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Equities.com Introduces the Single-Stock “Apple ETF”

  +Follow April 1, 2014 11:45AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Investing in large-cap stocks can be a daunting undertaking for the average retail investor. After all, who has the time to learn about the fundamentals of obscure companies like Ford (F) or General Electric (GE) , let alone figure out what they actually do? Luckily, we’ve done the digging, and as a result have developed quite an interesting investment opportunity. We would now like to introduce our first exchange-traded fund, the Large-Cap Stocks Named Apple ETF ($DUM).


When we first came up with the Apple ETF, we decided we needed some pretty strict criteria. Not just any stock could go into the Apple ETF. To be included in the Apple ETF, we decided that a company had to have the following attributes:

1.       The company must have been founded on April 1, 1976.

What a lucky coincidence that we were only willing to consider companies that were founded 38 years prior to the formation of the ETF.

2.       The company must produce iPhones, iPads, and iMacs.

These electronic products seem to be fairly popular, so we figured that any companies that manufactured them should merit inclusion in the ETF.

3.       The company must have the stock ticker AAPL.

We have noticed a direct correlation between stocks with the ticker AAPL and explosive growth since 2004.

Our Findings

We discovered one stock that merited inclusion in the Apple ETF: Apple Inc. (AAPL) .

A little background on these guys: Apple is a company in Cupertino, Ca. that serves as the inspiration for movies about Steve Jobs. As a result, Apple is considered a vital asset of the Hollywood economy, and considering the film industry's penchant for remakes, should serve the company well for years to come.   

Shares of DUM are now available for investment at an expense rate of 10 percent. Equities.com’s quantitative analyst Nicholas Bhandari says the biggest advantage of investing in DUM is that “you don’t need to think about it.”

And really, when it comes to investing, you shouldn’t be thinking about it too much anyways. You're welcome, everyone.

DISCLOSURE: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of equities.com. Readers should not consider statements made by the author as formal recommendations and should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

April Fools, of course!

