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Small-Cap Stars: The Best Consumer Goods Stocks

  +Follow October 16, 2013 3:44PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Small-cap stocks can be an attractive investment opportunity, as they stand a much larger chance of experiencing astronomical growth than a more stable, less volatile mid or large cap. However, with that volatility comes increased risk. Even in a sector as historically popular with investors as consumer goods, small-cap investments need to be chosen wisely.

Looking for statistically meaningful correlation between small-cap success and small-cap bust out, Equities.com’s research team has created the Small-Cap Stars project.

In their research, the research team identified five significant metrics for identifying strong consumer goods stocks. They are companies that meet benchmarks set in these categories:

  • Firm Value: This barometer gauges the size and longer-term health of the business.
  • Reinvestment: This metric measures how much of the company earnings are invested back into the business, except this figure is not standardized for company size.
  • ROIC: High return on invested capital means that management is spending money wisely to grow the business.
  • Capital Expenditures (Negative): Consumer goods is generally not a capital-intensive industry, so a number above average could indicate that the company is not spending their money efficiently.
  • Fixed Assets/Total Assets: A ratio indicating what portion of the company's total assets are tangible long-term assets. A higher ratio suggests more stability.

And here are the best performing YTD Small-Cap Consumer Goods Stars:

Kandi Technologies Group (KNDI) The best-performing of the Equities.com Small-Cap Stars, Chinese electric vehicle maker Kandi Technologies has popped this year as green products continue to take hold in the public consciousness. Kandi scored a major win just a few days prior, as the Chinese government announced subsidies for electric carmakers.

Kandi is up 96.71 percent on the year.

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling (HY) This company designs and manufactures lift trucks (AKA forklifts) and aftermarket parts under two brands names – Hyster; and Yale. Hyster-Yale IPOed in 2012 after it was spun off from Nacco Industries (NC) , a company that has been in business for one hundred years.

Hyster-Yale is up 83.86 percent on the year.

Electronics for Imaging (EFII) This Forster City, Ca.-headquartered company manufactures parts for color digital printers. The company roundly beat earnings per share expectations in the second quarter of 2013, and will post third quarter earnings before the bell on Oct 17.

Electronics for Imaging is up 73.04 percent on the year.

Federal Signal (FSS) Security alarm maker Federal Signal has been in business since 1901. In addition to making alarms and other security devices, its various subsidiaries manufacture a wide array of industrial cleaning products, notably sewer cleaners, water blasters, and industrial vacuums.

Federal Signal is up 68.41 percent on the year.

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions. To read our full disclosure, please go to: http://www.equities.com/disclaimer

