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Equities.com's Francis Gaskins Tells Bloomberg How Twitter's IPO Compares with Facebook, LinkedIn

By  +Follow October 4, 2013 2:15PM
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Francis Gaskins, Director of Research for Equities.com, was interviewed on Bloomberg TV Friday on his analysis of Twitter's IPO prospects. Gaskins, whose meticulous research process was described as "legendary" by host Tom Keene in the interview, is no stranger to social media IPOs. In 2012, when Facebook's IPO was in the works, Gaskins warned that the social network was mispriced, and his $18 price target was proven right with three months after shares started trading. 

As for Twitter, Gaskins is much more positive on the microblogging company's approach to the market.

"Twitter’s run by a group of professions. It took about nine to 12 months for Facebook to get into professional mode. Once they did, the stock went as we know from $18.25 to $49 or $50. Twitter has the buttoned down approach down cold right now. They have a great set of VCs, and those VCs have programed Twitter to do really, really well in the road show."

Watch the full interview below:


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Results for TWTR
Quang Doan
6 May 15 07:10:36
in $AAPL 123.73. lol.... $TWTR 36.83.
Stock Dawgzz
6 May 15 07:09:33
Our Stock Picks Have Been Seeing MASSIVE Gains This Year! Special Update: http://t.co/rq5jT834jk $Q $TWTR $YY
Danny E
6 May 15 07:09:07
Nice entry for $TWTR here. Last time in this territory was June of last year.
Joseph Ingersoll
6 May 15 07:08:39
@dave_meadows what do you think about selling $TWTR $35 strike puts expire 5-29-15 or 6-19-15. At some point $TWTR is going to stop falling.
6 May 15 07:08:13
RT @MikeBellafiore: watchlist: $VSI $NDLS $PTBI $TWTR $SHAK $HLF
Alok Jain
6 May 15 07:08:12
$TWTR $LNKD a stark reminder of how the market can stay irrational much longer than you can stay solvent
Usman zahid
6 May 15 07:07:41
RT @Bidnessetc: Latest Insider Selling - http://t.co/j77Q91YCcc $AAPL $TWTR $IBM $WFC http://t.co/cmdWhgXyWD
6 May 15 07:07:40
@callorish Buying more $PRGO, $BAC, $HTZ, $BTU and $TWTR.
charts & opinions
6 May 15 07:07:20
Had to buy the Jan '17 38 calls for $TWTR no way they stay independent with $GS CFO, big media company Ramps this woof woof!
Mike Bellafiore
6 May 15 07:07:17
watchlist: $VSI $NDLS $PTBI $TWTR $SHAK $HLF
Michael O'Brien
6 May 15 07:07:09
$twtr market cap around what @WhatsApp sold to $fb for and I had never even heard of whatsapp.
6 May 15 07:07:03
picked up some $TWTR at 36.84, way oversold I believe, scalin in
Bidness Etc
6 May 15 07:06:55
Latest Insider Selling - http://t.co/j77Q91YCcc $AAPL $TWTR $IBM $WFC http://t.co/cmdWhgXyWD
Craig Scott
6 May 15 07:06:36
as a LONG term $twtr shareholder, the lower the price in the short term, the more stimulus for change it will bring.
6 May 15 07:06:16
@grassosteve Buying more $PRGO, $BAC, $HTZ and $TWTR in addition to my $BTU. Hope you are right on this one!
Option Zen
6 May 15 07:06:13
$twtr. Closed the last of my calls. Took my beating. $crm. Bought 200 80 calls for next week. And like $tsla for tonight
6 May 15 07:06:09
STC 1/2 $TWTR 35.5x MAY15P here +53%
Eric Li
6 May 15 07:05:26
$TWTR is now worth less than 23 billion, $MSFT $GOOG $AAPL $FB might really consider buying it
6 May 15 07:05:09
$twtr gartman said buy this at 43. Now crickets. Roll him out to proclaim some new bad idea with 0 accountability @CNBC @GartmanBlog
The Chairman
6 May 15 07:05:00
@DougKass douggie how is that $TWTR call treating u ? #CRICKETS
Timothy Sykes
