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Equities.com's Francis Gaskins Tells Bloomberg How Twitter's IPO Compares with Facebook, LinkedIn

By  +Follow October 4, 2013 2:15PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Francis Gaskins, Director of Research for Equities.com, was interviewed on Bloomberg TV Friday on his analysis of Twitter's IPO prospects. Gaskins, whose meticulous research process was described as "legendary" by host Tom Keene in the interview, is no stranger to social media IPOs. In 2012, when Facebook's IPO was in the works, Gaskins warned that the social network was mispriced, and his $18 price target was proven right with three months after shares started trading. 

As for Twitter, Gaskins is much more positive on the microblogging company's approach to the market.

"Twitter’s run by a group of professions. It took about nine to 12 months for Facebook to get into professional mode. Once they did, the stock went as we know from $18.25 to $49 or $50. Twitter has the buttoned down approach down cold right now. They have a great set of VCs, and those VCs have programed Twitter to do really, really well in the road show."

Watch the full interview below:


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