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VIX Short Term Futures (VXX) falls with CBOE Volatility Index on Potential Washington Deal

By  +Follow October 11, 2013 8:11AM
Tickers Mentioned:

ETFs tracking the Chicago Board Options Exchange SPX Volatility Index (VIX) have been among the most-actively traded over the past two weeks as well as some of the biggest movers. The VIX, which attempts to reveal market sentiment by tracking options trading in order to forecast the level of volatility over the next month based on that activity, has been on the rise lately as concern about the government shut down and debt ceiling negotiations had investors anticipating higher volatility. However, recent signs that the stalemate might be nearing conclusion, or at least that Republicans may be willing to pass a short-term increase in the debt ceiling, has the VIX declining and the ETFs tracking it moving accordingly.

The VIX fell over nearly 5 percent on Friday, prompting the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures (VXX) to drop almost 2 percent and the VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short Term ETN (XIV) to gain nearly 2.25 percent.

More Promising News From Washington

The most recent move in the VIX and its corresponding ETFs appears to be related to news that a meeting between congressional leaders and President Obama went positively. Sources are indicating that congress will vote on a 6-week increase in the debt ceiling as soon as Friday, significantly cooling market fears.

Other ETFs tracking projected volatility were on the move as well, with the ProShares Trust II ($UVXY) and the VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short Term ETN (TVIX) both declining close to 5 percent.

VIX, ETFs Go on Wild Ride

The VIX is often referred to as the “fear index,” as it’s commonly viewed as a measurement of investors’ concerns about the markets. And the government shut down had investors appearing afraid, based on their options trades. The index shot up over 30 percent from October 1 to October 8, prompting the iPath VIX Short Term fund to gain just over 15 percent over the same period. Then, beginning with news that Boehner might be willing to pass a short-term debt ceiling increase, the VIX dropped nearly 20 percent to where it is today with the iShares fund declining over 15 percent during the same period.

On the whole, both the iShares fund and the VIX have declined over the last three days to return to levels close to where they were at the beginning of the month prior to concerns of political stalemate driving market worries.

Results for VXX
senthilnathan karupp
23 Apr 14 03:08:09
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senthilnathan karupp
23 Apr 14 02:28:02
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Keon Carlisle
22 Apr 14 19:34:26
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douglas kloeker
22 Apr 14 19:08:51
Commented on StockTwits: I would expect to see a pop in the $VXX in the am (it's an etn) ~ made to lose value - ... http://t.co/0qHGJnAIhP
Diego Tarrats
22 Apr 14 17:47:30
Cheap & nice intraday move in $VXX today. Volume spiking at close. "Volatility precedes price" right? @gilcantu1
Tressie Fortenberry
22 Apr 14 16:52:03
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22 Apr 14 16:41:32
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Robin Murray MD CFII
22 Apr 14 13:21:23
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Carolyn B Miciano
22 Apr 14 13:19:11
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22 Apr 14 12:56:26
$VXX $UVXY nearly green by close,, maybe doji close,, so far so good.
22 Apr 14 12:15:35
Did someone just get the presidential cycle memo? $vix $vxx
22 Apr 14 12:12:46
$VXX adding to short hedge via May Calls
22 Apr 14 12:07:51
trimmed profits from $VZ, $T, $PPO, $TWTR $FB . dropped $SODA on anemia . added to $ABX ,$NUGT, $VXX
Jean Fonteneau
22 Apr 14 12:07:25
$VIX sub 13, approaching the zone where long $VXX $UVXY for a trade starts to make sense http://t.co/1Gpb8HulBv
22 Apr 14 11:55:46
$VXX is going to get crushed from now into 4:15
Royal Market
22 Apr 14 11:43:12
RT @sciencetrader: long some $VXX 40.62
Travis Howard
22 Apr 14 11:23:56
Hoping $VXX crashes below $40. Or rally's hard. I'm in puts and calls http://t.co/0joMNiyXuP
Jack Loftis
22 Apr 14 11:22:22
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Stock Forums
22 Apr 14 11:18:02
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Dumb Money
22 Apr 14 11:15:22
@agwarner so are we having a $VXX all time low party this weekend?
22 Apr 14 11:14:38
thought for sure I would get stopped out on $VXX- today's LOD still holding..looks weak though
22 Apr 14 11:05:19
$VXX: added 500 to longs @ 40.60
22 Apr 14 10:42:56
$VXX ytd low is 39.85
22 Apr 14 10:39:17
may have to dump $VXX for a tiny loss and try a better entry
22 Apr 14 10:03:18
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22 Apr 14 09:44:24
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22 Apr 14 09:38:17
Took some $VXX long for a trade.
Travis Howard
22 Apr 14 09:30:24
$VXX bounced off the day lows. Should pullback and go below $40.57 http://t.co/HwfytipKbq
22 Apr 14 08:50:45
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Vance Harwood
22 Apr 14 08:46:48
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Carolyn B Miciano
22 Apr 14 08:35:48
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FMD Capital
22 Apr 14 08:24:16
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Aaron Levitt
22 Apr 14 08:23:14
Which is why regular Joes should run away from this thing as fast they can. RT @ETFdb The average holding period for $VXX is about 4.5 hours
22 Apr 14 08:23:04
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22 Apr 14 08:22:19
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22 Apr 14 08:19:40
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22 Apr 14 08:14:26
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22 Apr 14 08:13:38
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Brian S Jones
22 Apr 14 08:12:36
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22 Apr 14 08:10:20
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22 Apr 14 08:07:18
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22 Apr 14 08:04:48
$VIX new low, now 2.27 under May. Get short $VXX and wait.
22 Apr 14 08:01:15
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ETF Database
22 Apr 14 08:00:36
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22 Apr 14 07:58:35
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By  +Follow October 11, 2013 8:11AM



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