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Focus Stock of the Week: IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI)

  +Follow October 2, 2013 8:07AM
Tickers Mentioned:

S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst S&P Capital IQ Equity Analyst Scott Kessler has a 5-STARS "Strong Buy" recommendation for IAC/InterActiveCorp. For more information, please visit: www.marketscope.com. Follow us on Twitter @spmarketscope for more Trends & Ideas, ranking changes, and investment strategies.


DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Results for IACI
20 Dec 14 06:38:05
$IACI: Stocks to Watch: IAC/InterActive (IACI), KOC HOLDINGS (KHOLY ... http://t.co/QyBnApwNJv http://t.co/XGDvnzgRoF
Dangelo Cadwell
20 Dec 14 01:43:13
#Stock Market Reports you need on $IACI $CRS $TTC $BLOX #equity http://t.co/S7Bdvhqf0t
Bonnie Lafleur
20 Dec 14 01:31:40
Are you thinking of Investing in $RDC $IACI $VAR $QLYS #investing http://t.co/xoxUtoU222
Kohen Birch
20 Dec 14 01:10:16
Are you considering buying $PRU $IACI $PXD $GRPN View now http://t.co/czpeccVG8h
Katheleen Ventura
20 Dec 14 00:08:40
Top #Stocks today. Find out why. $TDC $PF $IACI $RAX Visit http://t.co/nrrbjFkUAf
Bonnie Lafleur
19 Dec 14 21:34:15
Get Free research on $SNH $IACI $ATK $AMZN Click http://t.co/SvdPc93tor
Joe Barbee
19 Dec 14 20:06:40
Looking for research on $EGN $INFA $IACI $YOD #wallstreet http://t.co/lD28P1UISo
Nedra Barkley
19 Dec 14 19:53:31
Insider Trading alerts on $SCG $IACI $STJ $BWP Check out http://t.co/bzX7z6M1Uj
Rosann Poirier
19 Dec 14 16:50:19
Should you hold or add to $IACI $WRB $BRK $NUAN #equity http://t.co/YxLU2onx2i
Albert Davies
19 Dec 14 16:24:16
This weeks Stocks you should Watch $ANSS $LYB $IACI $CBM #equity http://t.co/z3D3D65E4d
Beatris Mahon
19 Dec 14 14:54:12
Awesome #Stock #Research on $JNPR $IACI $LPI $ABX #personalfinance http://t.co/KTsShqoxVP
Astrid Walton
19 Dec 14 14:50:40
Find the next hot #pennystock $GRPN $IACI $DATA $RAX #financialnews http://t.co/unDx98w15A
Foster Corral
19 Dec 14 13:22:48
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Hilde Phipps
19 Dec 14 13:16:27
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Nedra Barkley
19 Dec 14 12:13:31
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Nga Craft
19 Dec 14 12:08:24
Looking for research on $IACI $AMTD $AN $CI #Stock http://t.co/hFn1f1PQ6c
Ruth Patrick
19 Dec 14 12:01:17
Small-cap stocks breaking 52-wk high prices $IACI $CRS $ICE $ISRG #wallstreet http://t.co/wNXqNFdzsd
Necole Diaz
19 Dec 14 11:23:42
Are you Bullish on these #stocks $NOW $HMA $IACI $ISRG View now http://t.co/wjOHtG53rY
Kim Bangash
19 Dec 14 09:58:02
$IACI puts #CollegeHumor up 4 sale http://t.co/YVCc9hNosp Looking4 ~$100M 3rd humor site seeking a buyer:@funnyordie & @TheOnion Y? Disney.
19 Dec 14 09:24:59
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Latoyia Martin
19 Dec 14 08:36:46
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Oswald Newton
19 Dec 14 06:50:26
Find out the latest on $IACI $WRB $RCL $RT I suggest http://t.co/C62uRdXNTW
Mercedes Bullard
19 Dec 14 06:13:31
Couple of Stocks you should Watch $LPNT $BEAM $IACI $AAPL Try this http://t.co/mAQiXHtXhH
Nixon Domville
19 Dec 14 04:03:46
Should you buy, sell or hold $PTEN $IACI $IVZ $CI Check out http://t.co/oFpoOioX4q
Bonnie Lafleur
19 Dec 14 04:03:44
Are you Bullish on these #stocks $IACI $LXK $PSA $LGND Goto http://t.co/Zw7W7Hrgi8
Hae Forman
19 Dec 14 04:02:25
Great #Pennystock #research $JNPR $IACI $FULT $AAPL #moneymanagement http://t.co/M6N96M4C9r
Wilburn Miller
19 Dec 14 03:32:20
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Laquanda Farrow
19 Dec 14 02:02:27
Are you looking for more winners like $PRU $IACI $HES $RT Goto http://t.co/n6VWF6Z47l
19 Dec 14 00:11:16
$ECIG 400% upside buyout target of $0.50. $200M revenue expected in 2015 $HD $IACI $IR traders read: http://t.co/xi3978GuDs
Rosann Poirier
18 Dec 14 23:33:48
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Frank Tribble
18 Dec 14 21:27:58
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Sol Wentworth
18 Dec 14 21:11:04
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Savanna Teel
18 Dec 14 20:39:50
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18 Dec 14 20:20:44
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Nga Craft
18 Dec 14 20:04:10
Are you thinking of Investing in $OV $IACI $TSO $ISRG Worth a look http://t.co/ELebGsHohZ
Henriette Hostetler
18 Dec 14 18:42:35
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Ruth Patrick
18 Dec 14 18:01:31
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Miki Plante
18 Dec 14 16:56:07
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Necole Harter
18 Dec 14 14:20:59
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18 Dec 14 13:13:10
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18 Dec 14 13:01:30
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Walton Dunham
18 Dec 14 12:12:45
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Alistair Perreault
18 Dec 14 12:05:32
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Lael Nation
18 Dec 14 11:57:17
This weeks Stocks you should Watch $PPS $OMC $IACI $CADX Give it a try http://t.co/nckKdcu8t6
Ashleigh Neuman
18 Dec 14 11:29:39
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Audrey Machado
18 Dec 14 10:34:21
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Darius Begay
18 Dec 14 09:46:12
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Tran Vanburen
18 Dec 14 09:04:42
This weeks Stocks you should Watch $RS $IACI $HES $FB Visit http://t.co/Q45Sj1QHEG
Mid Nite
18 Dec 14 08:40:09
RT @JBoorstin: Jason Kilar explains his vision for Vessel to reinvent the economics of online video https://t.co/N9bcOtyMRI $IACI $GOOG
Helena Sasser
17 Dec 14 19:48:37
Looking for research on $IPG $IACI $AFG $CI Must have http://t.co/0zQvYIrDQn
  +Follow October 2, 2013 8:07AM



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