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Equities.com's Francis Gaskins Tells Bloomberg How Twitter's IPO Compares with Facebook, LinkedIn

By  +Follow October 4, 2013 2:15PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Francis Gaskins, Director of Research for Equities.com, was interviewed on Bloomberg TV Friday on his analysis of Twitter's IPO prospects. Gaskins, whose meticulous research process was described as "legendary" by host Tom Keene in the interview, is no stranger to social media IPOs. In 2012, when Facebook's IPO was in the works, Gaskins warned that the social network was mispriced, and his $18 price target was proven right with three months after shares started trading. 

As for Twitter, Gaskins is much more positive on the microblogging company's approach to the market.

"Twitter’s run by a group of professions. It took about nine to 12 months for Facebook to get into professional mode. Once they did, the stock went as we know from $18.25 to $49 or $50. Twitter has the buttoned down approach down cold right now. They have a great set of VCs, and those VCs have programed Twitter to do really, really well in the road show."

Watch the full interview below:


DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Results for TWTR
Adam Lozano
27 Aug 14 11:19:41
@TheMattVarella I can always tell how $TWTR is doing whenever I see these tweets
BUZZ Just-In
27 Aug 14 11:12:48
Monitor your watchlist of assets for tweets- US Tech Giants http://t.co/QnTy4vuEs5 $MSFT $TWTR $AAPL $FB $GOOG
Harry Wanger
27 Aug 14 11:10:19
@RetroWallSt 48 area continues to be a solid line of resistance $TWTR
Justin Pulitzer
27 Aug 14 11:08:34
“@GeorgeManiereg: @JustinPulitzer What's your target for $TWTR? I had 48.00 as a target but held. Maybe wrong?”<~$48, $50, $52 upside levels
George Maniere
27 Aug 14 11:07:47
@JustinPulitzer What's your target for $TWTR? I had 48.00 as a target but held. Maybe wrong?
27 Aug 14 11:07:31
$twtr must close above 48.17, until then she's digesting....
Tony P
27 Aug 14 11:06:45
Snapchat valued at $10 billion?!!! Get real, how do you monetize that?? $TWTR has enough trouble monetizing, let alone a "picture chat" co..
Timothy Sykes
27 Aug 14 11:01:05
SWEET millionaire/billionaire stats http://t.co/qOlbgzOYQb cc $FB $TWTR
27 Aug 14 11:00:04
10 Most Active Tweets: $AAPL $SPY $FB $SPX $TWTR $DGLY $ISNS $MNKD $TUBE $BAC
Timothy Collins
27 Aug 14 10:59:59
nice hammer on that $TWTR daily chart
27 Aug 14 10:59:36
last: $48.15 1:44pm EST 8/27/2014 change: -0.02 day high: 48.46 day low: 47.18 open: 48.24 volume: 18500586 $TWTR
27 Aug 14 10:59:31
$SNSS clear textbook breakout here. $TWTR $FB $DGLY $FOLD http://t.co/fUwZg152wk
Mike 余
27 Aug 14 10:57:32
$twtr back on track to $50! 推特!
27 Aug 14 10:56:04
$TWTR blushing a little RSI is just flattening, it wants to but ...
Coherent Variance
27 Aug 14 10:55:28
Added to $yhoo and $twtr this morning.
Sabrina Kizzie
27 Aug 14 10:55:14
Here's what raw Twitter data looks like. / #SMWMumbai $TWTR RT @sarakgoo @2morrowknight http://t.co/CL4qngl9kP
Perfor Mance
27 Aug 14 10:54:12
Option Millionaires: Black00SS: $TWTR going here http://t.co/LgJsFQ5vVv
John TenBrock
27 Aug 14 10:54:10
$TWTR needed time digesting that huge gap, but has worked & looks hungry for more, todays reversal offered another add with tight risk.
