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Focus Stock of the Week: IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI)

  +Follow October 2, 2013 8:07AM
Tickers Mentioned:

S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst Scott Kessler has a 5-STARS "Strong Buy" recommendation for IAC/InterActiveCorp. For more information, please visit: www.marketscope.com. Follow us on Twitter @spmarketscope for more Trends & Ideas, ranking changes, and investment strategies.


DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Results for IACI
Rusty Clements
26 Nov 14 12:01:10
$HPT Get the latest on $RRC $IACI $SLW I suggest http://t.co/rvcTPVyMj0
Noemi Whited
26 Nov 14 11:09:46
Todays movers to research $ATW $SCG $IACI $CBM #overvalued http://t.co/FxlLBlzxSE
Daily Contracts
26 Nov 14 10:48:01
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Iac $IACI http://t.co/7bcikpwe0Y
Patrina Gaffney
26 Nov 14 10:37:33
$IACI Todays Stocks you should Watch $DNKN $IDXX $USD #liquidity http://t.co/4OSWuZpA2L
Carolina Keeling
26 Nov 14 10:23:52
$MYL Insider Trading updates on $BEAM $IACI $FEYE #wallstreet http://t.co/VRz1KdThj6
Anjelica Mccart
26 Nov 14 10:14:20
Shoud you sell or hold stocks like $LPNT $PCYC $IACI $CI #personalfinance http://t.co/OQmoD28IhH
Arnulfo Nabors
26 Nov 14 09:25:34
Are you looking to buy $ANF $IACI $CLX $GAIN #money http://t.co/19iBnPNV1J
Beatris Mahon
26 Nov 14 09:24:32
#Stocks you might want to buy $CPWR $IACI $I $CBM #investing http://t.co/2qSsa5TiAg
Arielle Messer
26 Nov 14 09:23:10
Are you hanging on to $ABT $HSIC $IACI $ABX Visit http://t.co/8b7Pws95fN
Kassie Gauge
26 Nov 14 09:05:31
Insider Trading updates on $OMC $IACI $AVT $BWP #NASDAQ http://t.co/aejZSZ2Rmn
Daily Contracts
26 Nov 14 08:58:01
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Pronto $IACI http://t.co/koBBWTJIrT
Gussie Robinette
26 Nov 14 08:48:59
Are you considering buying $IACI $CVI $ACGL $AMZN Give it a try http://t.co/uvQh4fZqed
Lael Nation
26 Nov 14 08:20:28
Latest Earnings info on $RDC $IACI $SMG $ABX View now http://t.co/cb4hLyZIdl
Arielle Messer
26 Nov 14 08:12:46
Whats going on with $DOW $MDRX $IACI $USD Check out http://t.co/hUr1zlaEfl
Jago Bowens
26 Nov 14 07:43:25
$KEY Get more info on $HSIC $IACI $QLYS Must have http://t.co/li4sKNw8Cc
Fletcher Danner
26 Nov 14 07:41:18
$IACI Seeking the next stock like $URS $TJX $AAPL #Stock http://t.co/DDScLzTHyh
Helena Sasser
26 Nov 14 07:38:44
Looking for the next winners like $MJN $IACI $WRB $GRPN #moneymanagement http://t.co/NhArCNzTxD
Cyndi Mcbee
26 Nov 14 07:13:16
Are you thinking of selling $NYCB $IACI $CLX $RT Must have http://t.co/802q4aBLRm
Eden Carney
26 Nov 14 07:11:05
$HPT #Stock Watchlist. Dont be left behind $NUS $IACI $GRPN #liquidity http://t.co/fTzKAOrbf3
Day Trade Alerts
26 Nov 14 07:05:44
via #AlertTrade SHORT Seller Alert $IACI - IAC/INTERACTIVECORP #ShortSeller #Stocks http://t.co/VS8RO1tb5N
Lettie Hatfield
26 Nov 14 06:59:50
Latest Earnings info on $IACI $CRS $KR $CI Visit http://t.co/aovFsbF1WH
Lael Nation
26 Nov 14 06:37:24
Are you Bearish on these #stocks $TFM $IACI $SWI $DO #financial http://t.co/pn1X8RLrga
Cami Clarke
26 Nov 14 05:12:28
Great #Stock Newsletter you must have $CERN $PTEN $IACI $RT #personalfinance http://t.co/rETdFancEY