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Results for aapl
Tiernan Ray
21 Oct 14 09:22:23
Apple Rising: Targets, Ests. Rise as Bull and Bear Say iPhone 6 Cycle Has Legs - Tech Trader Daily - $AAPL http://t.co/Mv7YXZ7mMC
Bidness Etc
21 Oct 14 09:21:22
#iPhone6 Dominates #Apple Inc.’s Earnings http://t.co/lXswGLPJ2h $AAPL
Silvia Ascarelli
21 Oct 14 09:21:09
RT @jbooton: Could #Apple's shares be reaching their peak? This lone bear thinks so: http://t.co/rmg3V72sg0 $AAPL http://t.co/aoumuCKT4D
Jennifer Booton
21 Oct 14 09:19:32
Could #Apple's shares be reaching their peak? This lone bear thinks so: http://t.co/rmg3V72sg0 $AAPL http://t.co/aoumuCKT4D
Johnny Bleiss
21 Oct 14 09:18:54
Funny. Front page $AAPL story on @WSJ is not "blow out earnings", but "Apple's iCloud is under attack in China"... always a negative angle
Frank Mottek
21 Oct 14 09:15:12
Stocks rally on Apple earnings news, Sept home sales $DJIA up 170 $AAPL up $2.24 to $102 $HOG up $3.75 to $62.13 @knx1070
Invercorp Guatemala
21 Oct 14 09:14:40
RT @MarketWatch: US stocks rose sharply, boosted by upbeat $AAPL earnings and hopes of further ECB stimulus. http://t.co/VrQHaPPhEY http://…
Tom Wrigley
21 Oct 14 09:12:23
$AAPL 101.90 | Einhorn speaking +ve now ☛ Top Line is growing ☛ Margin expansion ☛ Buyback is making a difference ☛ 10x next yr's earnings
21 Oct 14 09:11:57
EINHORN on @cnbc: $AAPL clicking on all cylinders GROWTH Co w/ buybacks I have no quibbles Net of cash $AAPL P/E =10 Unbelievable
21 Oct 14 09:11:24
$AAPL David Einhorn on CNBC notes that he is still long AAPL; says company is working on all cylinders; cites low valuation
21 Oct 14 09:10:30
For the Second Time this Month Apple ups iPhone 6 Plus Orders http://t.co/zzvaqDqs9t #PatentlyApple $AAPL
 Luke Murray
21 Oct 14 09:10:17
$GTATQ $AAPL $AAPL may be better off to buy $GTATQ to protect information that may be exposed in bk
21 Oct 14 09:07:59
Ett tips om någon undrar vart konsumenternas pengar tar vägen. Både Coca-Cola och McDonalds sade idag att de inte hamnar hos dem. $AAPL
عبدالناصر العتيبي
21 Oct 14 09:07:07
$AAPL الآيفون مازال محتفظ بمكانته لدى أبل حتى الآن لكن الآيباد بدأ يفقد نوعاً من بريقة. ننتظر بيانات الآيباد الجديد http://t.co/Rq2LyN88En
Matt Cooper
21 Oct 14 09:05:28
Clear and concise: The drama is that $GTATQ bankruptcy documents might expose $AAPL secrets, thus $AAPL speculation is a $GTATQ buyout.
21 Oct 14 09:03:46
Miss it? AM Anticipation 10/21 Futures rise $DJIA McDonald's gets fried $MCD Apple leads gains $AAPL home data awaits http://t.co/4hjPbCQ2fA
Seeking Alpha
21 Oct 14 09:03:18
Will iPhone 6 Success Propel Broadcom To New Heights? http://t.co/ZUO9O8fc4s $AAPL #APPLE $BRCM
Leilani Pips
21 Oct 14 09:02:50
$GTATQ signing an agreement with $AAPL for settlement in an hour.
Invercorp Guatemala
21 Oct 14 09:01:33
RT @CNBC: U.S. stocks start higher; Apple shares up 3% at the open » http://t.co/cRsf4S4sqo $AAPL
Michael Babad
21 Oct 14 08:59:25
Midday brief: Lots to read here ... http://t.co/9nVASfFCnB $CP $CP.CA $BBRY $AAPL $KO $MCD $MACRO #cdnecon #cdnpoli
Bruno J. Navarro
21 Oct 14 08:59:02
How to play tech earnings all week: 'Fast Money' pros http://t.co/Rxxg7DjmCA $YHOO $MSFT $AAPL
Nick Brown
21 Oct 14 08:58:57
$GTAT hearing adjourns, plans to reconvene at 2p ET, with hope of detailing settlement with $AAPL
Gavin Martinsson
21 Oct 14 08:57:01
Just wanna say those $120 $AAPL Calls I bot at 4.30 PM ET yesterday I sold for 2 cents more. 200% gain. Rolled over to $130 Calls. #simple
Amir |\|
21 Oct 14 08:55:57
@PipsToDollars “@EliteDayTraders: signed settlement within the hour $AAPL $GTATQ” #TheLeilani
First Business News
21 Oct 14 08:54:44
Can $AAPL beat $GOOG at its own game? http://t.co/VBYwbX7Qqs @bmoller @kpronn