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Results for KNDI
27 May 15 10:45:03
$KNDI OI for maturity 05/29/2015. 9.00 Highest put. 10.00 Highest call. http://t.co/LzVaxC64ml
26 May 15 19:15:05
$KNDI high open interest range is 9.00 to 10.00 for option expiration 05/29/2015. http://t.co/LzVaxC64ml
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26 May 15 18:30:15
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Russian Bear
26 May 15 16:38:50
http://t.co/OPqgCc7U5H $160 loss in $KNDI Just like my last trade bad day bad trading.
26 May 15 14:30:04
$KNDI: New SEC Filing for KNDI: Form S-8 (No. 0001062993-15-003075): http://t.co/D225kIXQUU
SEC Filings Reporter
26 May 15 14:29:24
NEW SEC Filing for $KNDI filed a moment ago: http://t.co/ectP5QDrov http://t.co/uAmE4t3oSH
26 May 15 14:28:09
$KNDI - Securities Registration: Employee Benefit Plan (s-8) http://t.co/KIT5eh2Cym
26 May 15 14:28:09
$KNDI - Securities Registration: Employee Benefit Plan (s-8) http://t.co/NIyabcjHAZ
26 May 15 10:30:04
$KNDI Max Pain = 10.00. Maturity = 05/29/2015. Previous close = 9.69. http://t.co/k0Nnx6MJC0
Russian Bear
26 May 15 09:35:35
@TradingMadeline Lost the first trade on $PBMD and lost trade on $KNDI won trade on $IPCI and still in a trade with $GKNT which I might have
Trader Daily
26 May 15 09:16:40
Stock To Watch: Kandi Technologies Group $KNDI In Perilous Reversal $KNDI http://t.co/g575vPomBB
John Ablemann
26 May 15 09:06:40
$KNDI Earnings Preview: Actavis plc, Kandi Technologies Group, Inc., and Clean ... http://t.co/4viH3biFuV
Roger Clinton
26 May 15 07:31:07
RT @InvestorWisdom: $BAA HOD. Bullish intraday reversal. $FB $NFLX $DDD $GPRO $KNDI $CMG $SSYS $BOX $CYBR $FEYE $IBIO $UBI $LOCO $TSLA $GSS…
Future Tech Investor
26 May 15 07:17:28
Quantified Alpha
26 May 15 05:51:24
Overall business quality will continue to be main driver in our bearish stance on $KNDI... http://t.co/UWImPaFUVh http://t.co/XY5uuE16dN
Capital Market Labs
26 May 15 05:42:50
$HOG vs. $THO vs. $KNDI vs. $TSLA Compared Across 9 Critical Measures http://t.co/4Tr92fvE0H http://t.co/saLXqXZHkH
Chris Falanga
26 May 15 05:34:27
Tuesday 5/26 watchlist: $ARRY $BCRX $CPRX $KNDI
26 May 15 03:15:01
$KNDI: New SEC Filing for KNDI: Form 8-K (No. 0001062993-15-003033): http://t.co/rGf6MUurP8
SEC Filings
26 May 15 03:14:07
NEW SEC Filing for $KNDI filed a moment ago: http://t.co/55n9UoWFNh http://t.co/iMcexNC04W
26 May 15 03:13:03
$KNDI - Current Report Filing (8-k) http://t.co/u4iiVwPEF4
26 May 15 03:13:03
$KNDI - Current Report Filing (8-k) http://t.co/KjbJVlTbAO
26 May 15 03:01:05
$KNDI Max Pain = 10.00. Maturity = 05/29/2015. Previous close = 9.96. http://t.co/k0Nnx6MJC0
Capital Market Labs
26 May 15 01:26:30
$THO vs. $TSLA vs. $KNDI vs. $GM Compared Across 9 Critical Measures http://t.co/BshPjLZJPH http://t.co/XXWXvVy9De
Capital Market Labs
26 May 15 00:14:25
$HOG vs. $KNDI vs. $TSLA vs. $GM Compared Across 9 Critical Measures http://t.co/w88kNBqoGP http://t.co/q1d20KRpOO
25 May 15 23:48:15
TGZ.TO Teranga Gold Corp. Investor Opinions http://t.co/bGbQGwsI0i $TGZ.TO $AGNC $KNDI $RSP #TGZ.TO #tradeideas #stock
25 May 15 23:31:37
AGNC American Capital Agency Corp. Ex-Div Date http://t.co/0DC9PgR2br $AGNC $RDSH $CLF $KNDI #AGNC #pennystocks #finance
Stock Forums
25 May 15 23:31:06
ADMD Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. Open http://t.co/5CTuY8U70L $ADMD $OSLH $KNDI $XLV #ADMD #stock #share
25 May 15 22:47:08
