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Sodastream: A Political Landmine?

By  +Follow May 31, 2014 8:25AM
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sodastream, sodastream versus coke, sodastream West Bank and Gaza Strip, sodastream scarlett johanssonSodastream (SODA)  machines are not a new product. They are based a concept dating back to 1903. They are doomed to repeat their rise and massive fall of the '80s, just as the novelty demand for “Frankie Says Relax” or “I shot JR” T-shirts dried up.

“Get busy with the fizzy”

In the '80s in England, Margaret Thatcher was in power, there were ongoing miner strikes, a Falklands war, along with many other crisis, money was in short supply in most homes. McDonalds (MCP) had not yet taken over the local chipper, and the British Commonwealth was in slow decline.

A History That Will Repeat itself

Sodastream appeared to help quench everyone’s thirst for soft drinks by offering a cheaper alternative than store bought cans and bottles. It is true that the hundreds of flavors were far from tasty, the Orange, Lime and Cola flavors were merely sucrose and food coloring and tasted nothing like their store bought counterparts. The systems were a blessing for some families in tough times. The ability to have the unique contoured bottle in your lunch pack gave some a feeling of superiority as their peers had a carton of milk or nothing at all. You took great care at lunch, if you broke the glass bottle, your parents would not buy a new one. Only three bottles came with the system.

As quickly as the economy recovered the soda stream systems sat on shelves collecting dust. Their growth in Europe again forged by continent that has been hit by the economic collapse but now with an added political specter hanging over the company.

New Design, New Marketing Strategy

Thirty years later they get a celebrity endorsement by way Scarlett Johannson, how can any man or woman resist any message delivered by such a loved personality. Now their concentrated syrups are geared at the more fitness orientated, health conscious and environmentally friendly. How many of us though about our carbon footprint in light of Scarlett’s message? “What Would Scarlett Do?” T-shirts at should have been sold.

SodaStream is Here in the US. So Whats Different Now?

SodaStream is under a very serious political pressure right now. Finland, Norway and Sweeden have all boycotted SodaStream Products manufactured in their parent plant in Mishor Adumim factory. Canadian religious and international human rights groups have ask for boycotts on all SodaStream products, citing Human Rights violations at plants and exploitation of employees.

SodaStream sold to Soda-club in 1998 and has previously been owned by Cadury Shweeppes. With Soda-Clubs aggressive marketing and environmental campaigns they seem to be creating an illusion that Chris Angel wouldn’t attempt, the smoke and mirrors are being dismantled.

While their market share and their 2010 launch on the NASDAQ echoed a new era for the company, how can they sustain their market share when its failed as model before.

An attractive spokesperson, a tug at the hearts for the environmentally aware, and an efficient healthy choice of syrup options will still not able to sustain long term as even without the political backlash and negative press the model did not succeed before.

Sodastream has had several advertising mishaps, a superbowl advertisement in 2013 was rejected as quickly as Janet Jackson excuse of wardrobe malfunctions due to their direct reference to Coke and Pepsi.

The novelty of SodaStream along with political package that can be debated ad infinitum will eventually wear thin. The fitness crowd will simply turn to alternatives, the environmental groups will soon catch wind of the Human Rights allegations, and the households on shoestring budgets will just not bother getting a new gas cylinder eventually.


