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Trade What You See, Not What You Hope

By  +Follow September 16, 2013 8:38AM
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In our latest interview with Toni Turner of TrendStar Trading Group, we discussed some possible near-term scenarios for this shaky market. With so many uncertainties looming, traders and investors face a number of potential outcomes.

EQ: Stocks are up about 3 percent so far in September after experiencing a rough August. Is this an encouraging sign for the market to go higher from here?

Turner: It’s important right now to see what the S&P 500 does because we’re at a point where several key  events could take place depending on the Fed’s stance this coming week. Ifwe look at a daily chart of the S&P 500, it is nearing a resistance point from the May highs. Should it start rolling over here and head back below 1625, it could form a head-and-shoulders top-reversal pattern, which usually has a negative outcome.

Alternatively, the S&P 500 could continue moving higher from here back to the 1709 all-time high. If it falls at that point, and moves to that 1625 or 1630 support line, then it could form a double top, which also usually has a negative outcome.

More optimistically, it could move sideways between 1630 and 1709 for a while until we move into the typical three best months of the year, which are November, December, and January. The best case scenario—and I’m sure everyone would like to see this—is for it to move above 1709 and continue into an uptrend. Right now, it’s in an iffy position and trading on low volume. So I think it’s wise for traders and investors to trade what they see, and not what they think is going to happen.

EQ: The Federal Reserve will be watched very closely the coming days as the long-expected taper of its bond-purchasing program could be set to begin as early as next week. What is your feeling on the market with this possibly news looming?

Turner: Most of the shock and awe over the Fed tapering its bond purchases has been priced into the S&P 500 right now. It has generally been assumed that the Fed would taper its bond buying by $10 billion a month in the coming months. Right now, it seems that the market has pretty much factored that in, but as I said earlier, the market will still react to this coming week’s announcement. If you look at long-term bond prices through the iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treas Bond ($TLT) or other interest rate-sensitive vehicles, they’re all pausing here. Of course, they could go lower should the announcement next week be something that we don’t expect.

EQ: Apple’s new iPhone announcement was a major dud for investors, triggering a heavy selloff. Would you consider this a buying opportunity or is it too uncertain to touch right now?

Turner: I tend to stay away from stocks that are in the media spotlight. While I believe Apple (AAPL) is a fantastic company, my focus is on high-quality companies that trade below the media radar, with good fundamentals and good setups.

Were I to consider Apple here, I wouldn’t buy it at this exact point. I would need proof that it can hold above its 200-day moving average. To me, it appears to be in a very precarious zone, and it’s probably a good buy for investors like Warren Buffett, who buy and go to sleep for several years. For those people who are at all nervous about holding overnight positions, however, they may be advised to move into something more conservative.

EQ: What sectors are you watching right now?

Turner: The industry group that I’m watching right now is natural gas and the United States Natural Gas (UNG) . It’s risen off its August lows and has made a nice run up. Right now, it’s hesitating here with the lows at $18.47. As long as it can stay above that price level, I will be interested in it. If the U.S. does go on to have a manufacturing renaissance, as is predicted, natural gas could benefit nicely.

