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Investing in Funny Ticker Symbols: August Update

  +Follow August 16, 2013 8:24AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Equities.com continues to track its portfolio of funny ticker stocks against the performance of the S&P 500 and there have been major updates since last month’s review.

Since its inception, the “FUNY Index” has more than doubled the S&P 500 for a return of 47.77 percent, while the S&P500 had a return of 22.76 percent since the November low. Here is a breakdown of the FUNY Index during the timeframe (November 15 – August 15).



BioTelemetry, Inc. (BEAT) was the winner again this month with a whopping return of 235 percent. Biotelemetry, formally called Cardionet, changed the company name on Tuesday. The company is a developer of heartbeat monitoring technology who has soared all the way up to just around $8 per share.

Moving onto the food industry, two popular pizza chains Papa Johns, Int’l Inc. (PZZA) and Pizza Hut owned by Yum! Brands Inc. (YUM) , went head-to-head, putting their best pizzas forward. Papa Johns came up on top with a return of 47.39 percent while Yum! Brands had a return of just 4.27 percent.

However, Yum! Brands has also recouped after being down 4.54 percent last month. Over the last five years, Papa Johns has steadily gained value, jumping from around $8 per share to almost $70. Finishing up the restaurant section, The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. (CAKE) is also showing significant return, up 30.96 percent since Nov. 15.  The company announced the opening of a new restaurant in Novi, Michigan on Tuesday.

Other companies that enjoyed profits during this period include Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV) , which posted a return of 52.22 percent, and OM Group Inc. (OMG) , which has improved drastically since November.  

All stocks from the FUNY Index have improved since the November low. The three names--Asia Tigers Fund Inc. (GRR) , Thoratec Corp. (THOR) , and YUM! Brands--were actually down last month, but brought themselves back up, improving the overall return of the FUNY Index. However, this does not come as a huge surprise considering the S&P 500 rose by over 4 percent from last month.

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions. To read our full disclosure, please go to: http://www.equities.com/disclaimer

