CSIQ, $TKMR, $GRPN, $ICE, $MPC, $AIR, $CALM, $BYD, $EA, $BCRX, $FAZ
30 Mar 15 07:46:48
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Paul, Barclays: Rough cycle turn-around course? CFO: Probably been in $800MM range broadly, that would be a good guide.
30 Mar 15 07:46:38
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Neil, Goldman Sachs: Crude exports? CEO: Volume increased. No crude gluts in marketplace. We’ve to export light crudes.
Penny Stock Secret
30 Mar 15 07:46:33
This Guy Is Making Millions! Watch This Video Proof Here At http://t.co/NovWYe2RAx .. $MPC $MPLX $MPO
30 Mar 15 07:33:01
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Neil, Goldman Sachs: Capital allocation strategy? CEO: Continue to be very focused on investments, mainly on Speedway.
30 Mar 15 07:32:52
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Phil, JP Morgan: Crude differentials? SVP: Difficult to forecast, but it's at $5 today and certainly it would go wider.
30 Mar 15 07:21:41
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Phil, JP Morgan: Garyville hydrocracker project? CEO: Going to delay that for time being due to volatile crude markets.
30 Mar 15 07:21:32
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Ed, Credit Suisse: Sandpiper & SAX? CEO: They're moving along well, just completed testimony last week on right-of-way.
30 Mar 15 06:56:10
$MPC 4Q14 Call Q&A – Evan, Morgan Stanley: Contango WTI market benefits? SVP: We can lock in front-month contango with hedging & purchasing.
Warren of Wall St
30 Mar 15 06:46:57
Underpriced established income payer with a stable balance sheet. $MPC http://t.co/8kHz3pVDA2
Lio Trep
30 Mar 15 06:38:31
S&P 500 cos. expected to post massive profit gains in Q1: $GM, $PLD, $LUV, $AAL, $AA, $MPC, $HCN, $TSO, $AVGO, $EQR http://t.co/hM04HTE3eb
30 Mar 15 06:36:56
$MPC 4Q14 Call – Don, CFO: Speedway: Light product GM up $67MM. Gasoline & distillate GM up $0.11 plus per gallon. Merchandise GM up $20MM.
30 Mar 15 06:30:53
$MPC 4Q14 Call – Don, CFO: Refining & Marketing impacts: LLS 6-3-2-1 blended crack spread $761MM. Sweet/sour $489MM. LLS-to-WTI $695MM.
30 Mar 15 06:23:14
$MPC 4Q14 Call – Gary, CEO: While crude oil prices fell and crack spreads narrowed in 4Q14, we experienced strong product price realization.
30 Mar 15 06:00:35
$MPC 4Q14 PR: Cash and cash equivalents were $1.5Bil. 2015 capital investments were 2.53Bil. First step growth plan was executed for MPLX.
30 Mar 15 05:59:03
$MPC 4Q14 PR: Segment Results: Refining & marketing $1,016MM. Speedway, record $273MM. Pipeline Transportation $58MM. http://t.co/Uswo0XCd44
30 Mar 15 05:58:30
$MPC 4Q14 PR: Diluted EPS was $2.86 vs. $2.07 per share in 4Q13. Returned $2.7Bil capital to shareholders in 2014. http://t.co/AgwOs979nR
30 Mar 15 05:58:05
$MPC 4Q14 PR: Revenues $22.34Bil vs. $24.93Bil in 4Q13. Net income attributable to MPC $0.79Bil vs. $0.63Bil in 4Q13. http://t.co/rT7wSwDauf
trend movements
30 Mar 15 04:04:19
Week 4 Wrap up Equities $MPC, $MWV, $STZ, $VLO, $DLTR, $HAR, $MLM, $TEL, $BSX, $EFX, $VMC, $HEWG, $EWJ $HEFA, $HEWJ, $HEZU, $HEZU, $ICLN
Capital Market Labs
30 Mar 15 03:02:31
$MPC vs. $TSO vs. $VLO Compared Across 9 Critical Measures Chart: http://t.co/3kMjBeABAY
30 Mar 15 00:09:03
#America Best #Employers $GOOG $COST $MPC http://t.co/AgABYRveXM
TalkMarkets Recap
29 Mar 15 18:09:01
#America Best #Employers $GOOG $COST $MPC http://t.co/V1NJ5owcH8
29 Mar 15 13:01:30
$MPC - Here's How A Proxy War In Yemen Could Impact North American Refiners http://t.co/4kJwfdkrip
Maggie Smith
29 Mar 15 13:01:16
$MPC - Here's How A Proxy War In Yemen Could Impact North American Refiners http://t.co/PJgYLv1gJJ
29 Mar 15 10:10:23
#America Best #Employers $GOOG $COST $MPC http://t.co/AgABYRveXM
29 Mar 15 04:50:05
$MPC: Zacks Reaffirms "Buy" Rating for Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC): http://t.co/Ta46bk6WZL
29 Mar 15 04:47:33
Zacks Reaffirms “Buy” Rating for Marathon Petroleum Corp $MPC http://t.co/k991aAZGkm
28 Mar 15 20:58:13
RT @OphirGottlieb: Largest Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels Return on Assets (ROA) 1. $PXD 2. $MPC 3. $VLO Full Chart: http://t.co/XJKBJJXvpW
Ophir Gottlieb
28 Mar 15 20:47:16
Largest Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels Return on Assets (ROA) 1. $PXD 2. $MPC 3. $VLO Full Chart: http://t.co/XJKBJJXvpW
By  +Follow July 30, 2013 12:20PM



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