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Focus Stock of the Week: IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI)

  +Follow October 2, 2013 8:07AM
Tickers Mentioned:

S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst Scott Kessler has a 5-STARS "Strong Buy" recommendation for IAC/InterActiveCorp. For more information, please visit: www.marketscope.com. Follow us on Twitter @spmarketscope for more Trends & Ideas, ranking changes, and investment strategies.


DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Results for IACI
Margarite Mott
24 Nov 14 11:41:30
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Arian Wellman
24 Nov 14 11:41:21
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Anjelica Mccart
24 Nov 14 11:11:11
Are you considering buying $BCR $IACI $TSO $IBM View now http://t.co/TSVMk0wR9K
Lanette Johns
24 Nov 14 11:03:35
$IACI #Best #Pennystock research $SCI $MGM $IBM Goto http://t.co/J55JOPm8I7
Madonna Jennings
24 Nov 14 11:01:01
$ATW Get research on $CYT $IACI $GOOG #money http://t.co/7iJ7d7cXZF
John Turner
24 Nov 14 10:03:07
$IACI IAC/InterActiveCorp Larger Than S&P 500 Component Mallinckrodt http://t.co/u1JahvpUIy
James P Worthy
24 Nov 14 10:03:06
$IACI The Long Case For IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI) http://t.co/YngfftDcNi
Jesusa Gonzalez
24 Nov 14 09:42:25
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Carlyn Mccloskey
24 Nov 14 09:40:39
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Kia Granger
24 Nov 14 09:37:23
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Twanna Hiatt
24 Nov 14 09:30:48
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Dangelo Cadwell
24 Nov 14 09:25:22
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Clark Mccray
24 Nov 14 09:13:58
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Elodia Casteel
24 Nov 14 09:03:27
$ESV Stocks to Watch this week $GES $IACI $GOGO Must have http://t.co/CjI4uCe4ms
Lorriane Hall
24 Nov 14 08:38:40
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Lettie Hatfield
24 Nov 14 08:26:46
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Dangelo Cadwell
24 Nov 14 08:22:28
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Dannette Sizemore
24 Nov 14 08:19:24
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Sheba Li
24 Nov 14 08:18:53
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Cayson Ventura
24 Nov 14 08:18:42
Do you need #Stock #Research on $HHC $EFX $IACI $AMZN View now http://t.co/WwIiAMW7jP
Market Int Center
24 Nov 14 08:01:43
IAC InterActiveCorp $IACI Trading Near $64.24 Support Level ( http://t.co/X39PKOxDwa )
Kimberlee Kerns
24 Nov 14 07:16:53
Find the next hot #pennystock $WLP $ENDP $IACI $AMZN Click http://t.co/jot58VVp9T
Laquanda Farrow
24 Nov 14 06:32:17
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Willis Bernard
24 Nov 14 06:30:52
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Nelly Lehmann
24 Nov 14 06:30:37
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Darci Sallee
24 Nov 14 06:26:10
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Lael Nation
24 Nov 14 06:07:41
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Daily Contracts
24 Nov 14 05:48:01
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Iac $IACI http://t.co/KqDazEKEFX
Alycia Adamson
24 Nov 14 05:45:25
Get more info on $NUS $IACI $EV $DUST Give it a try http://t.co/Qg6siUCElL
Sybil Hackney
24 Nov 14 05:34:09
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Saran Linton
24 Nov 14 05:33:48
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Tran Vanburen
24 Nov 14 05:31:00
Are you looking for more winners like $IACI $MDU $VNTV $CAG Must see http://t.co/XsrHrKN2n6
john smith
24 Nov 14 05:05:58
$IACI - http://t.co/bQ31ofgWgH Reveals the Top Searches of 2014; Makes Predictions for the Year Ahead http://t.co/z4UbnBJqEn
24 Nov 14 05:05:12
$IACI - http://t.co/2wiiLDz9Zm Reveals the Top Searches of 2014; Makes Predictions for the Year Ahead http://t.co/U8hmR0c8Xm
Hae Foy
24 Nov 14 04:52:18
$IACI Are you Investing in $FLS $CTRX $LIVE Must have http://t.co/CoaRrVzXuH
Mariano Lehmann
24 Nov 14 04:46:19
Regretting your investment in $CAT $IACI $ATK $CI I suggest http://t.co/7yeXxoHpzT
Seeking Alpha - All
23 Nov 14 15:08:39
The Long Case For IAC/InterActiveCorp http://t.co/UDGTuCBFwz $IACI
Bidness Etc
22 Nov 14 15:15:06
The online-live TV streaming firm lost a pivotal case to broadcasting giants in June http://t.co/kB9L7pw0Tr $IACI $CBS $DIS $CMCSA $FOX
ts u
22 Nov 14 12:08:49
RT @TheStreet: #Tinder is a huge traffic source. Enter monetization efforts: http://t.co/HROCcdtIfh $IACI
Bidness Etc
22 Nov 14 07:55:13
#Aereo Files For Chapter 11 After Losing To TV Broadcasters http://t.co/mLHbkK2vmq $IACI $CBS $DIS $CMCSA $FOX
Mars Studios
22 Nov 14 07:21:17
RT @appannie: IAC’s Dating Apps Make a Move. Read about IAC's $IACI success in our latest Apps Index: http://t.co/kHEUb3dyBd http://t.co/Yf…
Thuy Espinal
22 Nov 14 02:00:50
Great #Stock Newsletter you must have $MS $IACI $HBI $BWP View now http://t.co/6hu0oDqlRx
22 Nov 14 00:00:24
IACI 64.99 Stock Charts $IACI IAC/InterActiveCorp. (NASDAQ) Last Updated: 11/22/2014 02:00:18 IACI Stock Chart http://t.co/nwxw9xQgcy
Tran Vanburen
21 Nov 14 23:50:57
Bad #Invesments like got you down $IACI $FLS $KMB $BWP #liquidity http://t.co/rIuQ1Ue0ZT
Stellan Tharp
21 Nov 14 23:28:42
Did you lose money on $HMA $IACI $WRB $GAIN #Research http://t.co/uOfRRdIUWy
Adelia Ingalls
21 Nov 14 21:18:09
Awesome #Stock #Research on $IACI $DRC $MAC $S #equity http://t.co/KzJGZE52gx
Nixon Domville
21 Nov 14 20:12:50
Are you Bearish on these #stocks $VRSN $ENDP $IACI $GRPN #StockMarket http://t.co/gUVpG4QPkY
Audrey Machado
21 Nov 14 19:40:29
Are you putting your money in $IACI $HRS $TRV $QLYS I suggest http://t.co/0O34NonADY
Hae Forman
21 Nov 14 16:29:52
5 Stocks you should be watching $HOG $IACI $MDU $CAG Goto http://t.co/CBhbK3ugcy
Michelle Emery
21 Nov 14 15:25:31
Looking for research on $UB $IACI $PXD $CAG #singedinvestor http://t.co/FDukCxVlSG
  +Follow October 2, 2013 8:07AM



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