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Panera Bread CEO Lives Off of $4.50 a Day

  +Follow September 18, 2013 8:57AM
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In an attempt to raise awareness about hunger in the United States, Panera Bread Co. (PNRA) CEO Ron Shiach is living off of $4.50 a day and blogging his experience.

“For one week, beginning Saturday, September 14, 2013, I will live on just $4.50 a day, the average daily benefit per person provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; formerly known as Food Stamps),” said Sciach.

According to a recent New York Times article, 49 million people are categorized as “food insecure”, or as Sciach simply put, hungry. 48 million people in the United States are supported by food stamps, while an estimated 16 million children go to bed hungry.

While Sciach has spent many hours studying the issue of hunger, he himself has never personally experienced it. That is until now.

Since the "SNAP Challenge" began on September 14, the CEO has been updating his experience on Linkedin Corporation (LNKD) .

When grocery shopping on a weekly budget of $31.50, to his surprise Shiach has found he cannot afford common items such as milk, fruits, coffee, or yogurt. His diet mostly consists of cereal without milk, pasta, and dry chickpeas.

On the third day of the Snap Challenge, Schiach wrote that he felt “bloated and weak” due to the carbohydrate-heavy diet. In addition, he noted that he had a hard time focusing throughout the day.

The challenge is also taking a toll on Sciach mentally. By the fourth day he stated that his mind is constantly “consumed by food.” He cited an instance where he lashed out at this wife for over-portioning his pasta at dinner because of his anxiety over running out of food.

Sciach experience with hunger lasts one week, but he realizes that for many others it is a real and on-going struggle.

“To be clear, I don’t mean to trivialize anyone else’s experience or claim mine as an authentic representation of what food insecurity looks like," Shiach said. “Rather, my hope is to inspire other leaders – in business, government and the nonprofit world – to take on the challenge of food insecurity as their own.”

Through this experience Sciach hopes that he himself will be inspired to figure out new solutions to the problem of hunger. Sciach also initiated Panera Cares in 2010, which provides a collection of cafes that offer free food to those in need.

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26 Aug 14 16:41:39
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Luis Gutierrez
25 Aug 14 18:33:13
New Panera's flat breads are ok, not great, sort of something out of a plastic bag. $PNRA Hope there is more punch on the 2.0 gig
25 Aug 14 17:14:55
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The Panic
25 Aug 14 06:24:17
@TheArmoTrader, sat in a $PNRA this weekend with wife and mother and looked around. Reminded me of old McD's families, etc. @DavidSchawel
Shelby Holliday
25 Aug 14 06:07:24
McDonalds faces "Millennial" challenge as young diners seek fast-casual Chipotle, Panera, Five Guys http://t.co/tGVO7s48IR $cmg $mcd $pnra
Kym L
24 Aug 14 22:01:47
@MisterLomez I don't have a good read on $PNRA at the moment.
24 Aug 14 10:02:48
May look to $AOL $NLY $PNRA early Mon. Also, will be following @harmongreg book & find stocks w/ a sector down approach. Stay'n Delta neut.
24 Aug 14 09:57:42
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TV_Trading Ideas
24 Aug 14 09:40:49
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24 Aug 14 09:40:49
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24 Aug 14 02:41:21
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23 Aug 14 23:01:16
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23 Aug 14 22:51:00
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23 Aug 14 07:41:18
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  +Follow September 18, 2013 8:57AM



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