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Stocks Pare Back, Gold Surges in Thursday Trading

By  +Follow September 19, 2013 2:02PM
Tickers Mentioned:

Unable to maintain the ecstatic momentum unleashed by outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement ahead of Wednesday’s closing bell that the Central Bank’s fiscal stimulus program was to remain unchanged for the time being, stocks ended the day mostly lower on Thursday.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index was off by 0.18 percent to 1,722.34 points, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 0.25 percent lower at 15,636.55. The NASDAQ added a modest but respectable 0.15 percent, finishing the day at 3,789.38.

Sept. 18's unexpected announcement of the continuance of the quantitative easing program also sent gold on a path to its highest one-day gain in nearly five years, while Treasury yields plummeted from recent two-year highs.

While Bernanke’s announcement about the Fed move, or lack thereof, was widely seen as surprising, it was largely keeping in line with statements the Chairman has been making all year, to the effect that only a substantial improvement in the US economy would provide the proper context in which to commence the “taper.”

As if on cue, the day’s only economic data was the Housing Department’s August existing home sales figures, which rose 1.7 percent during the recently ended month, the highest level in almost 7 years, and besting expectations of a 2.6 percent drop.

On the S&P 500, regional and money center bank stocks took a hit from the Fed’s announcement, with Region’s Financial Corp. (RF) , Huntington Bancshares ($HBAN), and Wells Fargo ($WFC) all ending the day lower on heavy trading. JPMorgan Chase (JPM) dropped over a percent after announcing that it would pay nearly $1 billion to settle claims related to last summer’s “London Whale” trading scandal.

The Dow saw most components in the red, with Unitedhealth Group (UNH) taking the heaviest loss, down over 3 percent. Home Depot (HD) ended 1.5 percent higher in reaction to the housing sales news.

The NASDAQ was higher by the closing bell, with tech shares taking the lead; Groupon Inc (GRPN) , Apple (AAPL) , and Yahoo! (YHOO) all added substantially. Meanwhile, Tesla Motors (TSLA) ended the day another 7 percent higher after an upgrade from Deutsche Bank (DB) .