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Results for SODA
mokrari by @edi_bice
1 Aug 15 14:34:41
Worst underperformers ranked 90-95 $JAKK $SODA $MSFG $SSNI $CTRP
1 Aug 15 14:25:25
$SODA ER on 8/5 Before Open. SP were DOWN 11 times out of last 18 qtrs (61%) in Earnings reactions http://t.co/uKIkRvcT5a
CRWE News Wire
1 Aug 15 13:25:41
Ones To Watch on Wednesday $TWX, $LDOS, $TSLA, $SODA, $PWR, $SUN, $ALB, $CBS, $CHK and $AVT, Why? http://t.co/UArZJUR2YS
Penny Omega
1 Aug 15 12:06:43
Ones To Watch on Wednesday $TWX, $LDOS, $TSLA, $SODA, $PWR, $SUN, $ALB, $CBS, $CHK and $AVT, Why? http://t.co/ME5QKILptq
Seth Golden
1 Aug 15 11:34:57
$SODA automatic syrup flavor dispensing at the touch of a button coming soon
Seth Golden
1 Aug 15 11:34:08
$SODA new syrup dispensing technology will be revealed in the coming months.It will blow consumers away who don't like current bottle dosing
pennyomega CRWE
1 Aug 15 04:06:55
Ones To Watch on Wednesday $TWX, $LDOS, $TSLA, $SODA, $PWR, $SUN, $ALB, $CBS, $CHK and $AVT, Why? http://t.co/MbXSa0fQ1O
mike zaman
1 Aug 15 04:00:12
Ones To Watch on Wednesday $TWX, $LDOS, $TSLA, $SODA, $PWR, $SUN, $ALB, $CBS, $CHK and $AVT, Why? http://t.co/5d4mNi2Ddg
Eric Price
1 Aug 15 00:50:19
RT @marketminute: $SODA moving-pointed out earlier-again reports next week-good watchlist though $SFM $SODA and $TRIP (reported)
31 Jul 15 20:33:12
Kym L
31 Jul 15 20:31:47
Paul Bard
31 Jul 15 14:35:19
@IPOtweet $SODA ???
mokrari by @edi_bice
31 Jul 15 14:34:27
Worst underperformers ranked 90-95 $SODA $MSFG $SSNI $CTRP $BAK
31 Jul 15 12:24:59
RT @marketminute: $SODA moving-pointed out earlier-again reports next week-good watchlist though $SFM $SODA and $TRIP (reported)
Michele Schneider
31 Jul 15 11:20:30
$SODA moving-pointed out earlier-again reports next week-good watchlist though $SFM $SODA and $TRIP (reported)
Amir Dov
31 Jul 15 11:17:25
Sodastream sales via Amazon increased in the last few days following CEO tastemony in congress. No such thing as bad publicity I guees $SODA
Charlie Wells
31 Jul 15 07:56:15
RT @keithwms: @charliewwells @mikeesterl $SODA gone flat? New products needed, or more interesting uses of the core device.
Forex Binary Option
31 Jul 15 06:15:23
RT @marketminute: A beat up fave $SODA-if holds 17.35, clears 18.50 can see pop-reports 8/5 b4 open
Michele Schneider
31 Jul 15 06:11:36
A beat up fave $SODA-if holds 17.35, clears 18.50 can see pop-reports 8/5 b4 open
dan hecht
30 Jul 15 20:16:52
$SODA from 80 dollars to less than 20 its on its way down IMO anything new its bringing to the table?
dan hecht
30 Jul 15 20:15:51
$SODA only reason I would still invest is cause it has the name something $GMCR does not have yet but stock is not doing well at all
mokrari by @edi_bice
30 Jul 15 18:09:31
RT @QuoththeRavenSA: Find the company that hit rock bottom. Discount shelf, back of a $BIG store. $SODA cc: @herbgreenberg @alderlaneeggs h…
mokrari by @edi_bice
30 Jul 15 14:34:40
Worst underperformers ranked 90-95 $IVAC $SODA $MSFG $SSNI $CTRP
Virginia Lee
30 Jul 15 13:13:05
Read my story on @SodaStreamUSA Moving From Green To Health Positioning by emphasizing #water, not #soda. http://t.co/nEJjRC1WXY $SODA
Scott Spencer
30 Jul 15 11:41:21
@WSJ $GMCR $74 LONG upcoming "Keurig Kold" will destroy $SODA
30 Jul 15 11:02:52
Brokerages Set Sodastream International Target Price at $25.02 $SODA http://t.co/0BMCCr4FZ4
30 Jul 15 07:41:17
See why these assets are trending in 1 watchlist $SODA $SSYS $DJIA $PBR $MPC http://t.co/3zEeHWQs2i http://t.co/ft0SIQOIJl
Gabrielle Coppola
30 Jul 15 07:35:25
$SODA CEO Dan Birnbaum is making new machines to preempt $GMCR threat: ihttp://on.wsj.com/1IrUbhx via @WSJ
30 Jul 15 06:51:37
XLK Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Current Price http://t.co/OWTqDU6Vop $XLK $SODA $MJMJ $BAC #XLK #stocks #invest
30 Jul 15 06:51:35
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30 Jul 15 06:50:08
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By  +Follow May 31, 2014 8:25AM



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