6 May 15 07:04:57
More http://t.co/fljCJMRjtQ student profits ChuckBo4:all out $PTBI +628 today + $1900 for 2 days. Thanks Tim! KEEP HATING PENNY STOCKS $TWTR
Alok Jain
6 May 15 07:04:46
$TWTR sink like a stone that's been thrown in the ocean My logic has drowned in a sea of emotion
Bruce J Moschella
6 May 15 07:04:18
$TWTR Needs to get to RR
Patrick He
6 May 15 07:04:07
$twtr I will hold it long anyway, excellent product, I believe
6 May 15 07:03:20
@Chrisyahahha @DIRT2GOLD @naomihn2000 @dave_meadows @JohnBrick2 $TWTR down 30% since earnings
Rosner Stocks
6 May 15 07:03:06
XEG.TO VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short Term ETN Stock Forum Click Here -> http://t.co/7eZdlOaVHH Trending $XEG.TO $TWTR $BIDU…
6 May 15 07:02:45
RT @howardlindzon: $TWTR now in the $36's down 30 percent from earnings day
IH News Desk
6 May 15 07:02:43
$CELG Short Sales Updated Wednesday, May 6, 2015 09:11:14 AM $TWTR $EWH $ERY $HEDJ http://t.co/3Jc5suMD7F
6 May 15 07:02:40
$TWTR Stock Price Updated Wednesday, May 6, 2015 09:07:17 AM $PZE $NYMX $IWM $CYTX http://t.co/7mD3Isvs51
Patrick He
6 May 15 07:02:27
$TWTR MGMT buying time but investors don't buy it.
6 May 15 07:02:22
RT @DIRT2GOLD: @Chrisyahahha @naomihn2000 @gene70 @dave_meadows @JohnBrick2 Taking Poll: Can $TWTR go below $35? Yes (retweet); No (favori…
Alok Jain
6 May 15 07:02:07
$TWTR I feel free.......
Low Key O.G.
6 May 15 07:02:02
RT @bclund: If you use charts, going forward this area in $TWTR should be viewed as a gap. http://t.co/b3UDNVuaSH
Ed McCormick
6 May 15 07:01:56
Love TWTR the service but cannot own $TWTR the stock here...
Vishesh Parekh
6 May 15 07:01:49
RT @ForexLive: Talk about $GOOG buying a stake in $TWTR
Joseph Ingersoll
6 May 15 07:01:46
@Chrisyahahha @naomihn2000 @gene70 @dave_meadows @JohnBrick2 Taking Poll: Can $TWTR go below $35? Yes (retweet); No (favorite); $36.52 low
Justin Galea
6 May 15 07:01:32
RT @OpenOutcrier: $TWTR another $GOOG rumor out there, careful
6 May 15 07:01:18
TWTR Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3x Shares Exchange Click Here -> http://t.co/GwtATt1DXK Trending $TWTR $BIDU $XOM $DDD #TWTR…
Brian Lund
6 May 15 07:00:58
If you use charts, going forward this area in $TWTR should be viewed as a gap. http://t.co/b3UDNVuaSH
Sooner Trading
6 May 15 07:00:42
@hedgefundclone Wife buys media for Fortune 5. Invited $TWTR team. $TWTR sent bunch of unprepared, arrogant #millennials. Bad management.
6 May 15 07:00:04
#toptickertweets $PTBI $AAPL $SPY $GEVA $TWTR $TSLA $FB $ALXN $DAX $USO #sentiquant 20150506 10:00:05:046
6 May 15 07:00:04
#sentishiftdown $TLT $WMT $VXX $T $ONCY $H $TWTR $LNKD $UA $FB #sentiquant 20150506 10:00:04:755
6 May 15 06:59:54
RT @howardlindzon: $TWTR now in the $36's down 30 percent from earnings day
Charlie Miller
6 May 15 06:59:22
RT @ForexLive: Talk about $GOOG buying a stake in $TWTR
6 May 15 06:59:09
Ha daily $GOOG for $TWTR rumor
6 May 15 06:59:01
$TWTR - said it was going to $35-$36 before going back to $40 risk reward now on your side in $36's as a long
Brian Bolan
6 May 15 06:58:48
Another $goog for $twtr rumor, but i can't see that deal being done at all. Google buys up and coming technology, rarely existing tech.
6 May 15 06:58:37
RT @WSJ: Twitter bolsters finance team as CFO Anthony Noto adds marketing duties http://t.co/xgX9Bdomad $TWTR http://t.co/kKwKMZgQ1Y
stavros tsimpos
6 May 15 06:58:32
RT @ForexLive: Talk about $GOOG buying a stake in $TWTR
6 May 15 06:58:29
@ACInvestorBlog $TWTR are you planning to buy at this point?
By  +Follow October 4, 2013 2:15PM



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