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Crude Oil Prices Rise on Fed Reserve, Crude Reserve Announcements

By  +Follow September 18, 2013 9:10AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Oil ETFs were on the rise today as the price of crude oil jumped. October contracts for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude were up over 2 percent to more than $107 a barrel and November contracts on Brent crude were up over 1.5 percent to almost $110 a barrel. The result in the ETF market was as one expected, with major crude oil ETFs climbing. The United States Oil Fund LP ($USO), which tracks WTI prices, climbed almost 2.5 percent by mid afternoon, and the ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil ($UCO), which is leveraged 200 percent, showed gains of almost 5 percent. Crude bears, meanwhile, took a hit as ProShares UltraShort DJ-UBS Crude Oil ($SCO), which is also leveraged 200 percent, dropped over 5 percent.

Demand for oil remains high, and looks to stay that way

Prices for crude oil jumped today on two news items. News that the Federal Reserve would not be “tapering” its bond-buying program rippled across the economy, and likely supported expectations for continued high demand in the United States. And the news from earlier in the day confirmed that demand has been much higher than expected.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that American oil stockpiles fell by some 4.4 million barrels to 355.6 million barrels last week. This significantly outpaced the average estimate of 1.2 million barrels that analysts polled by the Wall Street Journal came up with, and it was much higher than the 252,000 barrel decline that the American Petroleum Institute (API) claimed its data showed yesterday. EIA data also revealed that refiners were working at 92.5 percent of their capacity for the second straight week, representing 16.4 million barrels of crude processed.

"The refiners were running like crazy at a time [their capacity utilization] is usually down," said Kyle Cooper, director of research at Houston energy consultancy IAF Advisors. Demand usually peaks during summer months and declines during the fall. The price jump comes after oil dropped last week when it appeared as though a U.S. military strike in Syria was less likely.

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2 Sep 14 15:57:56
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2 Sep 14 14:43:33
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2 Sep 14 13:34:23
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Gordon Eckler
2 Sep 14 13:13:28
Picked up 1/4 long CLV4 deltas in Globex around 9318 spot for overnight position in case I was shaken out earlier $USO
2 Sep 14 13:08:30
#Crude oil price distortion directly correlated with start of #ISIS attacks $CL_F $USO
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Ricardo Espinosa
2 Sep 14 12:17:57
Got $AXP, $COH long call spreads and shorted $USO and $XOM call spreads. Got some $SPY weekly short puts. Very bullish equities with $JNK up
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2 Sep 14 11:54:15
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Alan Farley
2 Sep 14 11:53:43
Looks like 5th wave down in progress on crude oil. $CL $USO.Target 90-91. 32.50.
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2 Sep 14 11:52:42
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Gordon Eckler
2 Sep 14 11:26:38
Remarkable Nymex session - I'll remember the precision of last week's trade for a long time. I want that presence of mind in all trades $USO
STRAT Trading
2 Sep 14 11:21:01
Will be looking long $USO in the AM after some flush follow through
2 Sep 14 11:13:00
"@DrKris: Slip-sliding away: Oil etns $OIL $DBO $USO all breaking major support levels."
2 Sep 14 11:12:14
$OIL $DBO $USO $CL_F Crude keeps falling...
David Blair
2 Sep 14 11:10:20
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Gordon Eckler
2 Sep 14 10:42:43
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Gordon Eckler
2 Sep 14 10:39:04
Bailed on the CLV4 long deltas at $93 for small loss $USO
Green to Gold Group
2 Sep 14 10:33:08
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Investors Hangout
2 Sep 14 10:25:17
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Investors Hangout
2 Sep 14 10:25:16
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Stevie B
2 Sep 14 10:19:17
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2 Sep 14 10:00:34
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By  +Follow September 18, 2013 9:10AM



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