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Results for DB
Kleyton Cooper
9 Oct 15 09:00:19
RT @BOOMFinance: "Deutsche Bank biggest quarterly loss in a decade" The Guardian @ProfessorWerner @ProfSteveKeen @AnnPettifor $DB #DB http:…
Ticker Report
9 Oct 15 08:58:30
Deutsche Bank Sees Unusually-High Trading Volume $DB http://t.co/ODPa99lrbV
9 Oct 15 08:58:05
RT @BOOMFinance: "Deutsche Bank biggest quarterly loss in a decade" The Guardian @ProfessorWerner @ProfSteveKeen @AnnPettifor $DB #DB http:…
9 Oct 15 08:56:51
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US Banking News
9 Oct 15 08:56:32
Deutsche Bank Sees Unusually-High Trading Volume $DB http://t.co/QTh2zdADy2
Sleek Money
9 Oct 15 08:48:23
Deutsche Bank’s Buy Rating Reaffirmed at DZ Bank AG $DB http://t.co/rbnqTlHnQ6
9 Oct 15 08:46:54
Deutsche Bank’s Buy Rating Reaffirmed at DZ Bank AG $DB http://t.co/emdkCwaJn4
9 Oct 15 08:35:00
@DougKass This Stock Market goes against ALL Logic $DB Losses 7 Billion Dollars Stock goes UP $PACB Never Ever made any money stock goes UP
9 Oct 15 08:34:37
This Stock Market goes against ALL Logic $DB Losses 7 Billion Dollars Stock goes UP $PACB Never Ever made any money stock goes UP WTF
Dividend Master
9 Oct 15 07:55:15
same reason $DB is soaring to moon despite massive $7bln loss .... Merkel bidding it up to make problems vanish https://t.co/39ggQc85bB
9 Oct 15 07:52:03
$DB oct 30/31 vertical call credit spread for 20cent.
9 Oct 15 07:50:03
YINN Horsehead Holding Corp. Volume http://t.co/anh5IJrqhi $YINN $DB $TWTR $FOLD #YINN #pennystocks #tradeideas
Edward Dowd
9 Oct 15 07:48:37
$SPY 1) All these credit induced sell offs over the years only end when the old maid bag holder capitulates. Glencore? $DB? Food for thought
9 Oct 15 07:47:04
UUP ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF News http://t.co/FHuwAIsVl6 $UUP $DB $HZNP $VXX #UUP #stock #investing
9 Oct 15 07:43:33
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Dividend Master
9 Oct 15 07:34:30
and $DB rallying 4% and well above where it was before massive $7bln hit wiped out profits & bonuses for all 2015 . Merkel bot alot ?
9 Oct 15 07:33:33
DB Deutsche Bank AG EOD Data http://t.co/YeXxu0OqxI $DB $VRX $XGD.TO $FXI #DB #investing #invest
9 Oct 15 07:29:47
Check out what @allstarcharts told us aobut $DB yesterday: http://t.co/GeuQp2iRew
Saibus Research
9 Oct 15 07:22:00
.@business but, but, but I thought $DB's offshore-outsourcing program was supposed to save it millions of dollars! #Pennywise #poundfoolish
9 Oct 15 07:06:18
@DIRT2GOLD @Chrisyahahha @gene70 @dave_meadows i am hurt this morning, $DB is up 1 pt. im short :-( i will hold my short position
9 Oct 15 07:05:03
$DRYS $DB: • Hottest European Stocks Now: DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ:DRYS …: http://t.co/Tjmn1WXSTP
9 Oct 15 07:03:20
DB 29.20 Deutsche Bank Ag $DB added to my watch list. Right now with DB I am watching the last price 29.20 Hig http://t.co/sxJeEt8U7r
Investors Hangout
9 Oct 15 06:57:37
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Investors Hangout
9 Oct 15 06:57:37
jim50: DB Gapped up +0.78 $DB Last Price 29.24 Day High http://t.co/xEKUOAhaY6
9 Oct 15 06:56:04
DB Gapped up +0.78 $DB Last Price 29.24 Day High 29.27 Day Low 29.24 Change +0.85 Volume 102,577 Today 61 stoc http://t.co/W1LYBin2o9
9 Oct 15 06:55:32
Having 10 different news tabs open for $AAPL $DB $BP? We give you 1 http://t.co/iSMMsCwWju http://t.co/KWZtUkIPRS
9 Oct 15 06:29:31
RT @KeithMcCullough: Going to talk about why you should sell both $DB and $JPM next @FoxBusiness @MariaBartiromo
A Gap Trader
9 Oct 15 06:00:42
#gapup $rio $aem $nvda $wll $enb $db http://t.co/Gtg6OlbJ6B #earnings #stock #market
9 Oct 15 05:56:00
Bezek's Daily Briefing: Bulls In Charge Despite Tech's Struggles http://t.co/ltFnb9pXoN $AAPL $AMBA $ASHR $AVH $COO $DB $EWG $EWZ $GE
9 Oct 15 05:56:00
Bezek's Daily Briefing: Bulls In Charge Despite Tech's Struggles http://t.co/gJ26425Ksf $AAPL $AMBA $ASHR $AVH $COO $DB $EWG $EWZ $GE
9 Oct 15 05:52:57
Breaking News Now
9 Oct 15 05:45:06
$VOD $DB: Best European stocks: Deutsche Bank AG (DB), Vodafone Group Plc …: http://t.co/ZdlynxnNP9
9 Oct 15 05:42:03
$VOD $DB: Best European stocks: Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB), Vodafone …: http://t.co/JfurIljsDO
Keith McCullough
9 Oct 15 05:19:52
Going to talk about why you should sell both $DB and $JPM next @FoxBusiness @MariaBartiromo
9 Oct 15 05:16:13
$DB Blantant Stock Manipulation this morning Bankers trying to prop this failed banks stock price up as the fundamentals scream Bankruptcy
9 Oct 15 04:25:05
$DB: Stocks Landing in the Bearish Zone – Deutsche Bank AG (USA …: http://t.co/yC9cX5pO2v
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9 Oct 15 03:51:42
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By  +Follow September 19, 2013 2:02PM



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