TBT ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury Chart http://t.co/9cBhUYcwld $TBT $KNDI $AGNC $DXGE #TBT #stockmarket #finance
25 May 15 22:44:05
NFLX Netflix, Inc. Shares http://t.co/lUiSjqqDPe $NFLX $KNDI $GGP $WMT #NFLX #stocks #finance
25 May 15 22:43:07
KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. P/E Ratio http://t.co/VJyUsv4KNR $KNDI $SLV $TNA $FXCM #KNDI #investing #pennystocks
25 May 15 22:34:05
BX Blackstone Group LP Stock Forum http://t.co/Lib3BQNnWV $BX $KNDI $QTMM $ITB #BX #tradeideas #tradeideas
Ty Reamer
25 May 15 14:32:22
$KNDI should consolidate here then squeeze higher. 10 should be good resistance for now
Wayne Nguyen
25 May 15 11:28:46
$SPY Long Set-ups $GPRO $FB $KNDI $HZNP $DSKY $NKTR $WETF http://t.co/qLw0QomUEK
25 May 15 10:00:08
$KNDI Max Pain is 10.00 for maturity 05/29/2015. Price = 9.96. http://t.co/k0Nnx6MJC0
25 May 15 07:48:04
$KNDI $BBG: Movers Stock Analysis: Kandi Technologies Group Inc (NASDAQ ...: http://t.co/94gq1LwWI8
Roger Clinton
25 May 15 07:11:44
RT @InvestorWisdom: $HACK $30.5 break. Big move comin $CYBR $FEYE $FB $HD $JD $KNDI $V $MSFT $ISR $TWTR $SUNE $DDD $LOW $Z $YY $ZU $AAL $SS…
lnventor  Engin
25 May 15 02:24:02
RT @MookTrader: $KNDI up premkt because Partner Geely Reports 18% Gain in Exports for April $$ http://t.co/Zu0Kp45fPz"
lnventor  Engin
25 May 15 02:23:49
RT @bullriders1: @fm23 $KNDI +7% at $14.11 gapping to $15 tomorrow on new joint venture... http://t.co/e6DwDg01ou
lnventor  Engin
25 May 15 02:22:24
RT @otterom: Kandi Technologies $KNDI on Watch Following Geely Auto's Nov. Sales Numbers $$ http://t.co/qZgqDLrU74
lnventor  Engin
25 May 15 02:21:31
RT @Pzaa_Guy: $KNDI - Kandi Technologies Reports Chairman Hu's Attendance at Geely & Xin Dayang's EV Joint Venture Press http://t.co/HzRlNm…
lnventor  Engin
25 May 15 02:16:04
RT @iHangout: BULL2222: $KNDI Kandi Technologies Group Inc: The new joint venture company Geely Ocean Lanzhou http://t.co/PeCybxrXGA
lnventor  Engin
25 May 15 02:16:04
RT @iHangout4: BULL2222: $KNDI Kandi Technologies Group Inc: Interview Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu http://t.co/qK1gTmM6u6
Invest | Donate
25 May 15 01:00:15
@PolgarStocks: KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. Stock Forum http://t.co/iZq97qjQmz $KNDI $TSLA $DDD $DOM.L #KNDI #invest #nasdaq
Invest | Donate
25 May 15 00:47:26
@PolgarStocks: KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. Stock Forum http://t.co/AAhs4zYkJM $KNDI $TSLA $DDD $DOM.L #KNDI #invest #nasdaq
25 May 15 00:43:07
MDRX Allscripts, Inc. 52Wk Low http://t.co/VF7ENA7Tq3 $MDRX $OLED $KNDI $BABA #MDRX #stockmarket #share
25 May 15 00:42:58
KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. Stock Forum http://t.co/2742ra0ABR $KNDI $TSLA $DDD $DOM.L #KNDI #invest #nasdaq
25 May 15 00:42:58
KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. Stock Forum http://t.co/qHERH9rRoW $KNDI $TSLA $DDD $DOM.L #KNDI #invest #nasdaq
25 May 15 00:42:58
KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. Stock Forum http://t.co/vxJVegDuEI $KNDI $TSLA $DDD $DOM.L #KNDI #invest #nasdaq
25 May 15 00:42:43
KPTI Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. Day High http://t.co/HMjouWVh9E $KPTI $TVIX $KNDI $AGCZ #KPTI #stocks #tradeideas
25 May 15 00:42:41
KNDI Kandi Technologies Corp. Open http://t.co/C0f1Ke2OX1 $KNDI $OUTR $TLT $DOM.L #KNDI #tradeideas #stocks
  +Follow October 16, 2013 3:44PM



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