Blown Calls
27 Aug 14 10:52:59
#afternoondelight time $TWTR $SSYS $FB and throw in $PCLN for good measure. Fireworks b4 Labor Day. #ballsofsteel #winningtrade #makemyday
27 Aug 14 10:52:58
$TWTR very strong today in the face of the $FB downgrade (BTW...that downgrade was a very poor call)
27 Aug 14 10:52:24
I promise when $SPY is actually #bearish I will be the most hated bear on $TWTR - I love bear markets! we ain't even close to one now!
Dan Zanger
27 Aug 14 10:50:20
@KeralaGuy77 Yes I am in $TWTR but $FB needs a little more work.
27 Aug 14 10:50:04
$TWTR 1.12 bid in to add sept 20 50's, strong chart
27 Aug 14 10:49:05
@RedDogT3 @DanZanger $twtr one of the best too (and was is $fb in spite of selling today). i am hoping they dont run $twtr to 55 this week!
27 Aug 14 10:46:58
$TWTR back up to $48.26. Increasing stop for all shares. https://t.co/VzpvWb2sPW
27 Aug 14 10:45:40
$TWTR please hit my bid ty
27 Aug 14 10:40:46
$TWTR love these fake spike downs, adding calls if she goes lower
Gale Stelzer II
27 Aug 14 10:40:09
$TWTR Not selling a single share!
Charles Carrière
27 Aug 14 10:38:57
$TWTR enloqueciendo otra vez $$$ Pal' cielo
27 Aug 14 10:38:41
$TWTR nice.
Becky Hiu
27 Aug 14 10:36:43
Hey guys, blue birdy is green $TWTR
Jeff Focker
27 Aug 14 10:35:51
$AAPL $TWTR $GILD want higher..not worth arguing with price
smtrader StockTrader
27 Aug 14 10:35:33
$TWTR is showing some movement again! let's see if it can put in a new hod
27 Aug 14 10:35:12
RT @stockassassin74: $TWTR about to r/g what a beast!
27 Aug 14 10:34:24
$twtr gone green and $hpq hod.
27 Aug 14 10:32:38
$FB coming back $TWTR ready to go as well.
27 Aug 14 10:32:15
$TWTR about to r/g what a beast!
27 Aug 14 10:32:15
$TWTR There we go
Amit Gupta
27 Aug 14 10:32:09
There comes green $TWTR
Jeff Focker
27 Aug 14 10:32:05
$TWTR $AAPL at hod
Kirk Kornegay
27 Aug 14 10:31:23
$TWTR nothing like a few block trades to get you over the top :)
james Bond 007
27 Aug 14 10:27:52
$TWTR $FB charts look great! Love it Too legit to quit
Investors Hangout
27 Aug 14 10:25:45
jim50: $TWTR Stock Date=Aug-27-2014 Open=48.24 http://t.co/Q4EPihTPoJ
Investors Hangout
27 Aug 14 10:25:45
jim50: $TWTR Stock Date=Aug-27-2014 Open=48.24 http://t.co/CBezIrdpY7
27 Aug 14 10:21:51
GUARANTEED PROFIT: $LOCO stop raised to $31.40 (30.60) $TWTR stop raised to $46.70 (44.06) $FUEL stop raised to $15.40 (14.57)
Jennifer Booton
27 Aug 14 10:21:10
RT @benpimentel: Twitter CEO: Snapchat at $10 billion ‘not absurd’ http://t.co/k0WuiY9xrK $twtr #snapchat http://t.co/suMyftAQFz
27 Aug 14 10:19:40
last: $48.0101 1:04pm EST 8/27/2014 change: -0.1599 day high: 48.46 day low: 47.18 open: 48.24 volume: 16810820 $TWTR
27 Aug 14 10:19:33
http://t.co/UUQeeS6eNk read_this_n0w: $TWTR creeping up, back in: read_this_n0w http://t.co/WhiLnh8GG7 http://t.co/UUQeeS6eNk
OTPicks- OnTimePicks
27 Aug 14 10:19:31
http://t.co/q3RLPoRVry read_this_n0w: $TWTR creeping up, back in: read_this_n0w http://t.co/hL7bA7qwSq http://t.co/q3RLPoRVry
27 Aug 14 10:19:26
http://t.co/y0P0rvA8JD read_this_n0w: $TWTR creeping up, back in: read_this_n0w http://t.co/VbHYrLD5Xl http://t.co/y0P0rvA8JD
By  +Follow October 4, 2013 2:15PM



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