Hae Forman
26 Nov 14 04:56:04
Do you need #Stock #Research on $IACI $CTSH $CHS $ISRG Try this http://t.co/bf1yv5TyuB
26 Nov 14 04:53:17
Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 2/4 $DISCK $ELNK $EPB $EV $EXPD $HAS $HLF $HTA $IACI $IM $IMGN $KMI $LAKE $LBTYA $LMCA http://t.co/gavv4aCErm
Ali Lawrence
26 Nov 14 04:20:42
Great #Stock Newsletter you must have $PPS $XRAY $IACI $CI #Stock http://t.co/15Wwrzxnse
Cyndi Mcbee
26 Nov 14 04:05:19
$STLD Wow. Great #Stock #Research on $SLG $IACI $DUST #personalfinance http://t.co/q1TeBSdnNx
Michelle Hedrick
26 Nov 14 03:00:56
Get #Pennystock Research on $IACI $SFD $PII $IR View now http://t.co/fDI3DXxTCe
Lynetta Horn
26 Nov 14 02:56:43
$IACI Seeking the next stock like $SWI $AN $GOOG Check out http://t.co/Vz5SdYtsvf
Darin Nickerson
26 Nov 14 02:27:47
Stocks I'm keeping my Eye on...should you? $PSX $MJN $IACI $GAIN #financialnews http://t.co/wRWDp76lb2
Nita Tan
26 Nov 14 02:26:33
$BBT Looking for the next $GHC $IACI $RT #overvalued http://t.co/j23KAH0dJ3
Janeth Linton
26 Nov 14 01:54:03
$IACI Get more info on $L $HCN $OPK #liquidity http://t.co/9aQfUwIAXQ
Nita Tan
26 Nov 14 01:47:02
$IACI Buying or selling? $AVT $SSYS $IBM #equity http://t.co/waCvjw0sQX
Tamra Hidalgo
26 Nov 14 01:46:51
$CRM Are you looking to buy $PCYC $IACI $YOD Must have http://t.co/1QGpltdQA0
Syble Bynum
26 Nov 14 01:38:56
Looking for the next $IPG $IACI $LXK $DF Visit http://t.co/YYTUv7nlOD
Rudolf Lucas
26 Nov 14 01:30:13
$IACI Find more winners like $CL $LAZ $QLYS #StockMarket http://t.co/W0SCBJOHkn
26 Nov 14 01:21:04
Prevalent in Twitter Related to $IACI (Iac Interactivecorp symbol IACI) on 11/26/2014 http://t.co/agRpJEfKVO
Ali Tyree
26 Nov 14 00:36:08
Are you hanging on to $ONXX $IACI $T $FB #wealthmanagement http://t.co/vrBKZf2fAZ
Lael Nation
26 Nov 14 00:12:30
Should you buy, sell or hold $JBL $TFM $IACI $IBM #overvalued http://t.co/r9G8rDiCxZ
Davon Billups
26 Nov 14 00:11:39
$IACI Get the latest on $MRC $LAZ $HIT #newsletter http://t.co/Zme3QcALor
Astrid Walton
25 Nov 14 23:13:37
Do you need #Stock #Research on $BEAM $IACI $DATA $CBM View now http://t.co/3u0kU0SGs6
Phylicia Stine
25 Nov 14 20:33:44
#Stocks you migh want to Sell $IACI $CLX $TRV $AAPL #NASDAQ http://t.co/W8hJvhpTZy
Henriette Hostetler
25 Nov 14 20:23:15
Do you need #Stock #Research on $GNTX $IACI $HBI $AMZN Goto http://t.co/wqhkCoKrJw
Lynell Dew
25 Nov 14 20:17:48
$COV Here are some Stocks to Watch $WTR $IACI $TRLA #economy http://t.co/o3JeUbepvJ
Trudi Gary
25 Nov 14 20:03:06
$IACI Find more winners like $HRS $AWK $HIT #Stock http://t.co/3s1RkjWomy
Gita Hawkins
25 Nov 14 20:00:16
$ABT Are you thinking of selling $IGT $IACI $DF Worth a look http://t.co/kIJlnQlLOt
Carletta Fisher
25 Nov 14 19:32:35
Small-cap stocks breaking 52-wk high prices $ATW $FMC $IACI $DF Try this http://t.co/96BBOHGCNc
Lavonia Mace
25 Nov 14 19:30:59
$TRIP Best research on #stocks such s $WTR $IACI $IR #moneymanagement http://t.co/R2RZ241WT2
Griselda Barfield
25 Nov 14 19:23:32
Do you need #Stock #Research on $MJN $IACI $PHM $RT Must see http://t.co/E0WmVaWKr5
Raymon Maestas
25 Nov 14 19:11:14
Get Free research on $IACI $SWI $ALTR $RAX #Stock http://t.co/rCqYLgXJrh
  +Follow October 2, 2013 8:07AM



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