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Results for BEAT
29 Jul 15 12:24:52
Market close top stocks bull trade ideas: $CYT $RUBI $PNRA $BECN $HURN $SLCA $MPWR $BEAT $ETH $EXAM
29 Jul 15 11:50:59
BioTelemetry Sets New 1-Year High Following Analyst Upgrade $BEAT http://t.co/9pNZyEVZfD
Breaking News
29 Jul 15 10:26:03
$BEAT: BioTelemetry Hits New 12-Month High on Analyst Upgrade (BEAT): http://t.co/xR993It4TG
Dakota Financial
29 Jul 15 10:24:54
BioTelemetry Hits New 12-Month High on Analyst Upgrade $BEAT http://t.co/v2NGIuWqIa
29 Jul 15 09:16:58
$OCLS $OCLSW break out up 10% today. Price target of $5 $WES $PRAA $ARWR $CCU $BEAT $MGRC investors read http://t.co/rWpJvFmAFr
29 Jul 15 07:22:03
$BEAT: BioTelemetry Downgraded to "Hold" at Zacks (BEAT): http://t.co/S50Yo2TEsK
29 Jul 15 06:47:19
$BEAT, always sell into gaps, broke that rule today....
29 Jul 15 06:22:31
If you didn't get ur $BEAT on yesterday, u should consider hanging limit orders since this market is thin and algos run stops.(11.85, 11.65)
stockdiva 02
29 Jul 15 05:48:14
Stocks of late making new one month highs: $ABBV $AGN $ALGT $ANAC $BEAT $CVS $EQIX $INSY $JAZZ $JNPR $LGF $MAS $MLAB
29 Jul 15 05:32:05
$BEAT: BioTelemetry (BEAT) Looks Good: Stock Moves 8% Higher: http://t.co/NAFuvt4nBD
Scott R
29 Jul 15 04:49:10
$BEAT breakout watch
29 Jul 15 03:45:36
SH ProShares Short S&P 500 Fund Day Low http://t.co/F13ESnBQlN $SH $SRNE $BEAT $MBLY #SH #invest #invest
Investors Hangout
29 Jul 15 03:41:13
LBIO Lion Biotechnologies, Inc. Ask Size http://t.co/XVAoaxTFlK $LBIO $CSCO $BEAT $INTC #LBIO #invest #finance
29 Jul 15 03:38:37
HOV Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Ideas http://t.co/pdtucynW5L $HOV $BEAT $WFC $SRNE #HOV #nasdaq #stockmarket
29 Jul 15 03:37:19
EWJ Japan iShares Bid Size http://t.co/jbSrnh4MMk $EWJ $TSLA $DRREDDY.IN $BEAT #EWJ #tradeideas #stockmarket
29 Jul 15 03:32:39
BEAT CardioNet Inc. Tick http://t.co/X32wrRQF6Q $BEAT $RELIANCE.IN $LGO.L $JNK #BEAT #nasdaq #tradeideas
Investors Hangout
29 Jul 15 03:32:36
BEAT CardioNet Inc. Prev Close http://t.co/ln1iHTHshU $BEAT $XLB $DFS $HXD.TO #BEAT #finance #share
28 Jul 15 23:36:37
ECIG Electronic Cigarettes Intl Group, Ltd. Open http://t.co/osWzBYfARe $ECIG $GRCU $BEAT $IHSI #ECIG #share #finance
28 Jul 15 23:33:34
BEAT CardioNet Inc. Bid Size http://t.co/WfoskD4Krf $BEAT $AMZN $XLE $DISHMAN.IN #BEAT #share #stock
28 Jul 15 23:31:05
AMAG AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Yield http://t.co/W4BPxjo60b $AMAG $BEAT $BCR $OOIL #AMAG #investing #finance
28 Jul 15 22:59:04
$BEAT: BioTelemetry Stock Price Up 5.9% After Analyst Upgrade (BEAT): http://t.co/8BHpk94NZK
28 Jul 15 22:57:48
BioTelemetry Stock Price Up 5.9% After Analyst Upgrade $BEAT http://t.co/fTRTdQWEYW
Mr. Breakout
28 Jul 15 20:25:41
Check Out Today's IIC 100 New Highs ►►► http://t.co/YK5Jjb2LfI including $BEAT $VRX $AMWD etc...
Rosner Stocks
28 Jul 15 19:42:05
PRTA Pervasip Corp. E.P.S. http://t.co/jEJEId5Hjj $PRTA $RSP $VPOR $BEAT #PRTA #tradeideas #stock
Investors Hangout
28 Jul 15 19:40:03
MO Marathon Petroleum Corp. Short Sales http://t.co/yV1Lf7qNBo $MO $C $BLTA $BEAT #MO #invest #tradeideas
28 Jul 15 19:33:08
BEAT ProShares Ultra NASDAQ Biotechnology Investor Opinions http://t.co/SNl5HtuSGl $BEAT $FV $MEIP $AMZN #BEAT #pennystocks #share
28 Jul 15 19:31:34
AMZN ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Short Sales http://t.co/022F2y9nwu $AMZN $BEAT $MPC $TWTR #AMZN #stocks #finance
28 Jul 15 16:09:02
$BEAT is rated BUY, 41.8% upside by Wall Street analysts based on average ratings/targets http://t.co/QleMX8wFwc http://t.co/kfYjm7YTpQ
28 Jul 15 16:03:52
SmallCap #Stocks Trend $LOXO $NTLS $XON $PRTA $FBC $BEAT $SUPN $INSM $SCMP $CMRX $AMWD $CTLT $PCO more@ http://t.co/Giravo3fg9
Gotham City Capital
28 Jul 15 16:02:07
$BEAT High Volume Break.. Nice. http://t.co/wXQntbLVMj
The Legacy News
28 Jul 15 15:13:01
BioTelemetry Shares Up 5.9% Following Analyst Upgrade $BEAT http://t.co/kupOZQqgMv
Nikki Dunn
28 Jul 15 15:04:19
$BEAT big level up here.. resistance going back to 2013 http://t.co/Cxrcg1knaj
28 Jul 15 15:00:29
Aroon Positive http://t.co/6nwoV4QBgz $ATNI $HRL $HIG $PFE $HIFR $PGND $AEC $PSA/PV $BBN $KNBWY $TBK $LMNS $HMTV $NPT $NQP $NMA $BEAT $ETY
Dakota Financial
28 Jul 15 14:55:15
BioTelemetry Stock Price Up 5.9% Following Analyst Upgrade $BEAT http://t.co/z17a3XBYfd
Capital Market Labs
28 Jul 15 14:08:19
Technical Breakout -> http://t.co/fDwvL0K2hu $BEAT Up +8.02% to New High http://t.co/IbNYzx06pW
Ticker Report
28 Jul 15 13:42:03
BioTelemetry Cut to Hold at Zacks $BEAT http://t.co/q1JvPtPoGE
28 Jul 15 13:26:24
PT Chg 7/28 $BCEI, $GIG, $LOCK, $BEAT, $ITEK, $CKEC, $AMKR, $GPOR, $OTEX, $MPEL, $REI, $UNFI, $ATRC, $COF, $STBZ, $FB http://t.co/ntu3g8vNZe
28 Jul 15 13:02:15
SmallCap #Stocks Trend $NTLS $PRTA $FBC $BEAT $SUPN $JJSF $AMWD $OMI $CYTK $MMSI $QLIK $CLI $PPBI more@ http://t.co/Giravo3fg9
Syed Waqas Nabi
28 Jul 15 13:00:41
A bullish Big MAC (Bullish) has occurred at 2:45 PM Jul 28 at $11.87 on BioTelemetry Inc (BEAT) $BEAT
Daily Contracts
28 Jul 15 12:45:04
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from $BEAT http://t.co/aRa1VntlWk
28 Jul 15 12:26:41
@Mazmasta $BEAT 12.10 #BANG!
28 Jul 15 12:15:35
@Calculatorci not $BEAT though
28 Jul 15 11:45:14
$BEAT gonna fly, great volume, weekly setting up, Long for a swing, and i'm being super selective, don't trust this bounce.
28 Jul 15 10:30:09
BioTelemetry, Inc. Boost Price Target by Dougherty & Company (Ranked 87th) to Buy with 20 PT $BEAT #BEAT http://t.co/syCMl2dkFx
28 Jul 15 10:16:17
BioTelemetry's PT raised by Dougherty & Co to $20.00. buy rating. http://t.co/t1iBvIIcgh $BEAT #BEAT
US Consumer News
28 Jul 15 10:16:05
BioTelemetry's PT raised by Dougherty & Co to $20.00. buy rating. http://t.co/rffOkSEQLn $BEAT #BEAT
Trade Anatomy
28 Jul 15 09:05:32
$BEAT is another nice setup. 10.30-10.45 would be the initial stop. Not many charts to post. Kinda slim pickens http://t.co/H6jI3Xgo0m
Stock Trade Alerts
28 Jul 15 08:41:08
RT @ivanhoff: Some stocks showing relative strength this morning: $TANH $SUPN $NDRM $BEAT $KITE $NLSN http://t.co/Se86QSt24V
28 Jul 15 08:24:39
Some stocks showing relative strength this morning: $TANH $SUPN $NDRM $BEAT $KITE $NLSN http://t.co/Se86QSt24V
28 Jul 15 08:17:47
$BEAT that beat up
  +Follow August 16, 2013 8:24AM



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