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How Pinterest Is Shaping Online Consumer Habits

By  +Follow June 25, 2013 9:27AM
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PinterestEvery working women knows the power of a little retail therapy at the end of a long week. Whether it is window shopping or impulse purchases, women across America love to spend their money on clothing. Around 64 percent of American women admit that is a mechanism they use to lighten their moods or reward themselves. With that in mind, online shopping has made access to the latest trends and fashion more convenient then ever. Though online shopping tends to BE a solitary activity where one sits behind their computer clicking through the endless pages of offered items, with the introduction of Pinterest in March 2010, online shoppers have the ability to communicate, discover, be inspired and purchase all through one website. It has established the social commerce balance between aspirational browsing and shopping.  

According to a recent BizRate insights survey, 70 percent of online shoppers say that they are getting their current shopping inspiration from Pinterest compared to the 17 percent that get their inspiration from Facebook (FB). It was found that buyers who were referred by Pinterest were also 10 percent more likely to end up buying items off the website. Since January 2013 the number of people visiting the Pinterest website has increased 145 percent and the source of revenues from stores now contributes to 17 percent of online media traffic. As Pinterest rises to being the third most visited social media platform, following behind Facebook and Twitter, it's not only stimulating followers within its platform but the online shopping industry as a whole. 

Americans using Pinterest spend on average $80 on orders through the website compared to the $40 that is derived from Facebook. As people use the interface more and more, their pin selections become tailored towards their interests, hobbies and preferences. This allows online companies to make use of targeted advertising on a greater level as a part of a network. With that in mind as Pinterest continues to rise in popularity so will the online shopping industry. Its easy links and personalized manner make it an ideal escape for any women in need of a little retail therapy. 

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