Hedgehog Trader
21 Oct 14 08:54:17
Why play boring $TWTR and $AAPL when you can have tomorrow's stars today? Join Hedgehog Trader for huge gains! http://t.co/uBeZIpWmF1
 Luke Murray
21 Oct 14 08:53:07
signed settlement within the hour $AAPL $GTATQ
21 Oct 14 08:51:34
in theory $aapl has a lot of resistance from here this week. i wont short it but would book some profits on this week's bullish trades
21 Oct 14 08:47:51
@AjTrader7 nice call on $aapl. I picked up some calls but would have got killed if i didnt wait on the pullback. Your thoughts helped alot
Jamie Parker
21 Oct 14 08:46:43
@optionvoyeur It feels like $AAPL earnings lifted the markets more than it lifted itself. lol Also $GPRO BOOM
Leilani Pips
21 Oct 14 08:45:32
We're buying $TWTR & $FB calls for earnings. Playing- $APT $LAKE $GTATQ $AAL $HOG #OPTIONSROOM Several peeps got 100% $AAPL CALLS
Pascal Messerli
21 Oct 14 08:45:28
@USpapyrus $aapl $invn $arwr $ncty $jack $cmg $loco all seem good to go in for the long run - or even for a couple days.
Seeking Alpha
21 Oct 14 08:43:52
BlackBerry: Doubling Down Or Running For The Hills As Mr. Market Stumbles? http://t.co/CPwGQLgCIo $AAPL #APPLE $IBM $BBRY
21 Oct 14 08:37:51
A short but sweet 10 minute 'web is dead' interview with @fredwilson from 2010 who sees the future http://t.co/G4cO4SfFvV $fb $aapl $VZ
21 Oct 14 08:37:41
Active puts @ CBOE; $AAPL 10/24/14 99 100, 101, 102, Nov 97.5 & Dec 115
21 Oct 14 08:37:35
Active calls @ CBOE; $AAPL 10/24/14 102 103 104 105 & Nov 105
Mr. Cain Thaler
21 Oct 14 08:35:34
@The_Real_Fly did you see how $AAPL just $BBRY 'd itself to a $2 Billion beat? Why that's only 1/3 of $BBRY's entire market cap
Mark McCabe
21 Oct 14 08:35:26
@smtraderCA are we having a "melt up" today ? $SPY $SPX $AAPL on the back of Apple....what's good for Apple is good for the US economy.
The Deal
21 Oct 14 08:35:00
RT @itskelseybutler: GT Advanced says in court docs that it is "on the cusp" of a deal with Apple re: confidentiality issues. $GTAT $AAPL #…
21 Oct 14 08:33:49
Tim Cook on the iPad..'people are suckers for screens...lots of them, like cheap furniture' http://t.co/lz30EJJ9d5 (my interpretation) $aapl
Kelsey Butler
21 Oct 14 08:29:08
GT Advanced says in court docs that it is "on the cusp" of a deal with Apple re: confidentiality issues. $GTAT $AAPL #bankruptcy
Alfonso Martinez
21 Oct 14 08:28:34
después del trade con $AAPL nos sentimos así @CHEKOMTY @MarinoLans @nayov @rodrigo_anibal @gmorios @2000Trader http://t.co/GWKKrJi4OQ
Squawk on the Street
21 Oct 14 08:26:49
RT @carlquintanilla: "I'd rather have @tim_cook running my company than @Carl_C_Icahn" -- @WalterIsaacson, on @SquawkAlley @CNBC $AAPL
The Fly
21 Oct 14 08:26:23
$MCD $AAPL McDonald's sees U.S. dollar hurting Q4 EPS by 5c-6c, FY14 EPS by 9c-10c: Full Story http://t.co/W0fwmgTcA7
21 Oct 14 08:25:59
$AAPL S more here @ 102.10
The Lex Column
21 Oct 14 08:24:55
Apple: Tap that. Extraordinary growth should mean extraordinary shareholder returns. http://t.co/M5MhtxwL5h $AAPL
21 Oct 14 08:24:54
$GTATQ $AAPL settlement close! http://t.co/lmKEYoaACA
Philip Elmer-DeWitt
21 Oct 14 08:24:18
$GTAT bankruptcy: Hour spent on question of whether list of 25 “critical vendors” should be public. No sign yet of promised $AAPL agreement.
Nick Brown
21 Oct 14 08:22:49
The vendor discussion is like a really bad opening band. What we're all waiting for is word on settlement w $AAPL on sealing issue. $GTAT
Reuters Insider
21 Oct 14 08:21:06
RT @LaurenYoung: Will Apple Pay transform mobile payments? http://t.co/g4biGMbV6h Our latest #MoneyClip with @WFMobileBrian $AAPL http://t.…
  +Follow April 1, 2014 11:45AM



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