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Aniu Student
16 Sep 14 08:10:09
Oops @SquawkAlley. Did you just admit the iPhone 5c was, actually, a very successful $AAPL product (and still is)? Heads will roll.
Steve Feffer
16 Sep 14 08:09:48
@CNBC HA! Cook saying $AAPL doesnt make money by selling your data.They just provide the device for approved developers to monetize nice try
16 Sep 14 08:09:05
Virtnetx $VHC wins mixed ruling in Apple $AAPL patent case over networks #stocks
The Trading Ninja
16 Sep 14 08:08:48
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Jamie Raby
16 Sep 14 08:07:03
People are really selling $AAPL over the China market? Who cares? If $AAPL investors are that ridiculous, it makes me want to sell my shares
Nelson Molina
16 Sep 14 08:07:01
$AAPL I smell a bear trap…..
Cronbupa Business
16 Sep 14 08:06:00
RT @FortuneMagazine: How to dismantle your free U2 album in iTunes http://t.co/UdOV3Xh2LH $AAPL
Mythra Capital
16 Sep 14 08:05:38
$AAPL down 2%, $TSLA after 2% up is now in red, $XOM pulling up
16 Sep 14 08:05:11
Commented on StockTwits: "@BigFlowNYC: $AAPL This is attempt to shake the call tree - you make the choice is the ... http://t.co/sq2UGAYlKU
16 Sep 14 08:05:11
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16 Sep 14 08:05:06
$SPX showing good resilience. $NDX dragged down by $AAPL (down 2%)
Michael Pilla
16 Sep 14 08:05:03
Apple confirms iPhone 6 NFC will work only w/ Apple Pay mobile payment feature, not open to app developers yet. http://t.co/qjsesG1Edb $AAPL
NY Shock Exchange
16 Sep 14 08:04:36
@jonfortt @SquawkAlley China delay broke yesterday > iPhone 6 Release Delayed In China: Bust? http://t.co/Amt7z7KB06 … $AAPL #APPLE
Dan Rosenblum
16 Sep 14 08:04:18
that ad is ridiculous my paypal account was hacked and I have friends who have had the same to them $EBAY $AAPL
16 Sep 14 08:04:00
RT @TopstepTrader: Top tickers on @StockTwits going into the open $AVNR $SODA $YHOO $SCOK $GILD $AAPL $AA $MU
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16 Sep 14 08:03:59
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16 Sep 14 08:03:53
Tim Cook: Apple's business is about changing the world - Telegraph. $AAPL. http://t.co/9Gr1yqqa3U
Ed Evangelista
16 Sep 14 08:02:50
@jonfortt “China could be doing $AAPL a favor” Right on the mark. Should relieve supply pressures across 50+ other countries
16 Sep 14 08:02:49
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16 Sep 14 08:02:05
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MC Management
16 Sep 14 08:01:53
Is $AAPL being sold off to free up funds for $ALIBABA IPO tomorrow? @jimcramer we like your thinking. We are net buyers.
16 Sep 14 08:01:31
$AAPL another China vendor ad pic... LOL http://t.co/JRfGOvXYsU
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16 Sep 14 08:01:16
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16 Sep 14 08:00:59
@SquawkAlley @jonfortt This Kass rumongering sell off in $aapl is a disgrace!
Tom Ortuso
16 Sep 14 08:00:50
Incomes ticked up a little last year and we'll tell you why Apple shares are lower. :28 past on @kgoradio #WSJAudio $AAPL
16 Sep 14 08:00:14
RT @OptionAlert: Largest open interest increases among single stock options for 9/16 include $YHOO, $AAPL, $FB, $MU, and $PFE.
Fortune Magazine
16 Sep 14 08:00:13
How to dismantle your free U2 album in iTunes http://t.co/UdOV3Xh2LH $AAPL
16 Sep 14 08:00:12
16 Sep 14 08:00:12
Tech Alerts
16 Sep 14 08:00:07
Apple's iPhone 6: The Australian Opportunity http://t.co/NoZHlj0eNU $EBAY $MA $SSNLF $V $AAPL
AAPL Stock Alerts
16 Sep 14 08:00:05
Apple's iPhone 6: The Australian Opportunity http://t.co/I0Fbng4IBy $EBAY $MA $SSNLF $V $AAPL
NY Shock Exchange
16 Sep 14 08:00:01
@jonfortt @SquawkAlley Explained here > iPhone 6 Release Delayed In China: Will The Launch Be A Bust? http://t.co/Amt7z7KB06 … $AAPL #APPLE
Coherent Variance
16 Sep 14 07:59:52
$AAPL - Delayed china launch or whatever. If u trade based on news u are bound to get screwed. I'd short a few more if it closes at the low.
16 Sep 14 07:59:30
iPhone 6 Design Shame? Marketing Shots Show Apple Has Removed Ugly Protruding Camera. $AAPL. http://t.co/gukWOMHzC4
Gavin Martinsson
16 Sep 14 07:59:30
$AAPL not lookin so hot there after some bounce to 100.
16 Sep 14 07:58:56
RT @carlquintanilla: RT @jonostrower: Did someone order an #iPhone? $AAPL http://t.co/aSXio20k2K
16 Sep 14 07:58:47
@tierrapartners U DO realize that your price appreciation is due to dividends and buybacks. No tangible growth that is extraordinary. $AAPL
16 Sep 14 07:58:10
@tierrapartners I'm not short CrAAPL , never have been. I'm bashing $AAPL because I think @tim_cook is in way over his head. Toast & Buttah
16 Sep 14 07:57:51
RT @SeekingAlpha: Apple Shares Are Ripe For A Pullback - Time To Take Profits http://t.co/9uKo9bZiDM $AAPL #APPLE
Joshua Roberts
16 Sep 14 07:57:46
#Breaking #Apple $AAPL #iPhone7 early concept design LEAKED http://t.co/7D3yxjX4AE
16 Sep 14 07:57:13
$AAPL iphone 6 will drive topline growth. http://t.co/mLyZ1WLcgX
16 Sep 14 07:57:07
Apple Inc. is doomed. $AAPL dropped by 1.55%! Currently priced at 100.05. http://t.co/A2YnXmdmST #AAPL
16 Sep 14 07:56:58
@WeezyMiyagi @jonfortt @SquawkAlley not to mention that since launch $aapl sales in China have benefited from generous subsidies
Tierra Partners
16 Sep 14 07:56:55
@WeezyMiyagi you've been bashing $AAPL 4eva to no avail. Why not jump over to $GOOG or $AMZN > decent shorts there
16 Sep 14 07:56:35
RT @BloombergTV: "I get up in the morning -- and many other people get up in the morning -- to change things" @tim_cook http://t.co/Isw5Mum…
16 Sep 14 07:56:12
"@thehash: $AAPL hahahahahahahahahah stupid apple stock buyers. where are all the bulls? " Says the man with no position..
By  +Follow September 16, 2013 8:38AM



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